Reminder: You Must Be Important To Use A VIP Entrance At Newark Airport

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It’s no secret that airports often have separate entrances for fast-tracking so-called “VIP” travelers like major celebrities, politicians, diplomats, and other dignitaries.  The reason is twofold — the VIP travelers, of course, appreciate the privacy and the special treatment, but at the same time the distraction and disruption to the ordinary check-in and security process is alleviated.  This is particularly a concern when a notable politician or other high-profile individual with a security detail is traveling.

Ben has reviewed the privately run VIP experience at LAX, the Private Suite.

Well, it turns out Newark International Airport has its own VIP entrance, operated and staffed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  Former New Jersey governor and noted bridge enthusiast Chris Christie — who is known to relish a private experience unavailable to the general publicused the VIP entrance at Newark often over the course of his eight-year term, particularly in 2015 when he spent a good deal of the year traveling across the country in vain pursuit of the presidency.

Scenic Newark Airport

Well, Christie — who became an ordinary civilian two days ago when Governor Phil Murphy was sworn in — tried to use the VIP entrance at Newark this morning.

An unimportant person

Except the Port Authority no longer considers him very important.

Christie and his lone State Trooper detail were asked to leave the special entrance and join the regular line of passengers at the non-VIP TSA checkpoint.  To his credit, the famously confrontational Christie complied.

  1. And this needs reporting because it makes the snowflakes feel special. This and your language in the article shows how bias you are and needs to stay out of your blogs unless you want even less followers

  2. I remember Senator John Kerry standing patiently in the regular security line at DCA about two years after he lost the 2004 presidential election.

  3. Is this more fluff? It appears not a good read, and has a distinct political bias. Please keep to reporting on first and business class adventure please. Thank you.

  4. @Phill — I linked to two articles (Bloomberg and WCBS-TV) and the incident is pretty widely reported otherwise.

  5. @Sara N. — I’m not sure it’s political bias; Chris Christie has a 14% approval rating and is almost universally loathed by Democrats and Republicans alike.

  6. What a totally unprofessional article and commentary. Typical millennial snowflake…..snarky and finds it impossible not to inject their vapid observations on the rest of humanity. Spare us, Nick, or further alienate your readers.

  7. @Scott

    For a non-snowflake, you seem pretty upset about a trivial matter and reading something you don’t like.

  8. cracking up at the trump babies whining in the comments. Christie is a criminal and deserves a little burn.

  9. Thats wrong because he had a State Trooper with him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Christy and I never voted for him. I would say the same thing to Hillary, Bernie, or George W.

  10. Laugh out loud. It’s surprising that as a former governor, he’s still entitled to a state trooper escort. Oh well, at least he managed to keep both legs in working condition throughout his entire term.

  11. This is nothing but a political hate post. I mean, we’re used to it since the D side is very hateful these days, but I hadn’t expected it here.

    Does Lucky not want half the country to feel welcome here?

  12. The campaign may have been in vain for Christie, but chances are I doubt it was in vain for Nick, considering the overall outcome.

  13. Speaking as a non American… these comments are HILARIOUS. 😀

    (…and yes, it’s also funny that the sad little man doesn’t get to feel special any more)

  14. this is kind of a ridiculous post… write a relevant blog post please. this was just a waste of time reading it. I thought you had actual information about the VIP entrance…

  15. Snowflake is such a step up from libtard. I used to roll my eyes, but now I get to smile when people try to insult me! I like cuck too, but that’s a different sort of conservative than we see here I think. Water off a duck’s back, honey.

  16. @Sam: ditto.

    But after seeing that picture of the terminal, I’d say time to earthquake proof the ceiling.

  17. What I dont fully understand is why does he still have a state trooper escort? Seems that too should have gone away 2 days ago…?

  18. All the people complaining, go somewhere else & give the rest of us some peace. You had an idea of what the post was about but you still came to post & moan. Collectively, get a life…

  19. God get over it. You people are totally ridiculous attacking the author of this widely reported story. Just read another article get back to your lives.

  20. I love the fact Christie got denied but I don’t think it is professional to be judgemental in your post

  21. The moment a person uses the term “snowflake” non-ironically, they’re lost their audience and the intended effect. Same with “libtard” or “cuck”. Also, it seems very peculiar that the more right-leaning readers who are chastising a group for expecting the world to revolve around them and treat them special, like snowflakes are, in fact, doing the exact same thing. So it’s okay for the world to bend to your whim but not for others to expect the same thing. Seems a fair bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

    @John, @Scott, @William Y – Yes, we snowflakes are speaking directly to you.

  22. Little did Scott realize that is post reads like the introduction to his autobiography ! Everything he said in his post is what he is accusing Nick of! Too funny!,
    Should he feel so offended, please feel free to depart and careful the door does not hit your backside on your way out!
    Nick, good article!

  23. Once again, the group that constantly whines about others being snowflakes and easily offended are the ones actually being snowflakes and offended at such a short harmless post on a blog.

    You’ll notice that this group constantly engages in psychological projection – anything they accuse others of is instead a clear indicator of something that’s attributable to themselves.

  24. This says far more about the Port Authority, then Lucky or anyone else.
    The PA is continually mismanaged. Did you forget the fiasco at JFK?

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