Last Chance: Hours Remaining To Redeem Up To 90,000 Iberia Avios

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This is an update to a previous post to note that the promotional Iberia Avios earned through this promotion expire today. Not just today, but technically at midnight in Spain, which is 6PM ET. Get redeeming!

Over the summer Iberia Plus had a ridiculously generous promotion where they were offering 9,000 bonus Avios for every flight booked during that period, for a total of up to 90,000 Avios for booking 10 flights.

The best part was that they didn’t actually require you to take the flights in order to earn the bonus Avios. The bonus Avios posted after you booked the flight, rather than after you flew it. So you could book cheap flights within Spain for ~$30 one-way, and in the end could earn a total of 90,000 Avios for ~$300.

The catch with these Iberia Avios is that they expire on December 1, 2018. So you need to redeem the Avios by that date, though you can travel on subsequent dates. What matters is that you’ve booked your ticket by then.

Of course this promotion was very generous, though I actually haven’t gotten around to redeeming these Avios yet, and I only have a bit over two weeks remaining until they expire.

When the promotion was published I knew I couldn’t not take advantage of it, though at the same time at this point I’m almost wondering if this promotion will end up working out quite well for Iberia, if a lot of people are in a similar situation to what I’m in.

I’m still not sure what exactly to redeem these Avios for. That’s not because there aren’t good uses for them, but rather because most of my travel for the rest of the year is firmed up, and I’m not yet able to commit to that much travel with certainty for next year.

So, how am I thinking of redeeming these Avios? Iberia has different award charts for many of their partners (you can find them here by clicking on the individual airline).

For example, here’s the American Airlines award chart, based on roundtrip travel:

Since I fly American most, I could see this being useful, especially for a flight from Miami to Latin America.

I’m also intrigued by redeeming on Royal Air Maroc, which requires roundtrip travel:

As you can see, 100,000 Avios would be enough to cover a roundtrip business class ticket from New York or Washington to Casablanca.

Alternatively, Iberia allows one-way redemptions on their own flights, with both peak and off-peak dates.

Here is the off-peak chart:

Then here is the peak chart:

So yeah, I’m still not sure exactly how to redeem these Avios, though Ford and I each have 81,000-90,000 in our accounts, so it’s about time we decide.

I’ll post another reminder when we’re days from the deadline, but I think this is a good time to start putting some serious thought into how you want to redeem, before you’re in too much of a time crunch.

If you took part in the Iberia 90K promotion, have you redeemed your Avios yet? If so, how? If not, what is your plan?

  1. Being UK based my answer may not be that useful but I’ve booked MAD – SJO in J and then a return in Y. LHR – MAD to position using Avios. Leftover Avios transferred to BAEC.
    Definitely worth the little bit of hassle to prove who I was and sending over photocopies of the tickets I bought.
    Never been to central or South America so a pure jolly and why not?!

  2. I transferred them to BA Executive Club Avios, and that was instantaneous. Hoping there’s no 12/2018 expiry on these, does anyone know if there is?

  3. I booked one-way biz class on Iberia – Miami to Madrid in March for wife and I. I plan to fly back cheaply in coach on TAP.

  4. I booked one-way business class on Iberia metal from LAX-MAD (42.5k Avios), and one-way business class from MAD-NRT (59.5k Avios) for next year trip

  5. My wife and I booked out for One-Way flight in first class from CPH to SEA on British Airways. We have never flown anything but Economy so we are really excited

  6. Got that reminder email last night. Wife and I each have the 90k so we’re trying to decide how to set them up. Thanks for this Ben.

  7. I purchased a further 10k avios through a groupon promo and used the 100k to book round trip Qsuites between Doha and Hong Kong.

    Around £230 in taxes, £55 the other way. Paid under £650 for 17 hours of Qsuites plus great lounges on either side.

    Lots of availability between Doha and Singapore as well on the A350-1000.

  8. Transferred them to BA. Used an Iberia account for promotion where a balance of -90,000 Avios is irrelevant.

  9. In April we’re flying business from MAD to MIA.
    In October we fly MAD-BOS in business too.
    Brilliant deal even taking into account the flights to Madrid.

