Status Match From Hyatt To MGM

Last June a huge partnership went live between Hyatt Gold Passport and MGM M life. Shortly thereafter Starwood and Caesars announced a similar partnership, though it’s not nearly as lucrative.

The Hyatt/MGM partnership was a brilliant idea, given Hyatt’s lack of properties in Las Vegas. Through this partnership, MGM’s properties in Las Vegas are a lot more accessible for Hyatt Gold Passport members. This is true whether you’re looking to earn or redeem points. For MGM, the upside is primarily that they’re getting a lot of new loyal guests that might otherwise choose a non-MGM property when staying in Las Vegas.

As a reminder, the M life properties in Las Vegas include the following:

VdaraMGM Grand Las Vegas
The Signature at MGM GrandMandalay Bay
Monte CarloNew York-New York

Gold Passport and M life status reciprocity

One of the cool aspects of the partnership is that they offer status reciprocity. As a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member you’re matched to M life Platinum, while as a Gold Passport Platinum member you’re matched to M life Gold. Matched status is valid for one year, though you can manually renew your status match after that by once again linking your accounts.


Anyway, since status matching between the two programs has been live for a bit over a year, a lot of people are seeing their matched status expire. That’s the case for me, as my M life status has been downgraded from Platinum to Pearl.


You do get status reciprocity with MGM for as long as you have status with Hyatt, so it’s time to renew your status match. To renew your status with MGM, simply go to the Gold Passport and M life partnership page, and click the button for opting-in to matched M life status.

From there you’ll be prompted to enter your Gold Passport information, and will then be prompted to either join M life or sign in to your M life account.


On the next page you’ll get a message saying that the update was successful, and that your status has successfully been aligned. The update isn’t instant, however.


Don’t expect a consistent experience

I think it’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t expect matched status to be similar to what you’d get at Hyatt. For example, as an M life Platinum member you don’t receive complimentary breakfast, lounge access, guaranteed 4PM check-out, a welcome amenity, etc.

Vegas operates completely differently when it comes to loyalty, so you can expect things like cutting the taxi queue, priority tables at restaurants, room discounts, etc.

Check out my previous post on maximizing M life benefits in Las Vegas.

Have you taken advantage of the partnership between Hyatt and MGM, and if so, what was your experience?

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. Also worth noting that Gold Passport points earned for MGM stays can take several weeks to credit to your Hyatt account. According to Hyatt, it’s up to 15 days, but my last stay was 9 Sep and it still has not posted to my account.

  2. My MLife platinum status also just lapsed. Unfortunately, I also dropped from Hyatt Diamond to Platinum this past year, but am trying to requalify for Diamond by year-end. Should I just wait to re-opt-in until I have my Diamond status back or should I do it know at the MLife Gold level and try to further upgrade once I hit Diamond? I have an MGM booking for April which I luckily made while I still had MLife Platinum so I got a great rate.

  3. Any ideas what we can get from Royal Caribbean as status-matched MLife members? I guess we don’t get a complimentary cruise/discount but what about everything else?

    @ Lucky — thanks for the reminder!

  4. What about matching status the other direction? I have Gold status with MLife, can I get Platinum with Hyatt? Can’t seem to find this info on their site.

  5. I’m confused. You reference “Pearl” status. but for the color of the card all I see is platinum for both Hyatt and MLife. What is Pearl status?

  6. Hey Lucky,
    First, thanks for the reminder!! I signed up the same time you did originally and was wondering why I had trouble booking a room with the Mlife account. Now I know why. And thanks for the walk though on the pages. The Mlife pages can be slow to load and you don’t want to be wandering aimlessly.

    Also, the basement card for Mlife is Sapphire, not Pearl. A caution to everyone is that you must present BOTH your Hyatt and Mlife cards at the front desk in order to get the points. Between the MGM and Hyatt it took 2 months to credit a stay because I did not present both cards. Otherwise, this is a great program in a city where status is everything.

  7. Hi,

    I have a status match from Hyatt plat to Mlife Gold. How do I request for the Mlife gold card upon arrival at the hotel?


  8. @ Joy

    You have to go to the MLife desk in the casino. They used to mail them out but not any more. If you check in before you get your card, make sure they have the MLife number in the reservation and ALSO make sure they have your Hyatt Plat number so you can get the Hyatt points. Then, ask them about a comp room upgrade as they don’t seem to just give it to you automatically.

  9. I’m Mlife Platinum and wanted to match it with Hyatt Diamond. I called and no one seems to know how to do it from mlife to hyatt. Do you know how?

  10. Hi I achieved Diamond last month and just went through the status match process with mlife. Upon syncing, it shows that I am only an mlife gold member. I emailed mlife and they stated that this is correct, mlife matches Diamond with gold and “Diamond Plus” with Platinum… I was not aware of this and can’t find it anywhere online. On top of that, I was not aware there was a “Diamond Plus” status.

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