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As I wrap up this trip report, I’ll be brief. As you can see from the above index, I won’t be reviewing my flight from Toronto to Vancouver, since it was also operated by a 787, and was remarkably similar to my previous three flights. That’s to say that the food was good, service was excellent, and seat was unbeatable for a domestic flight.

I figured I’d just briefly talk about the domestic Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Toronto, though. I’ve reviewed the domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Vancouver, the international Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto, and the Maple Leaf Lounge London, so how does the domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto compare?

Upon landing from London the immigration formalities in Toronto were quick, thanks to the automated machines they offer nowadays. Clearing security in the domestic terminal took just 10 minutes, so within about 25 minutes of arriving in Toronto I found myself in the domestic Maple Leaf Lounge.

Air Canada has three Maple Leaf Lounges in Toronto — one domestic, one international, and one transborder (for those flying to the US).

The domestic lounge was quite large, though also very crowded. As a result, I apologize for the quality of pictures, as I felt rather uncomfortable taking pictures, even with my iPhone.

The lounge consists of one large room, which is partitioned off into several zones.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 1
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto seating

There’s an elevated seating area in the center of the lounge.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 2
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto seating

Then along the windows there’s more seating.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 3
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto seating

Then there’s a walkway towards the center of the lounge, which gives you access to the elevated seating area, the bar, the buffet, etc.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 4
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto

Along the windows towards the back of the lounge are leather chairs which are facing the windows.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 5
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto seating

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 6
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto seating

Then in the back corner of the lounge past the buffet is a TV area, along with a small dining area.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 7
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto seating

As mentioned above, the buffet area is between the dining/TV area and the rest of the lounge, and features some high-top seating.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 8
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto buffet area

There was both an espresso machine and a separate coffee machine. The coffee coming out of the machine was excellent, for what it’s worth (I needed a few cups at this point to stay awake).

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 9
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto coffee machine

There was also an extensive selection of self serve booze, as well as wine.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 10
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto liquor selection

Then there was also a beer tap.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 12
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto beer

There were a couple of types of snack mix, as well as some packaged nuts.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 11
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto snacks

In terms of food, Air Canada has several types of salad, and they were all really good. I especially loved the spicy kale. Seriously, why can’t US airline lounges have food like this? It was tasty and healthy, which is more than can be said for 99% of the food I see in US airline lounges.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 13
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto dinner spread

In terms of the slightly less healthy selection, there were chips with hummus and salsa.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 14
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto dinner spread

Then there were also freshly baked cookies.

Air-Canada-Lounge-Vancouver - 37
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto dinner spread

Lastly, there was a hot pasta dish available.

Maple-Leaf-Lounge-Toronto - 15
Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto dinner spread

Wifi in the lounge was reasonably fast. My flight to Vancouver was delayed by about 45 minutes since it was arriving late from Tel Aviv, but that wasn’t an issue, as it just gave me more time to finish up my work between flights.

Domestic Maple Leaf Lounge Toronto bottom line

Air Canada really impressed me with their lounges, both in terms of consistency and quality. This lounge was crowded, though I’d expect that at the domestic lounge of the airline’s largest hub. However, the food and drink selection was fantastic for a domestic lounge, significantly better than what you’d find in a US airline lounge. In terms of domestic lounges in North America, this is definitely one of the better airline lounges out there.

Air Canada is also extremely consistent between lounges. While their lounge in London was of course a stand-out, I found all their lounges in Canada to be pleasantly surprising as well.

  1. Ben, since you use lounge wifi so much, esp for work/business purposes, do you ever worry about information security? I’ve heard they are notoriously insecure, making me very uneasy to use what is offered. I just end up using what my network provider offers even if it’s a bit slower. Cybercrime is no joke.

  2. Quick question:
    I’m flying (CPH)-YYZ-SEA, can I use both the domestic and transborder lounge or only transborder?
    If the first, which one is better?

  3. Your review is spot on.
    Big negative for me is that there is no view!
    Lots of windows but you sit below the ledge so all you see is lots of sky.

  4. I have been to the Air France & KLM lounge in YYZ and it looks very similar but you have a view of planes taxi.

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