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This review will be brief. I landed from Vancouver after 9PM, and my flight to Los Angeles the following day was at 7AM, so I left the hotel shortly after 5AM. Not only was my overnight just eight hours, but I wasn’t feeling well at all by the time I got to the hotel, as my lack of sleep was catching up to me. So I apologize for my complete lack of pictures of the public areas of the hotel.

For my outbound layover in Vancouver I spent the night at the Four Points By Sheraton, which was renovated and nice enough, though I don’t “get” the Four Points brand.

For my return layover in Vancouver I wanted to try a different hotel, so I instead opted for the Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport, which cost 200CAD (~153USD) per night.

The hotel shares a shuttle with the Four Points, which picks up at the airport on the arrivals level. The Westin is significantly closer to the airport than the Four Points, which is both good and bad news. It’s good news because it means you get to the hotel quicker (it’s only about a five minute drive), but when you’re going from the hotel to the airport, the shuttle goes by way of the Four Points, so it takes about 15-20 minutes.

Anyway, upon checking in at the hotel I was welcomed by a friendly associate who informed me I had been upgraded to a suite. She asked what time I was leaving in the morning, and I said 5AM. She said “wow, that’s early. While we have a shuttle which runs at that hour, we’ll cover the cost of a taxi for you since you’re a Platinum member, because the drive in the shuttle would take about 20 minutes.” I thought that was a very nice touch.

I headed up to my room on the 12th floor, room 1201. The hallways were modern and felt fresh, and even had the signature Westin scent (which smells artificial, but hey, it’s better than a bad smell).

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 1
Westin Vancouver Airport hallway

Upon exiting the elevator I turned left, and then my room was at the far end of the hallway on the right.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 2
Westin Vancouver Airport room entrance

As you’ll see below, there seems to be one full suite per floor.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 3
Westin Vancouver Airport floorplan

The suite was gorgeous — it was modern, well designed, and huge. The room featured an entryway, which curved right into the rest of the room.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 4
Westin Vancouver Airport suite entrance

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 5
Westin Vancouver Airport suite foyer

Upon turning right there was the living room straight ahead, and then a small kitchenette to the right, which led to the bathroom.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 6
Westin Vancouver Airport suite foyer

The living room featured a couch and two comfortable chairs, which faced a flat screen TV.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 7
Westin Vancouver Airport suite living room

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 8
Westin Vancouver Airport suite living room

The bedroom featured a king size Heavenly Bed, a desk with a rolling chair, a lounging chair, and a flat screen TV.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 9
Westin Vancouver Airport suite bedroom

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 10
Westin Vancouver Airport suite bedroom

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 11
Westin Vancouver Airport suite bedroom

It’s interesting to have the desk in the bedroom rather than the living room, especially since the living room felt somewhere under furnished, while the bedroom felt over furnished.

The room had views of the nearby waterway, and in the distance you could even see the airport. You’ve gotta love that it’s still light after 9PM when you get this far north in summer.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 12
Westin Vancouver Airport suite view

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 13
Westin Vancouver Airport suite view

The bathroom could be accessed both from the bedroom and the kitchenette. It featured a sink, walk-in shower, soaking tub, and toilet.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 14
Westin Vancouver Airport suite bathroom

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 15
Westin Vancouver Airport suite bathroom

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 16
Westin Vancouver Airport suite bathtub

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 17
Westin Vancouver Airport suite walk-in shower

Between the bathroom and the entrance hallway to the room was an area with a mini-fridge, as well as a coffee maker and several bottles of water.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 18
Westin Vancouver Airport sink & fridge

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 19
Westin Vancouver Airport sink & fridge

I was rather dehydrated when I arrived off my flight, so I was happy to see the six bottles of complimentary water.

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 20
Westin Vancouver Airport bottled water and coffee maker

I slept from the moment I arrived till the moment my alarm went off. At 4AM I hopped in the shower and got a bit of work done, and by 5AM I was in the lobby and ready to head to the airport.

As I checked out, the associate said “please help yourself to some complimentary coffee & tea.” It’s almost as if they read my mind, as I love when hotels have a coffee setup in the lobby, and especially love it when it’s as early as 5AM (as an early riser, places which only offer coffee starting at 6AM or 7AM drive me nuts).

Westin-Vancouver-Airport-Wall-Centre - 21
Westin Vancouver Airport complimentary coffee & tea in the morning

While the associate had a taxi voucher waiting for me, I decided to just take the airport shuttle, since I was plenty early.

Westin Vancouver Airport bottom line

I stayed at the Four Points Vancouver Airport on my way out, and once in the past I’ve stayed at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport. The Westin Vancouver Airport is hands down my favorite Starwood property at the airport, even if it comes at a premium. Based on my limited experience, it may just be my all around favorite airport Westin ever. The hotel was modern, I got an awesome suite, and the service was fantastic, even if I was only there briefly.

The only other place I’d ever consider staying near Vancouver Airport is the Fairmont, given that it’s actually connected to the terminal. But I do love my Starpoints…

Thanks so much for following along with this trip report, and stay tuned for the next one!

  1. Ben, I’ve stayed at this hotel before and it’s really great for a layover. Proactive staff and a nice new building with great amenities.

    Had a service issue with them and it was resolved very quickly and gracefully. +1 to the Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport!

  2. The Sheraton is kind of a dump. It is in a complex with the Marriott and Hilton all sharing a parking lot (same ownership) but the Sheraton building used to be a holiday inn or best western.

    On the bright side, you’re much closer to Richmond city centre so you’ll have a lot of restaurants nearby (it’s heavily dominated by Chinese so expect a lot of Asian cuisine). Don’t waste your time or money eating at the hotel. Kirin is just across the street and Shanghai river is within a block

  3. Stayed at the Fairmont last week for an early flight out of YVR and loved the convenience. And my kids loved the chocolate-dipped strawberries and cookies and airplane-watching.

  4. The Vancouver Airport Fairmont is FANTASTIC.
    I stayed there a couple years ago on the Gold Floor. Not at bad view from any room. The view from the lounge over the airport and runway was great. Only thing that was a bit disappointing was the ‘honour’ bar. If I am paying for the Gold Floor, my lounge beverages should be included. I am not sure if this is the management of the particular property cutting corners, or, provincial/municipal liquor laws.

  5. Hi Lucky, aside from the hotel itself, I think one merit of Four Points is that it’s close to some most authentic Chinese restaurants you can find in north America, whereas there’s nothing around the Westin. But I guess it doesn’t matter that much since you only stay there for a couple of hours.

  6. I wasn’t really into the Westin Wall Centre rooms, but I found the gym decent enough for a hotel and the little restaurant downstairs has some decent options.

  7. If you don’t need a indoor swimming pool, I recommend the Pacific Gateway. The shuttle bus goes directly to and from the airport, and has a nice restaurant and bar sitting in the marina (at regular non-hotel prices).

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