Singapore Airlines To Introduce New A380 Suites & Business Class In 2017

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Singapore Airlines has been pushing the boundaries in terms of passenger experience for a long time now. They were the first airline to offer a double bed on a commercial plane, with the introduction of their A380 Suites Class.


Even the business class product they introduced nearly a decade ago is still cutting edge, and almost better than many of the first class products out there.


Despite their already up-to-date products, Singapore is always one-upping themselves. In 2013 Singapore Airlines announced that they would refresh the cabins on their Boeing 777-300ERs.

Singapore Airlines refreshed first class 777-300ER

Singapore Airlines refreshed business class 777-300ER

While they weren’t immediately retrofitting existing aircraft, the new 777-300ERs in their fleet are being delivered with new premium cabin products.

It looks like a nice aesthetic improvement, though ultimately both the old products are still excellent.

Interestingly, up until now no announcements have been made about the possibility of refreshing the A380s. Not that they’re in need of a refresh, but we’re talking about Singapore Airlines here, and they like to be one step ahead.

Well, via AusBT, it looks like a Singapore Airlines A380 cabin refresh project is in the works. Apparently Singapore is planning on introducing refreshed cabins on the next batch of A380s they begin taking delivery of, in 2017. Here’s the vision:

“We are working hard on a new ground-up first suite and business class product that will be unveiled when we put into service the next batch of A380s which are coming in 2017” said Singapore Airlines Executive Vice President Commercial, Mak Swee Wah.

“We have to do what is sensible and what the customers want, and come out with product which fits the market segment who wants exclusivity, privacy and comfort, and not just the suite but the whole package.”

“Certainly we won’t change just for the sake of change, but it will be superior to what we have now” Mak said of the new A380 business class. “Product development is an ongoing process.”

It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. My guess is that they change very little in business class, since they just introduced the refreshed product, and it still looks excellent.

Suites Class will be the more interesting one. Singapore Airlines recently refreshed A380 Suites Class, though that just consisted of them reupholstering the seats with black leather.

Singapore Airlines’ refreshed A380 Suites Class

Singapore Airlines’ “old” A380 Suites Class

Personally I don’t think we’ll see many changes. I would guess it’ll be a similar “refresh” to what we’ve seen in the past, whereby they’ll just change the finishes.

What would I most like to see on Singapore’s A380? Affordable and usable wifi and more onboard amenities, like a bar, lounge, etc.

What kind of a refresh are you expecting with Singapore Airlines’ A380s in 2017? What would you like to see?

  1. i am guessing this will be a huge suite redesign. they have to keep up with Etihad (as does Emirates).

  2. Does Etihad have a patent (or something like that) that prevents other airlines from developping a one aisle widebody product? Or will we see something like that coming to other airlines in the near future?

  3. If they’re saying “exclusivity, privacy and comfort, and not just the suite but the whole package”, then benchmarked against LH, EY & to a certain extent, AF, they’ll need to invest in ground services for F. SQ’s F & J hard products are very tough to beat but their treatment of F pax on ground, departure & arrival, is quite far behind competition.

    So, whole package must encompass door-to-door experience, which include car service, very substantial improvements in lounge cuisine & facilities, end-to-end escorts (even GA has them!), tarmac/golf cart transfers; where possible at key destinations – e.g. LHR, LAX, JFK, SYD, NRT, etc.

    And of course, on-board showers & bar – nobody gets tired of these 🙂

  4. Is there a problem with singapore’s website? Not finding nonstop NRT-LAX flights after April 2016.

  5. Does Singapore tend to restrict premium cabin reward seat availability during/after a refresh like this? If so, then this is bad news!

  6. @ snic — When they first introduced the new first & business class almost a decade ago, they did restrict saver awards in the product for quite a while. That being said, with the latest “refresh” on the 777 they didn’t restrict seats. So if it’s just a refresh I wouldn’t expect them to restrict space. If it’s a totally new product they very well may. Only time will tell!

  7. @ Marc — They might have a patent on that exact design, though I doubt they can patent a single aisle concept as such.

  8. This all is really fantastic, but it makes me wonder–what is the point of offering both business and first when they have such similar and high quality products? Ben, maybe you could elaborate on some hard/soft product differences? They just look nearly identical in the photos, at least on the 777-300.

  9. This is very interesting… I’d expect them to, at least, put in a bar for J & F passengers. That seems like a very popular feature.

    P.S. Not all of their A380s have been refreshed yet with new design. Just last month flew in one that had an older upholstery.

  10. I really want to see a seat which becomes a bed without you having to get up off the seat. It’s just ridiculous that you need to get help if you want the seat to be a bed or s chair to lounge in

  11. Wonder what the changes in business class would be. Hope they will still have the amazingly wide seats in J.

  12. Hi Lucky,

    I’m planning my 30th birthday getaway to New York and most likely use Bangkok or Singapore as my starting point. I am considering to fly either Singapore Airlines Suites or EY First Apartment. Could you please tell me the pros and cons? Last I was on SQ Suites was July ’14 to SIN – LAX- SIN which was the pre refreshed cabin.

    I want to get the most bang out of my birthday trip!

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