  10. I took the risk and transferred to and redeemed round trip business class from YYZ to DUB on Aer Lingus next year with very reasonable taxes/surcharges.
    I will see what happens to my Iberia account after Dec 1st.. Worst case -90000 balance…

  11. Redeemed them day after receiving them. Actually booked hotels I had to book anyways. While not nearly as a good cent per mile value as premium cabins, I got about half off the hotel rooms I needed compared to paying straight cash (all non-chain hotels, so no points lost out on)

  12. I booked a summer beach trip from BNA – AUA via MIA for 4 of us for 92K Avios in Economy.
    Happy that I paid at total of $700 for 4 of us ( 300 for 10 tickets and 400 for taxes and fuel surcharges) where one ticket to AUA normally costs that much.

  13. Roundtrip HKG-DEL on CX for 2 people (92000 Avios)…one way in business and one way in economy…most successful points redemption to date 🙂

  14. I booked two economy tickets on IB for my Brother and SIL to BCN and they just returned from their trip and were very pleased with their flights. Thanks for the tip allowing me to be generous with my relatives.

  15. Been using my Avios for a bunch of last minute, short domestic trips. Each trip would probably cost around $600 cash, but have been getting them for 12,000 Avios and around $25 in taxes. So helpful.

  16. Thinking about booking SEA-LAX, economy outbound and business return for my family of 4 next June for a quick summer break getaway. Like many, I have 2 million miles worth of multiple long haul family trips booked out till next summer so I can’t redeem it for anything else long-haul. Plus I also have 70k Lufthansa miles that’s expiring end of December so that another issue I have to think about. In our situation, an economy round trip within 2000 mile radius from SEA would have been the sweet spot at 23000 avios x 4 = 92000 but I can’t find any decent places to visit. West-coast is mostly under 1000 radius and east coast mostly out of 2000 mile range. So i decided on LAX… universal or Disney should do it for the girls. Or may be I will do all economy and tag along their grand parents. 6 people from SEA to LAX round-trips for just $300 plus 12k points is a deal no matter how you slice it.

  17. I redeemed for some flights, but have about 40k left.

    I was interested in redeeming for Iberostar hotels, as their rates seem to be decent. However you need to call into Spain at a number that Google Voice charges $0.48/min for.

    An open ticket on the MAD-BCN shuttle could be a decent option for some people who need some more flexibility.

  18. I redeemed for roundtrip travel PHL-LGA, JFK-MAD, MAD-SVQ roundtrip, entirely on AA metal. Needed to be in NYC before and after my trip to Spain for work, and the connecting segments on economy-only metal reduced the number of Avios needed from 100,000 to ~94,000 avios. Add in the taxes and fees and I was out the door for ~$500.

  19. Personally, my wife and I booked ORD-MAD in business, then on to Italy in coach, but the thought of going ORD-MAD-JNB for 76.5K plus $194 all in is intriguing…

  20. I booked 4 RT short hauls on AA in business for the upcoming holiday week. Cash price would have been about $1,900.

  21. I guess it is also possible to book hotels on website for people they can’t book flights before December 1st. The roundtrip rules on most Iberia One word partners make the choice difficult for me to redeem Avios on flights.

  22. My wife and I ended up with 360K avios out of this promo costing us about $1,120. Between us we ended up with 6 x one way flights between JFK and MAD in biz, 2 x one way flights between MAD and LHR in economy, and 2 x one way flights in biz between LHR and HKG. Taxes and fees added about $1040 and I used approximately 6K preexisting avios. Averages out to $270 for each long haul business class ticket not even factoring in the 2 short haul economy tickets. I am satisfied.

  23. Ben, please warn your readers that partner award flights using Iberia Avios cannot get the miles returned in case of cancellation- only the taxes come back. This is not specific to this promotion.

  24. Booked two round trip domestic flights on AA in first class for next year, DEN to LAX and DEN to MCO. $1500 value for $250, not bad!

    10K points left over. Transfer to BA?

  25. I redeemed them for two economy round trip flights MAD-GIG and I’m taking my friend for her first ever flight out of Europe in January! 🙂

  26. This promo was so awesome. Booked round trip biz class flights for both my parents from NYC. Plus had enough bonus Avios left over for some domestic trips on AA. All for just a few hundred bucks.

  27. Iberia for some reason refunded my 10 one way flights, but my return flights MAD to HAV in business were honoured. £178 in taxes and fees. Best value flight ever. And met a guy who might be ‘the one’. We’ll see when I’m back for a night in December! All thanks to OMAT tip. Thank you.

