So much for the “free” world power adapter…

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Daily Steals’ offer for a “free” world power adapter, though shipping was $4.99. I figured $10 for two world power adapters sounded like a great deal, so I placed my order without hesitation.

I was excited to see them arrive in the mail today, so I opened the package only to find that the adapter had more parts than an Airbus 380. I figured it was just a defect and the other one would be better, but nope, it was the same.

The adapter was supposed to look like this, but instead it looked like this:

Well, I guess at least now I know why the website is called “Daily Steals“…

Anyone else have the same experience?

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  1. Lol! That’s hilarious – especially since I ordered two myself! They haven’t arrived yet

  2. Go to Staples and pick up the Targus adapter. I don’t recall what I paid, but its a solid unit and very compact.

  3. I have purchased from them before. Had an issue and told them. They offered a refund or to send a new item.

  4. To me it seems like you got what they promised, I quote:

    “Flexible can be broken apart for ease of portability”,”Compact design”
    What You Get: Portable World Travel Power Adapter

    I guess they have not lied about the above, have they? Seems like your adapter got crushed though judging on the black pieces of “high impact, durable, VO rated polycarbonate plastic”

  5. Mine arrived today and looks just like yours!
    Oh well… I guess I will stick with one I got at Walmart last year and has served me well. I think it was about $12 and is in their luggage aisle.

  6. You charged it right? Call them and if they don’t make it right, refuse the charge.

    Makes a nice story though…

  7. Got mine today as well. Arrive just like yours, excepts mine had several pieces of broken plastic mixed in. It was a daily steal alright!

  8. I got mine today, and 2 of them arrived in proper condition, but one of them is broken like your picture. I will contact them and request a replacement or a refund. I think the damage happened because they were not packaged in bubble wrap and could be easily damaged when coming into contact with other heavy items which would break the plastic.

  9. At the end of the day it’s $10, so it’s not worth my time. At the same time I feel like I should request a refund (or replacement) on principle, since they shouldn’t be able to get away with this. There was nothing “free” about the adapter. It cost maybe $2 to ship the two adapters, so they still “made” ~$4 per adapter.

  10. Mine arrived and it’s fine, just like in the picture, but to tell you the truth, it’s kind of bulky and quite cheap. If you want it, I suppose I can send it to you.

    I think you are better off buying the 3 or 4 individual plug adapters you need from dealextreme (one 2-pin for Europe, etc, one for UK/Australia/etc, one for HK/etc.) those are solid, and I also travel with a US short extension cord Y adaptor I got from Frys in Palo Alto. It has one US male plug on the tail, and two female sockets on the ends. So if you happen to need two outlets, you plug the adaptor into the tail, and you have at least 2 US outlets wherever you are. Even if you forget the adaptor, so many hotels now have universal wall sockets anyway.


  11. that y adaptor is short (20 inches for that one) and doesn’t take up any room at all in the carry-on.


  12. My two adapters arrived looking just like yours – in many pieces. These are pure junk. I called Daily Steals and they agreed to refund my shipping cost. The customer service lady said they’d had a “number of calls” about the product.

  13. Got mine last night. First thought at seeing the damage … “What a piece of junk”. Arrived just like yours with several pieces of broken plastic.

  14. Lol, I am sorry I was laughing this Morning when I saw your picture, I almost bought one for my friend who is always borrow mine whenever he travel.

  15. Mine arrived yesterday demolished as well. I contacted the site but have yet to hear back so far.

  16. They really ought to refund the money. They shipped out a bunch of bunk products which is NOT cool.

  17. Same here. Mine arrived with 6 broken bits of plastic and 2 springs that had popped out. Shoddy product. I am going to try and return it, I guess. Definitely will never buy from them again.

  18. I use the Kensington since a couple of years and works quite well.

    Additional I use the outlets to go power strip since hotels tend to not have enough outlets for my needs.

    The picture reminds me of the cheap adapters I used to buy in China. Those were cents though to buy so I did not mind loosing parts or trashing them.

  19. Update- I emailed Daily Steals and was happy to receive this response:

    “I’m really sorry about the condition in which you received this item. A
    lot of people did receive this item broken so we are not sending out
    replacements as they will probably be delivered broken again. I have
    refund you in full. Please allow 24-48 hours for your refund to post to
    your account. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for
    you! Again, I really apologize for this and hope you will continue to
    shop with

    Thank You,
    The DailySteals Team”

  20. The one from Amazon is almost identical to the one I carry–actually I carry two of them, which I got for free from Heathrow Airport for participating in the T5 preview trials. So I guess each cost me some time, but I got to see T5 before the public, so definitely worthwhile!

  21. Me too, although not quite so many pieces. I managed to tape together the broken part and plan to use it in China next month.

  22. One of the adapters came broken. It was the one I already had a good one of, so I replaced the broken one with my other one. I guess I’ll still e-mail them since a main part of the product was damaged when it arrived.

  23. have you asked for a refund? I use mine all the time and it came put together. I have had no issues with mine.

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