An Update On The Starbucks Chase Pay Promotion

A few days ago I wrote about a fantastic Chase Pay promotion being offered for Starbucks purchases. Specifically, when you use the Chase Pay app to make a Starbucks purchase by March 19, 2018, you can receive 300 bonus Starbucks Stars. In the post I outlined the process of how to take advantage of the promotion, which is super easy.

With Starbucks’ rewards system, it takes 125 Stars for a free drink or food item, so 300 Stars is enough for two free drinks and food items, and you have 50 Stars left over.

Having taken advantage of this promotion myself, I wanted to provide a quick update on my experience, and answer a few of the most common questions I’ve been getting.

How long does it actually take for the bonus Stars to post?

The terms suggest that it takes up to five days for the bonus Stars to post, though mine posted after about 48 hours. My account previously had one reward in it, but now has three rewards, and I’m just 29 Stars from having four rewards.

Is this promotion limited to certain states?

Starbucks customer service was providing incorrect information when it comes to this promotion. Several people had sent Starbucks messages and received responses that this promotion is only valid in participating states, including Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This is not accurate, as I took advantage of the promotion in another state.

Chase has confirmed that this information wasn’t accurate as well.

Note that not all individual stores may be participating, and that comes down to whether or not they’re configured to accept Chase Pay. The way to tell is to look at the map feature of the Chase Pay app, and see if the specific Starbucks location shows up or not.

Why am I not seeing this offer on my phone?

Several readers have reported not seeing this promotion in their Chase Pay app. When that’s the case, take your phone off wifi, and it should appear.

Do reloads qualify for the promotion?

Anecdotally online reloads of gift card balances don’t qualify, while I haven’t heard a report one way or another about whether in-store reloads count. I would guess they would, but you might as well buy a $2 cup of coffee to be on the safe side, as that would definitely qualify.

Are stores having issued using Chase Pay?

Yes, even some qualifying stores are having trouble using Chase Pay and can’t figure out how it works. Based on my experience you’ll want to scan the QR code on the same device where you’d usually scan a Starbucks gift card through the app.

Based on my experience, it took a really long time for the transaction to be approved. Like, it must have taken 20 seconds. Fortunately the barista was patient.

If you’ve taken advantage of this offer, what was your experience like?


  1. Worked for me in WA state. It took three days for the 300 stars to deposit. There wasn’t really a delay compared to using the mobile Starbucks app. The cashier was a little perplexed after I scanned it as he said it was his first Chase Pay. Thanks again Ben!

  2. Reinstalled the android app yesterday and got the offer this time around. Starbucks here I come!

  3. I am not able to register. When Chase Pay redirects me to Starbucks, Starbucks keeps telling me to check my Internet connections whether I am on wifi or not.

  4. The 300 stars are in my account as of this morning but I wonder why the actual purchase that I did to activate the bonus doesn’t show in my History. Maybe I didn’t link the two accounts properly? It’s also very slow to process so I think I’ll keep using the app and reload that via Chase Pay for the next three months.

  5. Worked fine for me in Illinois. Stars took about 3 days to post. Did take a while for Chase Pay to scan though.

  6. @ Ted — You don’t earn Starbucks Stars for the actual purchase since you’re paying by credit card, so maybe that’s why?

  7. Used chase pay offer 3/14..
    Bought a small cup of coffee..
    300 bonus points posted just now 3/17..
    Brooklyn, ny

  8. There is also $10 free first order at a restaurant. Good for free lunch.

    And for a million UR points you can sign your autograph on stormy Daniels chest to help defray her legal costs.

  9. It freezes when you try to add it on Android. Tried uninstalling, restarting, etc. I also have to call for a verification code every time I sign in. So not worth the effort. Such a waste of time.

  10. Under history it says 300 Star’s earned chase pay promotion 10:20am.
    My status shows as Gold until March 17 2019.
    But it also show rewards progress of 0/125* 125 to your first reward.
    It also says total star balance of 0.0

    So the Chase Pay transaction earned me Gold status but at this point no Starbucks rewards or Starbucks stars

    I hadn’t filled the Starbuck’s card in years, I just us a credit card normally. Thus before the cup of coffee I bought on 3/14 with Chase Pay the Starbucks app showed 0 purchases in history, I used Chase pay again on 3/16 to buy another cup of coffee.

