Must-See: SAS Employees Create Music Video

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This can’t help but put a smile on my face. Scandinavian Airlines employees have created a music video to reflect the current times, and it’s really cute. As it’s described:

This song and video was made with love for our job in aviation.
It is dedicated to all SAS employees and to all Travelers who value and treasure the feeling of “coming home” when boarding an SAS Aircraft.

Here’s the video:

We’ve seen some individual airline employees create videos dedicated to their airlines and colleagues, but I haven’t seen anything with as much production value as this.

Do you find the music video as cute as I do?

  1. @Ben:
    Momma-mia, sounded very ABBA-like to me (which is perfectly fine in my book)

    OTOH I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but singing in close quarters like that is very risky from a contagion point of view.

  2. 1) No social distancing or masks…
    2) Not as bad as I was expecting
    3) Still painful to watch, as a Swede 🙂

  3. We can feel sorry for the staff losing employment. Unfortunately Sweden’s response has been lamentable, verging on pathetic. They have achieved precisely nothing from the woeful ‘strategy’ ( loosely defined as it was SHAMBOLIC in reality)…not within a bull’s roar of herd immunity and thousands of needless deaths. Scandalous and disgraceful.
    I hope they kick out those politicians responsible for the nincompoopery and moronic policies.
    SAS is a nice airline; I hope they survive intact.

  4. @Paolo
    Sweden has the best approach in Europe, they have just been to late in isolating the care homes for the elderly. In all other points they have taken the correct approach to get over this pandemic as quickly as possible, and they are the only country that has respected the freedom of the individual citizens.

    That airline should enter bankruptcy after what they have done with their latest ad campaign before COVID-19(84).

  5. @Max
    Totally disagree. An individual cannot abrogate their responsibility to society; individual ‘rights’ are trumped by the greater, collective good.
    In any case, Sweden has been an abject flop…utter failure in the stated aim of achieving some measure of herd immunity ( …under 5% of the population showing antibodies, according to the report yesterday). Economically it is no better off than those countries adopting stricter measures…and nothing to show for it other than a higher death rate.
    The ‘freedom’ to put others at risk is one I’ll happily forgo ( …and especially so when it meant little more than the ‘right’ to sit in a cafe, go to a gym, or go shopping…)

  6. Excellent video!

    And ppl like Max are freedumb because they live in a collective society and think they are free. What a spanner!

  7. @Paolo/@Bratty
    Sweden still has lower death rates than comparable countries like Italy, Spain, Belgium who have had some of the worst restrictions in Europe.
    It’s not about who has the most restrictions, it’s about who is taking the smartest measures to protect the vulnerable groups. Contrary to what you might believe, Sweden did not do nothing. But they were also not in panic as others and cried blindly to shut down everything.
    The economical argument from you is invalid, as Sweden is heavily dependent on exports, therefore it was hit by the restrictions in other countries.

  8. @Max
    Whatever Sweden did, it wasn’t effective ( 5th highest per capita death rate in the world, 10x that of Norway, 5 x Denmark and Finland). Saying it’s not as bad as Belgium or the UK ( where incompetence played a role) is cold comfort to the families of those that have died unnecessarily.
    The authorities have blood on their hands; Mistakes can be excused/understood/forgiven…but a deliberate policy choice to ignore the social distancing measures that had been universally agreed…looks like culpability.
    It would have been a very high price to pay even had herd immunity been achieved…but the acknowledgment yesterday that it isn’t even close now puts Sweden in the same situation as everyone else.
    I think it’s very sad that this ‘choice’ was made.

  9. Every single one of my friends that worked for SAS was recently laid off (permanently). I will absolutely not click on this video and pretend like they’re a decent company that has handled this situation well. A cute video will not change that.

  10. My Father worked for SAS for 48 years and retired in 1996 when SAS had their last flight from CPH to LAX. I know that they have restarted the route a few years ago and am thrilled then we were able to fly direct from LAX to CPH again. I know SAS will weather the storm, they always do and am proud to be a part of the Scandinavian Airlines family.

  11. I can share lots of history of SAS through the years and would be sweet to see new comments, pictures of Scandinavian Airlines throughout the years. How cool would it be if all existing and retired airline employees would post pictures and memories of the old days. Would be a great way to add content to an already amazing website.

    Ben you do a great job and would love love to discuss.

    Fell free to call me anytime. Pelle @ 310-989-8700

  12. I loved seeing the KLM plane in the background of the Thai video. But loved the ramp ladies the best in the video!

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