  28. Purchased a few thousand more Iberian Avios and redeemed for rt JFK-LAX on AA’s A321T lieflat F. Totally worth it. Thanks again Lucky!

  29. Yes – the day the 90,000 Avios hit our accounts, we immediately booked r/t business class tickets from Quito to Madrid for April 2019 travel, and had enough left over to book a one-way business class ticket from Barcelona to Madrid, for the end of our month in Spain, to get us back to Madrid for our return flight to Quito. Thanks again for the heads-up on this promotion!

  30. I would suggest people get on to this straight away. I just couldn’t get the Iberia website to do anything much. Fortunately the call centre was pretty good (not at all like LifeMiles, my other points call centre experience). I booked one way Madrid to Montevideo. I’m now building around that.

  31. Was hoping to use for a one way Tokyo to London biz class seat last month. Best I could get was Seoul to London on BA. Was tough to find one way availability outside of Iberia and had to top up with an extra 10K avios – their award chart was inconsistent vs. the actual miles flown. This was a super cheap ticket that I’m grateful for. But the difficulty in using their website – especially for one way travel – gives me concerns for further use of their loyalty program.

  32. I was really stung by Iberia over this offer, and am still very angry. I trusted the company, even though many (even on this forum) said the offer was too good to be true.
    I bought ten flights for myself, and ten for my partner under a new Iberia account, so we could get a trip to Australia out of it to visit her family. The day I bought the flights, the Iberia website kept crashing, because of the offer. Iberia only honored two of the flights I bought for myself (saying the others were not booked inside the system). I could not prove that they were, even thought I absolutely knew they all were. it was the system crashes.
    Then the airline questioned the new account I set up for my partner, and did not credit any of the miles to her account, even when we resolved the ID issue.
    I wrote to the airline repeatedly, and they refused to honor my purchases.
    Net loss – GBP400 ($520), which is a huge huge amount of money for us.
    I will never trust Iberia ever again, and just hearing or reading the name of the airline brings a feeling of nausea.

  33. Booked LAX-MAD roundtrip a few weeks ago in biz for Pride weekend (July) which was insane. Had to transfer over some Chase points to complete the purchase but that was instantaneous.

    I spent the first three months complaining about how there was no long haul business availability on Iberia until I realized that ExpertFlyer doesn’t seem to show that space correctly. Once I started checking on Iberia’s (terrible) website a decent amount of space opened up during one of Madrid’s busiest weekends. One of the best promotions ever.

  34. 4x LHR- Zante (Greece) BA club Europe seats to fly my sister to her wedding (BA allows one way) and a bunch of hotel bookings- the pricing tends to be all over the place
    with some very good deals at times if you hunt (with some being just awful!)- so I got

    3 nights 5* in Bangkok,
    a night in Kota Bharu ,
    a night at the Mondrian in London
    2 nights 5* in Istanbul

    Very pleased with my haul!

  35. I just redeemed 55K Avios + $96.00 for a SFO – MAD one way business class ticket. Currently pricing at $8,800. And I still have 35K Avios to redeem.

  36. @Kevin and others – IB has said that they will claw back the miles from your BA account if you transfer

  37. “Anyone concerned about Iberia clawing back transferred miles from BA if neg balance?”

    Vert, very slightly. Lufthansa regularly goes after people who overdraw their frequent flier accounts and requires them to pay €0.024 per mile if not repaid by a certain point.

    Iberia could theoretically try something similar and that 90k Avios overdraft would cost €2,160.

    Lufthansa had no policy in place when they first required their customers to repay the mileage overdraft but they prevailed within the EC.

    I seriously doubt it would ever happen but there is precedent.

  38. We redeemed for two tickets in business MAD – JNB after realizing that Iberia flies to South Africa. Found seats in business from SFO – MAD to connect and used Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book those. Unlike BA, taxes and fuel charges weren’t all that bad on either leg.

  39. Everyone saying that a negative IB account is the worst case scenario are wrong. Worst case is that 90,000 will disappear from ALL of your IAG accounts.

    Iberia/BA/Avios/Are Lingus are preparing to merge all their balances into one account.

  40. Is there a reason that I could not transfer from Iberia to BA? Only allowed to transfer from BAa to Iberia but no the other way around. For those who transferred, did you do it recently?