    I installed the Starbucks app for this promotion. Once I logged into the account it showed the Starbuck’s Card that hadn’t been used in over 2 years. It had and has a zero balance. The only transaction in my history is the one listed above as at 10:20 AM (I assume 3/17) both of my 2 uses of Chase Pay at Starbucks were in the afternoon, not at 10:20 AM.

  11. I used Chase Pay Friday morning. Overall, it was not an issue but I did have to scan three times. I did not realize I needed to tell the cashier I was using Chase Pay and once I did, it took a second to figure out what to do on her POS terminal. But it went through. I checked my account a bit ago and it has not posted yet.

    Overall, it was fine but, unless there is a Chase Pay promo, I don’t see why would use that over the regular Starbucks app. I buy Starbucks gift cards at Kroger, usually when they offer 4x gas points, using my Amex EveryDay Preferred Card. Between the points I get on the card and the savings I get using the Kroger points on gas, a Chase Pay promo would need to be pretty fantastic – like this one – to get me to use it in the future.

  12. Signed up for Chase Pay, but my Starbucks couldn’t scan the QR code and suggested I used my Chase card in Apple Pay. Don’t know if I’ll get the stars. Anyone else have this issue?

  13. @ Melis – you have to tell the cashier that you are using Chase Pay like others people have mentioned. Using Apple Pay does not qualify for this promo. I had trouble initially as the cashier insisted that I put my phone over the nfc terminal until I told them that Chase Pay doesn’t work that way.

  14. I registered for chase pay after reading your blog,
    My first 2 attempts seem to be misfires since I had a different credit card in my phone settings.
    On my third attempt ( with a still pending charge) , the cashier insisted on using the same device that she uses with Apple Pay,so though the charge shows up as Chase, I have yet to receive points.
    Thanks for the heads up lucky!
    Hope this works

  15. Tried at 2 different locations in Portland. First time, doing so froze their POS machine. After waiting for what seemed like eternity (probably 1 minute max) on a jam packed Saturday morning, we gave up and the manager just comped my drink.

    Second time another location, I asked if they take chase pay and employee just said, “normally we do but it hasn’t been working lately”, so I just used my sbux app to avoid the likely irritation.

    Come on chase, get your act together.

  16. My Starbucks account is showing that I have gold status but I did not get any points/rewards. Purchased a drink on Wednesday night and upgraded to gold status on Saturday.

  17. Mine haven’t posted yet. It says I have one reward and 5 points towards my next reward, which obviously doesn’t add up to 300 points (I was already Gold). I used it in Pennsylvania on Thursday. I suppose I’ll give it a couple more days.

  18. Bought a small coffee 3/14. 300 stars were posted 3/17. The cashier had to look for a button “Chase Pay” on the register and/or screen to scan the QR code correctly. In Sacramento, California. Thanks.

  19. I have tried two different Starbucks locations that are supposed to accept Chase Pay and both couldn’t figure out how to use. I will try another one tomorrow. So far this promotion is working better for Starbucks than it is for me.

  20. No go in San Francisco. Keep receiving pop-up message after attempting to activate the promo “It’s not you, it’s us. We’re having some trouble. Please try again later.” The wait has been all day Sunday March 18.

  21. I tried this in Vienna, VA.. didn’t have to tell the cashier to do anything. Just scanned it like my regular app. Nothing posted yet, been 3 days.

  22. @Jay I had the same problem (“It’s not you, it’s us” message). Chase Pay needs to be activated on the Chase website as well as in the app on your device. From the regular Chase website select “Pay & Transfer” and follow the instructions. I don’t know if you are able to do this from the Chase app but I know that it works from the full site.

  23. Local Starbucks didn’t have a clue how to process it. After I insisted and they tried without success for a few minutes, they handed out my order for free. I still would like the points, I’ll try somewhere else.

  24. Boy was that a near total rip off. A bait and switch really because the 300 stars do not turn into anything other status unless you already have gold status.

    The 300 point go to the gold status and you get zero rewards and zero stars. So if you like me only pay for starbucks with a credit card instead of going through the extra step of loading their rewards car and paying from that this give you NOTHING but to me a worthless Gold status at Starbucks.

  25. Hi there,

    I made a purchase in Atlanta on 3/16 which posted on 3/18. However, have not received stars yet. Do I need to inquire about it to Chase Pay?

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