LATAM Discontinues Flights Between The US & Canada

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LATAM Brazil (formerly just known as TAM) operates a pretty cool fifth freedom flight between New York JFK and Toronto. The flight operates twice weekly (Wednesdays and Fridays) with the following schedule:

JJ8102 New York to Toronto departing 11:10AM arriving 12:55PM
JJ8103 Toronto to New York departing 3:50PM arriving 5:45PM


The plane originates in Sao Paulo, and as is the norm for most flights between Brazil and the US, it arrives in the US in the morning and returns back to Brazil at night. Given that the flight has 14+ hours of downtime, they operate a flight to Toronto during that time, allowing them to serve another destination and also get (slightly) better aircraft utilization.


Perhaps what I like most about this flight is what a great value it represents. Business class fares on this route are consistently -$90 one-way, which is pretty incredible. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of any market in North America with cheaper business class fares than that.


Admittedly it’s a fairly short flight, but still, the flight is operated by a 767 with international business class seats, so it’s a pretty solid product.

Well, unfortunately it looks like LATAM will be discontinuing their flight between New York and Toronto as of October 1, 2016. The flight between Sao Paulo and New York will continue to operate as before, however.

Toronto, Canada

Now we’re down to two fun fifth freedom flights between the US and Canada — Cathay Pacific and Philippine Airlines both operate flights between New York JFK and Vancouver, with continuing service to Hong Kong and Manila, respectively. I’d argue Cathay Pacific first class between New York and Vancouver is the absolute best product available within North America.

Cathay Pacific first class

Bottom line

While LATAM’s opportunity cost of operating the New York to Toronto flight was presumably pretty low due to the plane otherwise just sitting on the ground, I imagine the route was performing very poorly. With $90 business class fares and fairly low load factors (based on what I’ve heard), they’re better off just parking the plane for the day. Oh well, this always seemed like a fun way to get between New York and Toronto. Maybe I’ll have a chance to take the flight before it’s discontinued.

Has anyone taken this cool TAM flight between New York and Toronto?

  1. That’s a shame. I’ve taken it before and it’s the best way to get to JFK. J, in particular, was a great deal.

    I think this flight has come and gone before though, so we may see it again.

  2. Ben,

    I haven’t been around here for a long time. Quick question: Are you still living in hotels, or that lifestyle is behind you? If so, who else from the community can you best recommend on hotel living?

  3. Ben – on a similar note, as fifth freedom routes begin to disappear/change (LAX-GRU on Korean, MAN-MUC on Singapore), it could be a good time for a segment detailing some of the more attractive fifth freedom routes worldwide.

  4. I took tam to Toronto several times. Flights were crazy cheap and I once purchased a Y ticket for $15! Very sad to see this go as the competition on AC, AA, DL, WS, and PD are inferior to the 767 comfort. Sad to see this one go!

  5. I’ve noticed that availability further out on the CX YVR-JFK flights in J seem to never show up until maybe 2 weeks out. Has that been a thing now with CX? I used to be able to book J on Avios points all the time.

  6. Tried searching for dates in August and September on LATAM’s site. Comes up as $2000+ for “Premium Business” class at this point. Shame, I would have loved to give this a try.

  7. I will be flying the Business class in early September. And in that trip I will also fly out from YKF on AA and go see the one of the last 744 at SMX.

  8. If one is booked on this flight in Business, should one expect to be rebooked on AA First class, bearing in mind AA only operates First and Main Cabin on this sector?

  9. Interesting that they still operate this flight on 135.
    Fares are outrageous.
    Not sure how you got that $90 fare in Biz.

  10. Booked onto business class for 12th October but had no communication from the company telling me the flight has been cancelled…

  11. I took this cool flight in February 2016. I was just looking to book again only to find out it is now gone. I’m extremely disappointed. It was a great flight. A really great flight.

  12. I took this cool flight in February 2016. I was just looking to book again only to find out it is now gone. I’m extremely disappointed. It was a great flight. A really great flight.

  13. This was a fabulous flight. I was looking for it hoping it was still a thing…to now find it’s not. Even though it’s an older article, it was very helpful. Thanks for this. /d

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