Singapore Airlines Adds Unlimited Free Wifi For First Class

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While there are many areas in which Singapore Airlines offers an industry leading experience, their inflight wifi historically hasn’t been one of them.

Singapore Airlines’ historical wifi situation

Singapore Airlines has offered inflight wifi for years, though it used to be offered exclusively by OnAir, with outrageously high prices and insanely low speeds.

Fortunately they’ve come a long way, including on their A350s, 787s, 777-300s, and newly delivered A380s (their 777-200s and A330s don’t have wifi). The airline has much faster wifi, and while it’s still expensive, it’s less expensive than before.

Early last year Singapore Airlines announced an awesome update to their wifi offering. They introduced free wifi for those traveling in Suites, first class, and business class, as well as for PPS Club members.

The catch is that there were restrictions:

  • Suites and first class customers could enjoy 100MB of free wifi
  • Business class and PPS Club members (traveling in premium economy or economy) could enjoy 30MB of free wifi

Singapore Airlines 777

Singapore Airlines ups free wifi allowance

As of August 1, 2019, Singapore Airlines has greatly increased the data limit for free wifi:

As before, this applies regardless of how your ticket is booked (so upgrade and award tickets qualify as well). To take advantage of this, just log-in to the wifi page onboard and enter your last name and seat number on the “Complimentary Access” section of the wifi portal.

Singapore Airlines’ A380 business class

Bottom line

This is a fantastic development. Seeing unlimited wifi in Suites & first is awesome, especially when you consider how fast their new A380 wifi is.

In business class, an allowance of 100MB is much more generous and usable than an allowance of just 30MB.

Well done, Singapore Airlines!

(Tip of the hat to Mainly Miles)

  1. I’ve always found it astonishing that they charge for WiFi in a $10,000 ticket.
    Yes, on the one hand the customer can afford another $100
    But on the other, cmon, really?

    Just make the ticket $10,100

    Reminds me of a steak house near me that charges for valet. Who has cash? It’s super annoying and detracts from the experience

    Instead of charging $10 for valet, just add $1 to each food item or something.

    Nobody notices $89 vs $88 for a steak. But we all notice $10 plus wondering about tip for valet

  2. @M Casey Turkish Airlines offers their Business Class passengers unlimited wifi on all their flights

  3. SAS offer Business passengers unlimited free wi-fi and the speeds are IME very good. It also applies to SAS Plus on short haul. All the A20Ns have it and I think the A330s. Other planes are still being fitted but the roll out is fast.

    On Singapore, I’ve found that even the 100mb allowence tends to dry up very quickly and inconsistently. I’ve done LHR-SIN before and it has worked throughout the flight and on another flight with the same use it’s gone after three hours.

    It’s time airlines, like hotels stopped seeing wi-fi as an extra.

  4. Just wanted to let you know, after you answered some of my questions, that my recent Singapore Airlines first class flights were all great. Superb service. Love the quietness of the Private Room in Changi airport. Attentive and personable flight attendants. Beautiful Lalique branded sleepwear and amenity kits. Nice selection of movies to watch on a large screen. No wonder Singapore Airlines wins best airline year after year.

    Again, thanks for your tip and articles on Singapore Airlines.

  5. Nice. I’m flying Singapore business SFO-SIN/SIN-KIX/NRT-LAX in December. 100MB is good enough to check email and catch up on news. But beware – some websites which load pictures and videos (such as Facebook) use lots of data and 100MB can go quickly.

  6. I flew SQ F SIN – SYD yesterday and there was still only 200 MB on offer. So sounds like they are still rolling this out.

  7. They should extend the free unlimited wifi to PPS Solitaire members. One issue I have is that as a PPS flying business you still only get 100MB whereas it should be actually 200MB – but this is not recognized by SQ. Makes no sense as a PPS flying eco would still get 100MB.

  8. Qantas domestic has free, fast WiFi – they were late to the party (and still don’t have it internationally), but the domestic offering is excellent.

  9. It may be unlimited, but will it be usable? I wonder if you’ll be able to stream your Netflix miles in the air, for example.

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