American Is Flying An A380 From Tampa To Chicago?!

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On a serious note, I hope everyone who is trying to get out of the path of Hurricane Irma can do so safely. It’s great to see that (most) airlines have capped fares out of Florida, and are flying bigger planes to Florida to get people out. As an aviation geek, it’s hard not to book one of the Delta 777s or 747s that they’ve been sending to Florida to get people out (though I realize other people have more of a need to be on those planes than I do).

On a lighter note, something funny happened that I have to share. My dad and I were going to take a trip to Slovakia and Macedonia, though unfortunately are canceling due to Hurricane Irma. My dad was originally scheduled to fly from Tampa to Chicago this coming Monday (this all happened before Hurricane Irma posed a real threat), and I haven’t gotten around to canceling the flight. I figure there are other people with more of a need to get through to American agents, and this flight is after people would be evacuating anyway.

So today I received an email saying that my dad had been rebooked because his flight was canceled. Okay, I figured he was rebooked a few days later, or something.

Instead I saw this message:

A flight at exactly the same time, operated by an A380 rather than a 737? YES PLEASE! For a very brief moment I thought “who knows, maybe, just maybe, this is possible.” After all, British Airways has leased planes from Qatar Airways during strikes, so it’s not totally inconceivable that they’d find big planes to operate these routes. But then reality set in, and I realized it was probably a glitch.

I clicked through in the email, at which point it became clear he had simply been rebooked on the same flight on Wednesday… not on an A380.

Oh well…

  1. Question: “American is flying an A380 from Tampa to Chicago?!”

    Answer: No.

    Another meaningless OMAAT post.

  2. There’s actually no clickbait here at all, especially if folks read the entire post as opposed to the first few words. He goes on to show exactly what he was talking about with the A380 and American. While perhaps that could have been re-arranged for those with less than 90 seconds to read, it was all pretty clear.

    Unlike Gary, Lucky is pretty darn good about not doing clickbait. As such, when I sign-up for credit cards, I actually very specifically use Lucky’s links over Gary’s.

  3. Lucky,

    Sorry to hear you are cancelling your trip to Slovakia and Macedonia due to Irma. Hope your parents and family stay safe during this hurricane.

  4. I don’t see the clickbait here. American Airlines is indeed providing flights on an A380 from Tampa to Chicago. If you think this is clickbait, check out Gary’s site.

  5. I don’t see this as click bait but as someone who evacuated from palm Beach to NYC and paid about $300, i wish someone woukd investigate the airline claims of the caped fares – which very few if anyone received- and the increased flights- which havent materialized.
    I guess that would be too anti airline for some.

    On a positive note i did call Jetblue this morning and requested a refund of the overcharge we obviously were forced to pay. They were very nice, said they have received many similar calls (no really) and in process of investing.

  6. @RM — That’s kind of the definition of clickbait…headlines are written in an exaggerative or misleading way so that people click on it. Just because it’s technically “correct” based on the content of the article doesn’t make it less clickbait.

    The non-clickbait headline would be: “American mistakenly reports flying A380 from Tampa to Chicago.”

    Much less sexy than “American Is Flying An A380 From Tampa To Chicago?!”

  7. Pray for victims. It was coming tward me (in Jacksonville, Fl) though it turned westward tward Tampa. I hope everyone their is safe

  8. AA cancelled their flight, MIA-POS on Thursday evening, after everyone was boarded. So that leaves a plane full of people then having to sort out somewhere to stay at very short notice with an approaching hurricane. Too late to drive north unless you’re prepared to get to S Carolina.
    hotel room? Hard to find a vacant room in an open hotel.
    No chance of a seat the next day for a plane full of people.
    It’s a decision that leaves so many people in jeopardy. Such poor notice and dreadful decision making process.

  9. Mr bigshot flies around the world in first, has millions of miles, then books his elderly father in economy. Sad

  10. How is this clickbait?!?! We all know AA doesn’t have an A380 so I was curious how the ‘A380’ came about. People need to chill out and just enjoy the blog. If you don’t like it move on! Thanks Ben! I appreciated the laugh!

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