Thai launching new first class on Bangkok to Frankfurt route starting August 1!

I realize I probably pay more attention to aircraft product types than most, so when I share these minor observations I assume I’m only speaking to about 1% of you. But that won’t stop me. A few days ago I shared possible signs of Thai Airways’ first Airbus 380 route, which will feature their brand new first class product.

The great news is that they’re actually reconfiguring several of their 747s with the new first class product as well, as discussed in Aircraft Interiors International and viewable below:

This will be a huge step up from the current first class product on the 747. As a refresher, Thai currently has two types of 747 configurations. One type is their more modern longhaul configuration, which I just flew from Bangkok to Hong Kong a few weeks ago. It’s a perfectly nice product, though nothing cutting edge. Then they have their ancient first class product, which they operate on select regional and longhaul flights. That being said, for the routes on which they fly the aircraft longhaul, they only market the first class product as business class, given how lackluster it is.

Anyway, it looks like Thai plans on launching the new configuration on TG920/921 between Bangkok and Frankfurt starting August 1, 2012.

The way you can tell is that the seatmap for the flight shows the new configuration, which only has nine seats:

The old configuration, on the other hand, has 10 seats:

Anyway, while the cabin type seems to be loaded into the system, keep in mind that the route and especially date the aircraft will be featured on are subject to change. But nonetheless if you have the choice between a couple of flights, you might as well go with the one which maximizes your chances of being on this aircraft.

Apparently the aircraft will start flying the Munich to Bangkok route as of the middle of August as well, once a few more planes are reconfigured.

Thai’s first class ground experience in Bangkok has always been spectacular, so it’s nice to see them stepping up their in-flight product as well!

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  1. Great info – thanks! Used Expertflyer and found out that our BKK-SYD flight in January will be in the new config. Excellent!

  2. @ Andy — For what it’s worth, British Airways has 14 first class seats in their new product for the same amount of space, while Thai only has nine seats. So while it looks pretty “dense,” I doubt it’s half bad.

  3. I’m also an aircraft product enthusiast (have spent way too much time on I’ve never flown Thai before but this seat is certainly enticing. May have to check it out!

  4. cant wait to try that out…Ben..can we redeem US miles for that flight? Also..will it still be 140K for F?

  5. @ Ozaer — From North America it would be 160,000 miles in first class if you plan on terminating in Thailand. However, if you connect onwards to Hong Kong, you should be able to get away with booking it for 120,000 miles, given that it’s then a US to North Asia award (instead of South Asia).

  6. Those look pretty comfy. Lucky, can you tell me what F product has the longest beds? I’m 6′ 8″ so I’m curious which hard product would be the most aspirational for me.

  7. @ thrashsoundly — That’s a toughie. Generally speaking I think most airplane “beds” are 6″4′ or less, so frankly I think you’re best off aspiring for non-enclosed suites/seats, as they have more room to stretch out. For example, while Lufthansa’s first class seat is far from being a suite, it’s easy to stretch out given that there are no barriers on the sides, so you can easily bend your knees and sit/sleep comfortably without feeling too enclosed.

  8. I’ve got an award trip booked on the late 773 flight this fall. I think I might be changing to the “744” flight should it become available 🙂

  9. It looks crowded with the overhead bins in place.

    My trip is before August 1 … oh well, guess I’ll have to do with the 77W 😉

  10. Lucky – When you say 120K miles instead of 160K – is that TATL or TPAC for North Asia award? West or East coast origin?

  11. @ Stephan — The price is the same regardless of whether you fly via the Atlantic or the Pacific. The only thing that matters is the final destination. If your final destination is in North Asia you pay 120,000 miles, while you pay 160,000 miles if it’s South Asia.

  12. Good news. I’ll have to see if I can integrate this into my Oktoberfest/Thailand trip this fall.

  13. Hey Lucky, I am looking to book award tickts in Oct to NRT and routing back through BKK to MUC. I see they list 747-200 on the route, is it the new 747 configuration?

  14. Do you know if the bkk-syd route will ever have the new product? Still seems to be the old one according to seat map.

  15. @ E — I’m sure once Thai reconfigures more 747s with the new first class they’ll feature it consistently to Sydney.

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