Review: Czech Airlines Business Class Prague to Rome

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Czech Airlines 724
Prague (PRG) – Rome (FCO)
Wednesday, January 8
Depart: 11:30AM
Arrive: 1:25PM
Duration: 1hr55min
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Seat: 2C (Business Class)

As is the norm on most airlines flying within Europe, business class was simply economy class with a blocked middle seat. In this case there were two rows of business class with the middle seats blocked, separated from the rest of the cabin by a curtain.

Czech Airlines A319 economy class cabin
Czech Airlines A319 economy class cabin

Czech Airlines business class seats
Czech Airlines business class

We quickly took our seats, 2A & 2C, and were informed we were the only passengers in the cabin.

Czech Airlines business class seats from side
Czech Airlines business class

Czech Airlines business class seat blocking
Czech Airlines business class seat blocking

There were two middle aged female flight attendants at the door and two middle aged male flight attendants in the middle of the cabin greeting passengers. They were friendly though not overly so. A few minutes after settling in one of the female flight attendants offered us pre-departure beverages. We had the choice between water, orange juice, and champagne, and interestingly enough they had two of each on the tray, even though there were just two of us. So I took both a water and a glass of champagne.

Pre-departure beverages - water and champagne
Czech Airlines pre-departure beverages

Boarding was efficient, and at around 11:25AM the captain came on the PA to welcome passengers aboard and inform us of our flight time of 1hr25min. The door closed shortly after his announcement, though we didn’t immediately push back. Instead the door opened again five minutes later as we were apparently waiting on some paperwork, and at 11:40AM we finally pushed back.

Pushback on Czech Airlines A319
Czech Airlines A319 pushback

As we pushed back the rather hilarious cartoon-ish safety video played:

Funny safety video on Czech Airlines
Czech Airlines safety video

Our taxi to runway 24 took about 10 minutes, and once there we were number one for takeoff.

Prague Airport terminal during taxi
Prague Airport terminal

Taxiway at Prague airport
Prague Airport taxiway

Taking off runway 24
Taking off runway 24

Our climb out was smooth, and once we passed through about 15,000 feet the seatbelt sign was turned off and service began.

View after takeoff from Prague on Czech Airlines
View after takeoff from Prague

Takeoff view after takeoff from Prague on Czech Airlines
View after takeoff from Prague

Inflight view on Czech Airlines
View inflight

Given that we were the only passengers in business class our service was completed pretty quickly. We were offered a deli plate with salami, salmon, and prosciutto, and then some bread from a basket. Also on the tray was some sort of a cream gelatin dessert. A glass of water was offered with the food, and was quickly followed up by a further beverage service.

Czech Airlines business class deli plate meal
Czech Airlines business class meal

Drink during meal
Czech Airlines business class drink

Once the flight attendants were done serving us, they headed to the economy cabin to do service, though a flight attendant came back to check on us every 10 minutes or so. There were drop down screens on which the airshow could be watched throughout the flight, tracking our progress to “Rim.”

Drop down screen for airshow
Must. Not. Make. A. Joke.

I watched an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta on my iPad (definitely on team Phaedra, for what it’s worth). Before I knew it we were over the Alps, which made for some stunning views.

Stunning view over the Alps
View over the Alps

About 25 minutes prior to landing we began our descent, which was fairly steep. The seatbelt sign was turned on about 15 minutes prior to landing.

View on approach into Rome
View on approach into Rome

At around 1:15PM we touched down on runway 16L.

View upon landing in Rome
View upon landing in Rome

Our taxi to the gate seemingly took forever, and I almost felt like I was at Beijing Airport (if you’ve never flown into Beijing Airport, I’m actually fairly certain that they share a runway with Shanghai and just taxi you the rest of the way). It took us a good 15 minutes to taxi to the gate.

Beginning of taxiing into Rome
Taxiing in Rome

Taxiing into Rome
Taxiing in Rome

Alitalia planes during taxi into Rome
Taxiing in Rome

View of airport during taxi into Rome
Taxiing in Rome

Approaching the gate in Rome
Taxiing in Rome

Once at the gate the true madness which is transiting an Italian airport began. Move over London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle, you have some competition in the clusterf*&# department!

Anyway, on the whole Czech Airlines provided a perfectly pleasant intra-Europe business class experience. The flight attendants were friendly and the plane fairly comfortable, though I’ve never been a fan of intra-Europe business class. I’d actually be curious to try them longhaul on their Seoul Incheon route…

  1. @ Kai — While the seats were very thin, I don’t think they were actually slimline seats based on the design.

  2. Did you get a jetway at FCO, or did you have to deplane onto a bus? My last trip there (YYZ-FCO on AC) involved the bus ride, a fitting welcome to that airport.

  3. @ Lucky – what languages was the safety video on your flight in? The one you posted is English voice with Russian subtitles.

    P.S. Those seats look awfully uncomfortable. Good thing it’s a short flight.

    P.P.S. Taking a bus is not bad if the weather is alright and if you get a separate bus/van as a Business passenger and don’t have to wait. On a PRG-ZRH (LX) was also one of two people in J and we were inside the airport before Y people got into a bus, probably.

  4. @ Ivan Y — If I recall correctly the safety video was just in Czech with English subtitles, though I could be wrong.

  5. Great review on an airline not ofter covered.

    One tiny, tiny detail: As far as I know Czech Airlines does not serve Champagne – the real French stuff – but a decent sparkling wine from the Czech Republic. Quite interesting to try, however!

  6. Shanghai? I’ve been on a Beijing to Hong Kong flight and trust me, I felt like we were doing our journey on ground!

  7. You have already reviewed some Korean Air flights. So if you decide to travel on that Czech Airlines A330 service to Seoul you will experience the same hard product as the aircraft has been leased from KE and the cabin has not been changed. I don´t know what they did with the first class cabin, maybe it´s still there or used as C cabin. The service might be similar to Korean Air as well, KAL used to have their own supervisor (maybe still have) on the OK A330 flights.

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