Great Deal: $720 SAS Premium Economy Fares From Europe To The US

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SAS is currently having a sale on economy and premium economy tickets between Scandinavia and the United States. There are economy fares available from around $330 roundtrip to New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The latter destination is relatively new for SAS, as they’ve only been serving LAX since last spring. Ben had the chance to try the route in business class, though no one on OMAAT has tried it in economy or premium economy yet.

While I would definitely consider booking these flights in economy given the price, it turns out premium economy fares to the US West Coast are also incredibly low at the moment. You can fly roundtrip from Stockholm or Gothenburg to Los Angeles or San Francisco from only $720. 

SAS premium economy sale

This price is available pretty much across the board from January to June 2017. As usual, you’re best off using Google Flights or ITA Matrix to search this fare.

SAS fare calendar

Meanwhile, oneworld and SkyTeam airlines are charging $1000+ for premium economy on the same routes.

Oneworld premium economy Skyteam premium economy

Perhaps the best aspect of the sale is that tickets are sold in booking class A. Checking earning rates across Star Alliance, this fare can score you up to 200% of the distance flown, which is up to 11000 miles roundtrip without the bonus.

SAS premium economy looks quite nice after their cabins were refurbished last year.

SAS Plus, their equivalent to premium economy.
SAS Plus, their equivalent to premium economy.

Bottom Line

This deal will not last, and I have never seen premium economy fares on SAS this low. You can book a cheap positioning flight on Norwegian or Ryanair from the rest of Europe and still fly to the US West Coast for under $800 in premium economy. The potential of earning 200% of the distance flown is reason enough to take the trip in my opinion.

Are you planning on taking advantage of this deal? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience in SAS Plus.

  1. @daniel which airline gives you 200% for SAS PE flights?

    @waylo some people say there are no stupid questions… that is not true because you just asked one, you have eyes dont you? You can google cant you? The seats are clearly different what else do you need?

  2. A quick comparison between economy and premium economy:

    – 2 pieces of checked luggage as opposed to 1
    – Improved ground services at hub airports (fast track and lounge access)
    – Seat is wider (1 inch and dedicated armrest) and you have more legroom (5 inches)
    – Slightly improved catering (choice between 2 entrees, as in 1 alternative to the one also served in economy)
    – Open bar (as opposed to no alcohol included in economy)

    As a goldcard holder with SAS I tend to snatch a seat in economy row 30 for free (which has an unusual amount of legroom – much more than is found in premium economy). Since I already have extra luggage and improved ground services, the only difference is a seat that is more narrow and no free alcohol. For someone without status at SAS, I’d say that premium economy is a solid upgrade.

  3. “this fare can score you up to 200% of the distance flown, which is up to 11000 miles roundtrip without the bonus.”

    how good is Air India’s FF program?

  4. @Daniel

    i understand that, but so does Air India (your post didn’t specify) and would love your expert opinion on their program since i know nothing about it (and i am a fairly decent understanding of Aegean’s offering).

  5. Obviously SAS are targeting Norwegian with this offer, sine Norwegian only offers economy and premium economy with its ultra-low fares

  6. I’m booked on SAS in Premium Economy from CPH to LAX via Stockholm both for Easter and in June. I paid 6000DKK (883USD) for both flights. I consistently find cheap fares to LAX on SAS via ARN, which is now my preferred routing (I’m gladly avoiding CDG, FRA, LHR…).

    I’ve already placed requests for upgrades using SAS’s new system for upgrading, where you can ‘bid’ on the upgrade using either money or points. I put in a bid of 400€ for the ARN to LAX segment, and a little less than 25,000 points for the LAX ARN segment. I have no idea if they will go through, but apparently as SAS Gold member, my chances are higher of getting the upgrades. Lastly, with SAS Gold and a Premium ticket, I’ll get nearly 17000 points for the round trip.

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