Promo: $20 Starbucks Gift Card For $10

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While not directly travel related, Starbucks is a brand that I largely associate with being on the road. That’s because I rarely visit Starbucks while at home, but I visit all the time while traveling. I don’t go to Starbucks because their coffee is the best in the world, but rather because they’re predictable, because they’re typically open early, and because their stores are usually good places to work from, with reliable internet.

Starbucks is overpriced, though fortunately they have promos that will often save you money on purchases with them, and we’re just seeing one of those right now.

Starbucks has a promotion where if you buy a $10+ Starbucks eGift card using a Mastercard (either via the website or app), you’ll get a $10 Starbucks eGift card for free.

There are some terms associated with this offer that are worth being aware of:

  • Starbucks will give away up to 56,250 promotional gift cards between December 17 and December 22, 2019
  • You must purchase a gift card using a Mastercard
  • Limit one promotional gift card per person (you must use a unique email address and a unique Mastercard account number when you purchase the gift card)
  • Promotion open to residents of the 50 United States and DC
  • You’ll receive an email after your purchase with the free $10 eGift card (though the terms don’t state within what timeframe)
  • You are not guaranteed to receive a promotional gift card, and there’s no way to know in advance if you’ll receive it

There is some risk associated with this promotion, in the sense that you’re not guaranteed to be among the first 56,250 people. I would guess that if the limit is reached they’ll eventually take down the promotion page, though there may be some lag.

That being said, personally at this point I’d feel pretty comfortable assuming I’m within the eligible group.

This is an easy promotion that I plan on taking advantage of, and hopefully others can benefit from it as well.

  1. Happy to see you guys got the credit so quickly though now I’m confused, because I took advantage of it and haven’t received the credit. What did I do wrong? Heh…

  2. @ben – did you use Apple Pay? I manually entered my card. Sometimes when you use Apple Pay you dont get promos like these because all of your card info is hidden

  3. Wham! Bam! Thanks, Ben. Starbucks is also our travel hot beverage provider of choice. Plus they are everywhere and we drive through a lot of states.

  4. Starbucks website seems to be having a lot of issues – it won’t process my payment on the app or via chrome on my pc.

  5. Ironically, I just went and got coffee from a locally run coffee shop who charged me $4 for a cup of Americano the size of a dixie cup so I’m actually better off at starbucks. 🙂

  6. Purchased a $10 e-gift card but didn’t receive the bonus. This is the last time I ever purchase a GC from Starbucks since I think it’s pretty shaddy not to tell customers beforehand if the limit has been reached.

  7. Went through the app, where there is still an advertisement for the Mastercard promo. Tried it twice (once with Apple Pay and once directly with my Mastercard), and have yet to receive the $10 bonus. Thankfully it was to my partner, so he’ll just venmo the $20.

  8. I bought this through the app link and no bonus. Today I called the gift card line (877-496-3731) and they manually added the balance to my account. Starbucks chat will not help with this. On the phone they told me they had errors trying to add all the bonuses in this case. IMO a bit silly to spend time on the phone for a $10 credit but hey this is the life we lead.

  9. I bought this through through the banner in my app around 9pm last night and the order went through without any alert of the promo no longer being available. BUT of course I didn’t get the bonus. Chatted with the online rep and got no help. Call the number given by the online rep (877-496-3731) and was told that the supply ran out at around 7pm last night, although the ad banner is still live in my app as of this morning. I requested a refund of my purchase, but the rep couldn’t process it because the eGift card has been “viewed” although the card is still in full balance. They had to open a case for me and now I’m waiting to hear back from them.

    I know it’s just a $10 credit, but hey, it’s the principle that matters!

  10. Should have read the comments before buying the $10 card. Oh well, it just adds $10 to my balance, though I much prefer to fill up my account buying cards at my local grocery store with the Amex Everyday Preferred: bonus Membership Rewards Points and, on certain weekends, 4x gas points which we use to fill up both cars on the same transaction. We often save about $27 on gas per 1,000 store points!

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