  41. @Christopher Hack

    I strongly recommend opening a Department of Transportation complaint which can be done easily done online. I spent months arguing with Iberia over phone, email, twitter to get the 90k points to post on 3 separate accounts. Points posted on 2 accounts within a week of filing complaint. Other was denied due to account belonging to a minor but they still refunded flights.

  42. Couldn’t firm up any travel plans so didn’t get the best bang for the buck, but definite use. Used for hotels in Helsinki. 4 nights for myself and 4 for spouse with enough left over to cover a hotel transport to the airport.

  43. I transferred my 90,000 Avios to BAEC. I only had the Iberia Plus account for the higher conversion rate from e-rewards and am happy to throw it away when Iberia set its balance negative. Iberia really missed a trick. With Virgin Atlantic you can’t transfer points out until the account holder has actually taken a flight (i.e. proven their ID with a check-in agent). That’s annoying because I have multiple fake ID accounts each with 3,000 Virgin miles from the Virgin Red launch promo – still trying to figure out how to consolidate those. Maybe there will be a glitch that permits non-flown account transfers due to the Delta migration or AF/KLM investment … waiting …

  44. More than month I am discussing with Iberia that they did not credit full 90K (now they say it is because of the “country rule”, while there was no such a rule in the promo terms and conds). Discussion with their customer sevice is horrible (do not even try to send mail, no response at all, on facebook messenger the reaction time is several days and usually the response is give us more details or we informed the respective department and they will send you email). So while I took the risk, I still feel pissed with their approach

  45. Nick – create an aer lingus account (if you do not already have an account). Make sure to use exact same information to set up aer lingus as used for BA and Iberia (name, age, addresses, etc). Once aer lingus is set up, log into Iberia combine points and instead of trying to transfer to BA, transfer to to (use your aer lingus credentials). Then transfer to Then log into combine points and transfer out of

    This will “work,” although no idea if Iberia will ever try and claw back the points after 12/1. Good luck.

  46. 2x TLV-MAD-SFO in biz (on the last flight of the season 27/09).
    90k were not enough avios, had to add ~500$ pp. Still a great deal for us.

  47. I added 16.4k avios of my BA account and booked a Qatar Airways Q Suite flight. I started off from Frankfurt to Doha on the 777 Q-Suite, then I added a leg on the A350-1k in Q-Suite sold as First to Muscat, which gave me access to the Qatar Al Safwa First Class lounge. Then I traveled back to Doha, using their Arrival Lounge and on the way back to Frankfurt in Q-Suites, I was able to access their Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge. Overall 3 Q-Suite flights, all impressive lounges in Doha, a free night in the Al Safwa Lounge. Pretty good deal when you ask me!

  48. We got two Madrid to Havana Business returns for 85k a pop, will use some of the leftover to get to Madrid from Dublin.

    Thanks for the heads up earlier in the year, a nice treat for us.

  49. Not a great redemption, but booked HAM-MAD-AGP return in business class and spent 80.000 on a hotel stay. Still have 10k left and not sure what to do with it.

    Could probably have booked three seats on a low cost airline and a direct flight for a lower price…

  50. I would appreciate your thoughts on what is likely to happen with my Iberia account.

    I had a beginning balance of 17K Iberia Avios before the promo. I received 90K from the promo. Now I have used Iberia Avios to book trips totalling 92K, so that leaves me with a balance of 15K in my Iberia account.

    I would hope that the 15K will remain available after Dec. 1, but worried that they might disappear if Iberia considers that the original 17K Avios were used first and that the remaining 15K Avios are from the promo and expire Dec. 1.

    I ask on this forum because if you have tried to communicate with Iberia directly, you will probably understand that it is almost impossible to get a clear answer.


  51. Didn’t maximize the value of the points, but I’m happy with the promotion.

    Booked LAX-MAD in business, then to TXL in economy. Have to take a positioning flight to LAX the day before so I also used some points to book a hotel near LAX.

    I’ll be flying with my cat, so we’ll see how that goes!

  52. @james h
    I foresaw that issue, so cleared our IB accounts (to BA) before booking the 10 flights (and then moving back enough to get all the redemptions we wanted)
    But I think it pretty likely that they will end up applying:
    “Add up redemptions made since [1st July]. If less than bonuses earnt from the promotion, subtract the difference from the current balance”
    If they do apply FIFO (or LIFO) then I expect that it will be due to incompetent IT (not so unlikely!) but customer pressure will make them change.
    FIFO would be penalising some of their best customers with large existing balances.

