Thai Airways Now Selling Napkins & Toothpicks

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Thai Airways is currently in bankruptcy, and is expected to run out of money next month if it doesn’t get further funding. We’ve seen the airline desperately try to raise funds, as it has done everything from opening an airplane-themed restaurant, to operating a flight to nowhere over 99 holy sites, to selling its entire 747 fleet.

Well, today Thai Airways has launched a warehouse sale, whereby it’s selling many of the service items you’d usually find onboard Thai Airways flights. Unfortunately this is only available to those in Thailand, but that won’t stop me from covering this cool sale.

So, what inventory is the airline trying to get rid of?

Well, you can buy 720 plastic Thai Airways cups for ~$13.

You can buy 3,000 Thai Airways napkins for ~$12.

You can buy 300 Thai Airway dental floss and toothpick packs for ~$11.

You can buy 500 Thai Airways refreshing towels for ~$8.

You can buy 500 Thai Airways aluminum trays for ~$25.

You can buy 12 Thai Airways business class espresso cups for ~$16.

There are a few more options, but those are some of the highlights.

Bottom line

Thai Airways is having a warehouse sale for many of the items you’d usually find onboard flights. While I doubt this sale will be enough to solve Thai Airways’ financial problems, every bit helps. Furthermore, realistically this is all stuff that Thai Airways would likely be looking to get rid of eventually anyway.

I’m kind of sad I’m not in Thailand, because I could totally see myself buying this stuff otherwise.

The airline indicates that demand has been overwhelming on day one, and the airline might already be out of some items.

Would you buy these kinds of items from your favorite airline?

(Tip of the hat to JRL)

  1. I believe that they are planning to next sell off their flight attendants (in packs of 6 which can be mixed and matched, male or female).

  2. I agree. If I were in Thailand, I’d at least buy the napkins. $12 for 3,000 means about 300 napkins per dollar.

  3. The funny thing was that the sale was called “from toothpick to airplanes”, a nod to a common phrase in Thai “from toothpick to battleship” which means they’re selling everything

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