Thomas Cook’s Special Livery: Open The Door For A Surprise

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If you don’t have the sense of humor of a 12 year old, by all means skip this post.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Cathay Pacific’s botched paint job. They sent a 777 off to Xiamen to be repainted in the new livery, and it was flown back to Hong Kong with the name “CATHAY PACIIC.” They quite literally had no “f” to give. It’s pretty amazing that no one noticed this mistake until the plane was all the way back in Hong Kong.

Well, now it’s Thomas Cook’s turn to have a pretty hilarious livery. This isn’t quite as obvious, though it did make me laugh out loud.

Thomas Cook has painted a couple of planes in a special “I <3 Cook’s Club” livery. For those of you not familiar, Cook’s Club are some of their very own hotels at vacation destinations, given that they’re a leisure airline.

Okay, that’s a generally nice looking livery, eh? But when you open the second set of doors, suddenly it looks like this (per A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge):

  1. Why was the second door opened? It looks like there were seats with people there, and no stairs…

  2. It was intentional. After Hooters Air, Cooks’ asked why the boob-loving demographic should have all the fun?

  3. Cathay Pacific: “Oh, man, this is the most embarrassing thing EVER!”

    Thomas Cook: “Hold my beer.”


  4. Hainan has a special livery of Kong Fu Panda. Every time it opens the L2 door, one of pandas shows a funny face.

    How to post a photo?

  5. LOL these remind me of the Saudia “fiasco”. The livery back in the 70s used all angular bents rather than curves. It so happened this resulted in the space between the “s” and “a” forming the shape of a cross. It was pointed out and mocked in some foreign editorial about the irony of a strictly Muslim airline having a cross in their livery. Naturally the Saudi government freaked out over it and ordered at huge expense all their planes to have new paint jobs and the “a” with the overhang was replaced by an “a” that didn’t have the overhang.
    Thought it was funny how they were so freaked out.

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