  53. @Lucky… You in the Holiday Mood? Why not give some trips to some of your readers for the season.. 😉

  54. I transferred 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points to Iberia (which happened pretty quickly) and flew LAX-JFK RT on AA First Class (95,000 miles), with meals in the lounges before departing on each leg. I had to be flexible on my dates — no availability on my preferred choices — but it was a helluva deal!

  55. Just landed in LHR, flew in First on BA from SCL. Bought some extra Avios with Groupon ES so in the end paid 628 € for my first flight in First … great for a 14h flight!
    Thanks Lucky

    P.S. Also used your tip earlier this year to buy Hilton Honnors with 100% bonus and spent 3 nights in Conrad Bora Bora Nui … and that was just awesome … probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been!
    Again thank you for the tip

  56. @Bagoly

    Thanks. I appreciate your reply. I agree that FIFO would not make sense. Unless I think of a use that I really want to book between now and 12/1, I will let it ride, see what happens, hope for the best, then complain if they do the illogical.

  57. Lucky, do you have to call Iberia to book on AA with these Avios?

    When I try Houston – Toronto nothing happens??

    I am trying book RT in business to use the miles

  58. two one way J seats from MIA to MAD in Mar and Sep. also booked MAD to BCN for one of the trips. booked last night!

  59. Booked r/t Cathay Pacific First from YVR to JFK for January.

    Two CX F flights, access to the amazing CX lounge in Vancouver, and American’s Flagship First Dining in JFK all for $400 with taxes (and 6k Chase points to top it up). What a deal.

  60. Booked MAD-LAX ow and MAD-LIM ow in J for 42.5k each. Used the rest for MAD-ATH in J with some top up. I’ll worry about positioning flights later probably using AA or BA miles.

  61. I had 180,000 avios and gave up on trying to find anything on AA out of NYC for four. In the end I used them for a family member a few weeks ago for 2 x DUB-SJO in J. Was pleased with that redemption. There was absolutely tons of availability too, which amazed me. A great result overall and worth the hassle.

  62. It was a real pain, but managed to use every single one of the Avios! 90K + 3K transferred from BA. I booked MAD – BOS one way in J for January, and 4 domestic roundtrip tickets on AA– not that it’s great value, but because I actually need to travel for work/family/positioning, etc.

    The Iberia website isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t show all AA availability. Also, in some cases Iberia calls centers had more and better award options compared to what is on the AA website. In any case, for the AA flights I needed to call the center for every single ticket. I was on the phone for hours at a time. Some agents are good, but even the good ones took a long time to issue the tickets. Some just tell you nothing is available, and in such cases I’d just hang up and call again. Only on one occasion did I get the same agent

    Hope everyone else had an easier time! Despite the trouble, it was an amazing promotion. Thanks Lucky for sharing the information with us.

  63. 12am midnight Spain Time! Nothing happened yet to my Iberia account after having transferred all those promo avios to BA.. Fingers crossed

  64. Great deal! Got 3 R/T to Maui for 28k each and a discounted hotel room for the remaining 6k all done today before the deadline

  65. Redeemed mine just an hour ago – 30mins before midnight in Spain. MAD-MEX 25k+€110 and HAV-MAD 62k+€82 in August. I don’t mind the daytime trip in economy since it’s a daytime flight and i know i won’t sleep anyway.

    I found booking to be very easy on Iberia’s german website. It look less than 10mins in total to book both flights.

  66. Booked about USD350 worth of IB flights for the 90,000 Avios (unused tickets).

    Transferred to BA Avios where I already had 10,000 points.

    Then booked a one way F class JAL NRT-LAX for 100k points effectively clearing out both my IB and BA Avios accounts just in case…easily a greater than 10x return on my cash.

    To complete the circuit from my base in Cairns:

    CNS-BNE-NRT on QF J class using 40,000 American points
    NRT-LAX on JAL F class using the 100,000 Avios
    LAX-MEL-CNS on QF F class (J class ME-CNS) using 70,000 Alaska points

    I have a “side trip’ from LAX into Colombia using Avianca LifeMiles:

    LAX-BOG for 33,000 LifeMiles
    CTG-BOG-LAX for 33,000 LifeMiles

    Now to finally work out how to get to book those Cat 7 Marriott properties before the end of the year!

