Tomorrow’s the day!

Well folks, time has flown by, and tomorrow I’m off to Paris on the inaugural OpenSkies flight. You can of course expect a full report with pictures and more commentary than you could ever dream of.

I’m checked in for my AA flight from TPA-JFK tomorrow (departs at noon), and I’m desperately hoping it’s not delayed. It has an abysmal on-time record for the past week or so, and if it’s substantially late tomorrow I might be screwed. So if you want to see whether or not I’ll even get an opportunity to blog about OpenSkies, check the status of AA1786 TPA-JFK tomorrow.

On the plus side, my room at the InterContinental already shows as upgraded to an “Executive Room.” I’m pleased to know I at least won’t be in a broom closet, erm, “Classic Room,” and I’m hoping for lounge access or an upgrade on top of that, as they often do. You can expect a full report on the IC as well.

I must say I’m very excited. I have quite a bit of stuff to take care of this afternoon, but I have all my electronic gear charged, and am surprisingly all packed already (I’m usually the type of person that starts packing an hour before leaving for the airport).

Stay tuned, this should be interesting!

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