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Since the Alitalia Giotto Lounge was rather disappointing, we decided to briefly visit the Le Anfore Lounge, which is the contract lounge right next door to the Alitalia one.

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport entrance

The Le Anfore Lounge belongs to the Priority Pass network, which makes it easy to enter thanks to any number of credit cards with lounge access.

It took the agent a little while to admit us as she was having issues with the Priority Pass “card swiper,” though after a few minutes we were allowed in.

So the lounge is cheesy and feels a bit like the seating area for a Sbarro in a mall food court… but the lounge was almost totally empty!! Given how crowded the Alitalia lounge is, I’ll take this lounge with plenty of seating any day of the week.

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport seating

The lounge had a ton of furniture — I almost felt like it was the back of a chain furniture store after they got a shipment for the entire region.

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport seating

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport seating

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport seating

The lounge had an unattended bar. I’m not sure how exactly that was supposed to work, since they had liquor displayed on the shelves behind the bar. I guess it was self serve?

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport bar

Then there was a fridge with big bottles of soda. Big bottles of soda=flatness.

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport fridge

I couldn’t help but feel like the food spread was set up as if it were for a funeral, between the burgundy tablecloth and the cheap flowers that can’t help but elicit sympathy.

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport buffet

The food didn’t exactly look good, but then again it’s not like it was any better in the Alitalia lounge. They had finger sandwiches, croissants, and pastries.

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport buffet

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport buffet

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport buffet

Le Anfore Lounge Rome Airport buffet

So the Le Anfore lounge gets points for being quiet, but at the end of the day Rome Airport isn’t one you visit for the ground experience!

  1. Not a great ground experience but I’ve eaten pretty well at the Rome Airport and at Rome Termini. I can’t do nearly as well at stateside airports and train stations. Then again — Buffalo International has an Anchor Bar for chicken wings and beer!

  2. Witty comments about the furniture store look and the funeral-like appearance of the “refreshments”! I do like the murals!

  3. Not that this would appy to Rome, but I am curious what others find preferable – a busy, nearly-full/full lounge with good food & service or a quiet, nearly-empty lounge with so-so food & beverage selection?

    If flying premium class and actually getting a decent meal on a plane, personally I’d rather take a quiet lounge (especially on layovers).

  4. I agree, both lounges are in below ground level, strange.
    The showers are fine with a nice selection of body care items.the cold drink cabinet was turned around by the person making the espresso, a different world.

  5. This is the worst! Yes, it’s empty – one other person as I write, sitting in a sea of furniture. It’s 3pm and there are three or four dry sandwiches under cover at the bar, and a small plate of broken biscuits. I asked if they had anything else, and was told “No, but we had a lot this morning” (!)
    Basement, windowless. Truly awful!

  6. The place is a dump had to wait 5 minutes for coffee while the employees stood there talking to one another . Should not have been surprised upon entering I spoke English but I am fluent in Italian and had to wait for desk attendant to finish her lengthy private phone call . Final straw was having to wait for a glass of water again due to 3 staff members having a lengthy conversation . Save the trouble and stay in the concourse where your business is appreciated.

  7. We found the lounge after some time at FCO….not very user friendly when flying anything but Aitialia…. Unfortunately the barista seemed more in love with flipping plates and and making much noise with his cleaning than with any customer service. Also noticed he took tips…and if you did not offer the same service service was adjusted accordingly. Don’t see that with any of the other “business class lounges”

  8. I was there before the U.S. Air 11:35 flight to Philidelphia and it was pretty crowded. I didn’t see the second seating area far from the check-in desk until later. It was as empty as it was when you visited

  9. thanks for the review! I’m here now and was deciding to grab brunch at the lounge or out by the food court. Given your photos, I’m glad I stuck out here by the food court, lots to choose and with a view. lounge would have been free but, good food is a priority

  10. Sad. The only word coming to mind.
    I wish I’d NOT gone there.
    Food is poor, jusy a handful of sandwiches displayed on a table. No way to know how long food has been out of a refrigerator, drinks selection poor. Just poor.
    Not recommended. Save your money.

  11. The worst ever food and arrogant staff who behave like they are well suited to McDonald’s outlets – I thought Italians had class – nope not here – they don’t seem to appreciate that travellers actually pay for access to these lounges – never again!! I’d rather sit in the airport than allow £27 be contributed by priority pass to these dudes – the saving grace are the reception staff who are wonderfully polite and helpful – the catering mod are just awful !!!

  12. Its got better, new Casa Italia lounge is cool. Great food, great coffee, a bit mobbed a lot of the time. After a long flight showers are good. Improvements being made at Rome airport and Alitalia business class is magic.

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