Radisson Rewards Visa Card Offering 100K Welcome Bonus

For the first time ever, the Radisson Rewards Premier Signature Visa Card has a welcome bonus of up to 100,000 Radisson Rewards points. Through January 4, 2018, the card is offering:

  • 50,000 points after your first purchase
  • 50,000 points after spending $2,500 within the first 90 days

As a point of comparison, previously the offer was for 85,000 points, and that came in the form of 50,000 points after the first purchase and a further 35,000 points after spending $2,500 within 90 days, so this bonus is 15,000 points better.

This is actually a card I have simply for the perks it offers. The perks include:

  • 40,000 bonus points upon your account renewal every year
  • Gold status for as long as you have the card
  • Up to three free night awards every year — one e-cert for each $10,000 in spend (up to $30,000)

Personally I value Radisson Rewards points at ~0.4 cents each, so in and of itself I don’t think the welcome bonus is that extraordinary, as I basically value it at $400. In terms of return on spend, the card offers 10x points per dollar spent at Radisson hotels, and 5x points per dollar spent on everything else.

For context, here’s the Radisson Rewards award chart:

The reason I have this card is because it offers 40,000 points upon your account anniversary every year. I value those 40,000 points at ~$160, so I’d gladly pay the card’s $75 annual fee for that. The Gold status is the icing on the cake.

Some people may find it worthwhile to spend up to $30,000 on the card per year to earn the additional free night e-certs, though they do come with quite some restrictions, including that they can only be redeemed at properties in the US.

So if it’s the welcome bonus you’re after I think there are much better hotel credit cards out there, but this is a card that’s worth keeping long term for the 40,000 points offered annually, in my opinion.

While I do think the card is still generally worthwhile, it’s worth noting that this card used to be really awesome back in the day. The card used to offer a second night free benefit on all award stays, so you could literally stay in two night increments and get 50% off award stays. Unfortunately that perk was eliminated in 2015.

This card is issued by US Bank, which isn’t otherwise an issuer that has too many popular travel rewards cards.


  1. Is this considered a “separate product” as opposed to the legacy Club Carlson cards? I have both of the old Club Carlson cards…if I get this card, would I qualify for the 100K bonus?

  2. @Lucky – You’re the best, obviously. But this site starting to feel like TPG with all the nonsense posts about random mediocre credit card promos. This is supposed to be about premium travel, right? Radisson, really?

    The reason this site is great is your truly differentiated insight on premium travel (your trip reports are the best out there), points redemptions (we all look here for creative redemption opportunities), and [decreasingly] credit card opportunities (no one would have caught Capital One Spark Business without you) .

    I get it that the credit cards are what pay your bills, but you walk a fine line, and you don’t want to be another TPG.

  3. @ Sam — I appreciate the feedback and will take it into account. Not sure it impacts your opinion in any way, but this isn’t an affiliate offer, so I’m not compensated for this in any way. I just want to share all the best offers out there.

  4. I love to use this card because I don’t travel for business so I’m ndcer paying for hotel stays. The fact that I can earn half the points as a hotel stay but buying ANYTHING makes it so quick to earn free nights. It’s not like most cards where most spend earns 1/5 of what a hotel stay earns. As a parent of 3, all I care about is maximizing free nights and I earn about 8-10 a year with this card, and now 10-12 with the new extra e-certs

  5. I’ve had this card since when they had the deal where if you booked an award night the next one was free effectively halving the cost of free nights and even though that’s history I still value it.

    Since the top tier properties are 70k points and you get 40k for $75 that’s a room in Paris for less than $150/night. Unfortunately they no longer have the two wonderful small properties they used to but still not bad.

    Radisson isn’t on most people’s radar but if you like traveling to Europe it should be.

  6. Lucky, you can walk and chew gum at the same time, and you have many types of readers. While I already have this card and am thus not interested in the new offer, it’s good to read about opportunities that appeal beyond the premium travel market. If not you, I’d like to see you assign one of your other writers to regularly research good deals for using the quirks of the various programs to get the most out of miles and points – the sort of stuff that Scott Grimmer and Drew Macomber used to do before they left the blogging space for other interests.

  7. It does have a foreign transaction fee btw – quite bizarre for a chain that’s much stronger outside of the US. They could at least waive the fee for spend at international Radisson locations.

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