  67. Best value ever. Flew ATL – State College to visit a friend. Two RT from ATL to Quito for a friend and I to visit Ecuador. And just book a RT in J from ATL – DCA for my bday weekend in January! Not bad for $250!

  68. BA, IB and EI Avios systems to merge so you will lose the miles either way. I have 3 passports and got 270000 miles. Used all through IB.

  69. Couldn’t really put a trip together by the deadline, so I booked LAX-MAD-LAX next fall in business for a dear friend. It will be her first international flight in a premium cabin.

    I started with 81k IB avios and bought 3k (+1.5k bonus) for €72 and redeemed for 85k + $250.76. Now just 500 miles in my account which can turn into a pumpkin.

  70. Redeemed for 3 first class tix PIT-EYW and burned rest on 1 night at WA Casa Marina. Trying to use these was most painful travel booking experience I’ve ever had. Called Iberia customer service for last booking and told agent routes and dates, she’s says she will put be me on hold to check availability, 10 minutes later she gets back on and says “How do you spell Key West?”

    Another 10 mins later she comes back with zero availability on my dates despite there being 4-5 route options available online each way(would’ve booked online but repeatedly got CANNOT CONNECT TO SCORER SERVER msg).

  71. I think TPG site was saying that points expire at 6PM on 12/1. Might be true as I just transferred my 90k to BA. Was ready to get a mediocre hotel redemption but will now wait.

  72. My account is showing -9000 points balance now. This is the amount I transferred to BA and used with them.

  73. I’ve transferred everything to BA. Booking on IB was just such a pain in backside…. I then used them all, together with my small BA balance to book biz class on QR from HKG to GVA and one way Premium Eco on CX ZRH to HKG. My IB account now shows -90,000. Let’s see what happens. My BA account is also almost empty so let’s wait and see.

  74. Of the 90k avios i still had 2500 remaining after booking my flights yesterday now my account shows 200 avios which were the welcome bonus.

  75. Well, it happened… negative balance of about 4,000 Avios (which was what I transferred to BA to book a low mileage ticket. At this point, I’m not sure I care. I booked two long haul biz class on Iberia, then transferred late yesterday to BA and booked a much needed 4,500 2-hr hopper intra-Brazil. Left about 900 Adios points in my Iberia account to blow up. Now it’s a negative balance (transfer amount only). As of this AM, both the Iberia and the BA bookings are still standing.

  76. Great promotion! It was extremely easy to book AA flights with the Avios on IB’s website. Booked 2 tickets on MIA-UVF and 2 tickets on MIA-GND for JAN/FEB travel all for 92K Avios! These particular routes usually price upwards of $500 per a ticket. Going to surprise my partner with two Caribbean vacations this winter!

  77. Transferred 60K to BA executive club to book the AA nonstop from EZE to LAX for wife and me in September (when we have to return from a wedding). We’ll probably spend some time elsewhere in South America en route but was nice to lock in seats on the one nonstop from Argentina to the West Coast (and if biz space opens up later, might transfer some Amex MR to do that).

  78. Did anyone actually see where it says 12am Madrid time on Dec 1st for the deadline of the 90000 avios deal?
    Iberia denied tickets to people who didn’t use the website with the country identifier of their domicile so why would Iberia use the timezone of the headquarters?
    I had a small avios balance leftover and bought a short one way at slightly after 6pm EST on Nov 30th, and everything looked good until the next morning when my balance went negative. I looked at my issued ticket and it said my ticket was issued on Dec 1st, not Nov 30th but the ticket was issued by:
    Registered Address /Domicilio social
    5835 Blue Lagoon Drive suite 350 Miami, Florida 33126
    If the US ticketing office issues the ticket, how can they use Madrid’s time zone? Has anyone been successful in reaching out to Iberia Plus to have their account put back to positive or zero?

  79. Does anyone has experience with cancelling an award ticket purchased with miles from the 90K promotion after December 2018? I might need to cancel my award ticket, but I am wondering what will happen to the miles…?

  80. @Nishant – No, have not yet. Guess I will drop Iberia a message to inquire about this as I haven’t found any other information on the web.

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