Must-See: Flight Attendant’s Hilarious Tribute To Virgin Atlantic

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This is a sad and scary time in the airline industry. There will be bankruptcies, there will be job losses, and there will be a new normal.

I’ve seen lots of airline employees post messages of solidarity and encouragement, though generally the tone isn’t positive, which is understandable.

That’s why a video uploaded by a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant today is so refreshing, as it’s intended to cheer up colleagues. I don’t want to ruin anything, so check out this hilarious video:

Well done, Louise, this put a huge smile on my face, and I don’t even work for Virgin Atlantic!

(Tip of the hat to Paul)

  1. Virgin Atlantic goes into administration.

    Louise Ruthie Woods goes into Britain’s Got Talent.

    Richard Branson goes into space.

    Everybody wins?

  2. Great Job I flew them once .The young crew was eager to make a go of it.
    Best of luck to the staff not Branson.

  3. One has to wonder, dear Richard, what came first – the BVI tax strategy or the brand name. Daddy had some good accountants ?

  4. Well done Louise, that is such a moral booster for everyone, particuarly all Virgin Atlantic staff. We wish Richard Branson and all who work for Virgin Atlantic all the best and cannot wait to fly with you again, hopefully as soon as possible.

  5. That was so awesome! Bravo. Very well done. Hopefully it puts a smile on everyone’s face as it did mine as we dream of travel one day!

  6. Well done Louise! Great!

    And shows typical laudable loyalty to the airline.

    Please, VS, don’t go. Find a way.

  7. Hope they make it ! I’ve worked for so many airlines that’s gone I to admin or simply disappeared.

    Good luck !

  8. That was great! I hope they survive also. Can you imagine BA service if VS drops out of the market?
    Plus they currently have four figures of my money for a canceled flight and a substantial number of my miles.

  9. My mother us due to fly back on rebooked flight from Mumbai on 5/05/20. Lets hope this happens. If it does I will also sing a tribute song.

  10. From a fellow crew member from BA THANKYOU so much for this! Lifted my spirits big time! Just lovely x

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