There’s no better way to cross the Atlantic…

I recently wrote a post asking whether you guys think I hype Lufthansa first class too much, given how much I love them. I’m doing my best to put down my pom poms and #TeamLufthansa shirt, but just had another spectacular flight in Lufthansa first class between Vancouver and Munich, a route they’ve been serving for less than a week.

The flight was operated by an A330-300 with the new first class cabin, similar to the one on the A380.

And the flight was more or less perfect. The cabin couldn’t be more elegant, and in my opinion is the most comfortable A330 first class cabin out there (yes, even nicer than Swiss, as I find their seats to not be the most comfortable for sitting).

The service, was, as usual, spectacular in a German way. The two flight attendants working first class provided just the right amount of attention and personalization. It’s that amazing balance between professionalism, privacy, and personalization that I find few airlines are able to achieve.

And the food was great too. Lufthansa has made some catering changes as of this month, so the first class meal presentation is a bit different than before.

Rather than having a three tiered appetizer display as before, all the appetizers are now displayed on a single level plate. I’d argue the new presentation is even nicer than before. They also added individual salt and pepper mills, though they came at the expense of the larger one used by the flight attendants.

Oh, and the dessert was even amazing. None of the $&^% Lufthansa usually serves like chili crusted chocolate or elderflower soup. Instead just good old bread pudding.

Other interesting notes? Even though the flight was equipped with the Flynet internet service, it wasn’t operational, as I find to be the case far too often. Not sure why it is, though sure is disappointing when you’re expecting it for a 10 hour flight. Most surprising to me was that it was light more or less the entire flight, despite being a 6:45PM departure and 2:00PM arrival. I think that’s my first overnight transatlantic flight where that happened. The joys of summertime, I guess. Lastly, can anyone explain who decides on Lufthansa’s IFE selection? It’s 2013 and I think IFE matters less and less as passengers can bring their own entertainment, but seriously Lufty, what are you guys thinking? If I’m ever interesting in seeing a documentary on a skateboarding dog or a single episode of a 17 year old sitcom, I’ll consult you guys.

Oh, and the best part of the whole experience? After landing I figured we were taxiing to the gate, but nope, we got a remote stand instead. Lufthansa is the only airline in the world that can make me do the happy dance over a remote stand.

From there it was a quick drive to security, where I was brought to the front of the line, and then the First Class Lounge. And in the lounge they have delicious pretzels and Fanta.

Lufthansa, you rock…

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  1. I am very happy to be back in the friendly confines of the LH F cabin tonight, and for the better part of the next 24 hours en route to NRT…

  2. I ve just checked on UA site and everyday in beginning of June is the old A340 , so not the new cabin you had. scrap my plan for that route.

  3. Wow now I am really jealous! Someday I will have to take that trip (if it is still there then), perfect reason to fly to Vancouver, one of my favorite city, and hop over to Munich for some fine beer! Awesome combo in my book!

  4. Interesting route, hard to believe there’s sufficient density for this route to support itself. It looks seasonal, only running through October 5th. And from my searches it looks like it runs an A330 everyday except for May 31st which is A340 as choi mentions above.

  5. Just took LH new first class Chicago to Munich last month with my wife. Couldn’t be happier. A wonderful experience all around and thanks to Lucky for over-hyping this and showing how easy it is to do as well.

  6. Lucky, do people connecting on another airline get the same arrival treatment (driven to and able to use the FCL)?

  7. How far out did you book this in F? Also what other routes offer good availability for LH F (new)? Do you know the plans for fleet upgrades ie when all planes will have new F)?

  8. Does their wifi ever work, 6 flights from Denver, not operational on any one flight, this certainly knocks them down a peg to me

  9. Wow at first I thought you were the person sitting behind me on my Friday YVR-MUC first class flight (they told me they were a member of Flyertalk too)
    At first when we parked at the remote stand I said – oh a bus to the terminal. The flight attendant in first quickly came up to me and said.. no the Porsche and Mercedes is for you. The most outstanding part of Lufthansa F is the plane side pickeup and escort to security and customs in the lounge. That is a fantastic experience!
    I originally booked my trip on Lufthansa last weekend because of your trip reports and enthusiasm for LH First Class. I personally find the food, seats and service in Lufthansa new F to be good but from Vancouver I personally prefer British Airways 747 service to Vancouver. Especially considering on the return I flew FRA-YVR in the uncomfortable old F ughh. Hard to believe they can price the product the same between the new F and the old on Lufthansa. I sure would recommend if flying from Vancouver to Europe on Lufthansa choose the YVR-MUC route instead of YVR-FRA so you can get the new F.

  10. sorry Lucky, it was the yvr-fra not Muc, do you know if the 747-400 F on LH is converted to the bed and seat and not the buff pastry chair they have on the old F ?

  11. @ choi — 17 of the 21 747-400s feature the new first class, so there’s a very good chance of getting it.

  12. @ wwk5d — That’s an arrival service, it doesn’t matter whether you’re connecting or not, or for that matter which airline you’re connecting on. As long as you arrive at a remote stand you should get that treatment.

  13. @ Chris — All the Munich based A330s have the new first class installed. None of the FRA based A330s have the new first class yet.

  14. Was just on Lufthansa’s new F on 744 and although service was fantastic, the hardware: with recliner and bed are simply not well thought out. Not to mention indeed, the inflight entertainment with horribly limited content!

  15. Lucky, one other thing I keep forgetting to ask about these seats, are people able to sit together for dinner using the ottoman?

  16. This is why you are my favorite blogger. Your content is very original and makes me want to travel to different places (in style every now and then is OK 🙂 )

    PS Enjoy Budapest, it is so much fuuuun!

  17. Did you have First class all to yourself? I’d think the best way to fly over the Atlantic is SQ Suites… 😉

  18. I flew LH F last week (new F… 747-8i) and also found the IFE to be pretty disappointing. The # of movies/shows was pretty extensive, but just didn’t have anything I really wanted to watch.

  19. @Peetyrd, flight probably headed NE towards Greenland where at this time (spring/summer) there is normally close to 24 hours of sunshine.

  20. @ wwk5d — If you’re seated in the center seats you’re so close together that there’s not really a need to face one another. For that matter, though, you actually can’t use the ottoman as a seat.

  21. @ Joey — The cabin was half full. Really is the perfect number of people, and service was great. While the hard product on Singapore might be better, you don’t get the ground services offered by Lufthansa, so I’d rather take Lufthansa for a transatlantic flight.

  22. @ Peetyrd — It confused me too, but it was a really northerly route, and this time of year it’s near 24 hours of sunlight “up there.”

  23. Our best transatlantic was ZRH-SFO on Swiss F-class mid-March. Only the two of us in F and two excellent attendants taking care of us. Have to agree, though, that the seats weren’t all that comfortable for sitting. The attendants kept (nicely) trying to have us try other selections from the menus as “it (food) all has to be thrown out on arrival in San Francisco”. What a hard life we live………

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