Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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Update: Read my full Singapore Airlines Business Class A330 Ahmedabad To Singapore review.

Hello from Ahmedabad! After flying Etihad’s 787 first class from Washington to Abu Dhabi, then spending a few hours in a private room at Etihad’s first class lounge, and then flying Etihad’s A320 business class from Abu Dhabi to Ahmedabad, it was time to continue my journey to Newark via Singapore.

Yes, truly the long way from Washington to Newark. 😉

The reason I was in Ahmedabad was because Singapore Airlines publishes cheap paid business class fares from there to Newark, so for just $1,300 I could fly Singapore Airlines business class on the world’s longest flight.

But first I had to take the five hour redeye from Ahmedabad to Singapore.

The airline uses the A330 for this route, which is the backbone of their short-haul fleet, though over time they’ll replace many of these with 787-10s.

These planes have 30 business class seats, spread across five rows in a 2-2-2 configuration.

While the cabin looks nice, Singapore Airlines uses rather uncomfortable angled business class seats on these planes.

To me the angle isn’t just minor like on some airlines, but rather extremely uncomfortable and a deal-breaker for sleeping, unless I’m really tired. Good thing I’m taking a bunch of redeyes in a row, so at the moment I’m staying up all night and sleeping all day (which sounds like my childhood dream, but is also sort my adult nightmare). The business class cabin was only a third full, so I had an entire row to myself.

On these planes Singapore Airlines has an excellent, plush pillow, and a nice blanket.

While the seat leaves a bit to be desired, the service was exceptional as usual on Singapore. The flight departed around 11PM, and despite that there was a full dinner service. This began with drinks and mixed nuts.

Then there was a starter consisting of a marinated prawn nicoise salad.

For the main course I had the Indian vegetarian option, which was exceptionally tasty.

Then for dessert was a praline gateau.

Singapore Airlines’ entertainment system is one of the best in the sky, so I watched a couple of TV shows, though I mainly just worked for most of the flight. Starting with the descent I was treated to a beautiful sunrise, which is the best inflight entertainment of all.

There’s nothing that reminds me of Singapore quite as much as the view of all the ships as you approach.

Bottom line

Service was excellent as usual on Singapore Airlines, and I was especially impressed by the food on this redeye. The starter, main course, and dessert, were all exceptional. The entertainment, pillow, and blanket, were all very good as well.

The only problem is the seat, which is a pretty big issue. For a daytime flight this seat is totally fine, though personally I find angled seats to be tough to sleep in. Fortunately Singapore is taking delivery of dozens of 787-10s for regional flights, which feature flat beds in business class.

If you’ve flown Singapore’s A330 business class, what was your experience like?

  1. “Hello from Ahmedabad”? Did you mean “Hello from Singapore” since you already flew the flight from AMD to SIN?

  2. As someone who is considering flying to Ahmedabad t do the same could you cover a bit how the transfer worked out, I’m looking at maybe doing Air India Mumbai domestic but might actually burn some AAdvantage miles to do Etihad…

  3. @ Ben — SQ can’t retire these POS fast enough. I would be embarrassed as an FA to work these on some of the longer flights.

  4. @Eric, I’m doing the same thing. Flying from Seoul to Tokyo to Delhi on ANA business for 35.000 M&M miles, then taking a Vistara flight (Business, 124€) to Ahmedabad. It’s a pain in the ass to get there, but don’t take Air India for domestic flights, they suck.

  5. Flew it a few times this summer (missed the launch of the 787 yo Bali by one day!) and I’d say your review is spot on.

  6. I’ve never understood the rationale and logic for a full meal service at just near midnight on a sub five-hour red-eye, and it’s not like it is quick, they take their sweet time.

    SQ gets it wrong on the meal timing I think.

  7. Y’all who wanna fly to Ahmedabad…
    Fly Jet Airways or Vistara….
    The rest suck real bad (even in biz and first..)
    I live in Ahmedabad and probably these are the two best airlines that you can fly to get here!

  8. Agree those seats are horrible. They also have a few 777’s with the same seats which are slightly better as they are set wider apart. But bottomline, these seats are a 100% miss. The old blue regional BC seats in 2/3/2 were much better than these horrible things.

    I always wonder how airlines can go so wrong with seats. Most likely because the ones that select the seats do not fly in them.

  9. Would also like to see a review of AMD grund experience since I am doing a similar trip. Inbound with EY before going out with SQ to JFK. Heard not so good stories of AMD and would like to know some best practices.

  10. We must have taken the Ahm-Sin-Ewr just a few days before you. Didn’t coincide with you but there was another blogger from Boarding Area on the flights.
    Found the service friendly and effocient, and the food good. The seat definitely not the best, but for some reason I did sleep better on this type of seat than the one on the Sin-Ewr. Was looking so much forwars to the “longest flight”, but was quite disappointed in so many aspects, so much, that the Ahm-Sin flight in the old plane turned out better.

  11. Quick question. Why did airlines choose to do angle flat instead of lie flat originally? I mean its the same real estate whether its angled or completely lie flat?

  12. @Eric @Milan – I have found transferring in Delhi to be very easy. The transfer section is located immediately before heading down to the immigration hall with enough airport staff inquiring on transferring passengers – so it’s hard to miss.

    Transferring to Vistara and AI is easy in DEL since they fly out of the same terminal (T3). Basically, just exit the int’l terminal and re-enter the adjacent domestic terminal and voila.

    If transferring to the domestic low-cost carriers, then you need to take the inter-terminal bus since the domestic T1 is the old int’l terminal.

    On a different note, my preferred domestic carrier in India is Indigo. They are a no-frill airline, but I find the service and schedules to be very pleasant and convenient.

  13. @DT – lol!

    Actually their location outside the paid docking areas aren’t controlled, so they find place wherever possible. There is a paid location for anchoring around the Singapore ports, but these costs are exorbitant.

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