The First Qatar Airways 777 With Wifi Is Now Flying

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While Qatar Airways’ widebody fleet also consists of the 787, A330, A340, A350, and A380, the 777 continues to be the backbone of their longhaul fleet. Up until recently the 777 featured Qatar Airways’ oldest business class seats.

The good news is that these are also the first planes to get Qatar Airways’ exceptional Qsuites business class seats, which I’d argue makes this by far the world’s best business class product.

When Qatar Airways installed Qsuites on the first 777 there was one major thing missing — functioning Wi-Fi. The strange thing is that Qatar Airways’ newly delivered 777 had Wi-Fi installed, but the airline hadn’t yet turned it on. For example, below is a picture of the Qatar Airways 777 that I flew from New York to Doha featuring Qsuites. As you can see, the plane has the Wi-Fi “dome” (right past the second door, between the “A” and the “R” in “QATAR”), though Wi-Fi wasn’t turned on.

We’ve known since last June that Qatar Airways plans on installing Inmarsat’s GX Aviation in-flight broadband solution on their fleet of 777s and A350s. This will be the first time that Qatar Airways has Wi-Fi on their 777s. Meanwhile for the A350s, Qatar Airways already has OnAir Wi-Fi on these planes, though it’s outrageously slow, so it’s great that they plan on replacing it.

The great news is that it looks like Qatar Airways has finally “turned on” Wi-Fi on their first Qsuites configured 777. Twitter users @Hawkfan7314@adrieltjokro let me know that they were on Qsuites configured 777-300ER that had the new Wi-Fi. Best of all, it was free. My guess is that the free Wi-Fi is a limited time offering, as they see what the demand is like and work out any kinks. While the plan is to eventually install Inmarsat Wi-Fi throughout the 777 and A350 fleet, don’t expect that overnight.

So if you are flying a Qsuites configured 777-300ER, odds are good that you’ll have Wi-Fi going forward, as it’s my understanding that they’re working on getting the Wi-Fi functioning on the handful of planes.

I’d argue Qsuites was already by far the best business class product, but now they’ve differentiated themselves even more.

This is basically Akbar Al Baker looking talking to any other airline executive bragging about their business class:

If you fly a Qatar Airways 777 with Qsuites in the coming days or weeks, please report back on whether your flight has Wi-Fi or not, and what the speeds are like.

  1. I’m usually a SQ junkie, but I just flew Qsuites last week, and WOW — it is the BEST business class ever (Soft AND hard products considered). Not to mention the bathrooms are even better than many first class bathrooms.

  2. I was on the flight to Seoul 3 days ago in Qsuite and there was wifi but it didnt work they told me thats because we were flying over India and China so Im not sure thats the real reason.

  3. I believe this aircraft flew overnight on their inaugural flight into Canberra via Sydney. Interesting for the Qatar Airways manager for Australasia to say this morning that the QSuites will be a permanently part of the Canberra – Sydney route shortly.

  4. Although I fly paid first class more than 30 times a year, I consider the Qsuite way better than numerous first class services from the likes of BA and others. Food is excellent. Crew is professional, young and attractive

  5. @ Endre

    That’s terrible news. For the sake of the rest of us, please stick with first class.

    And don’t forget you’re at risk of contamination if you slum it in business – and, for God’s sake: someone might *see* you in business class and think you’re too poor for first. The shame.

  6. @Lucky Why don’t you use some netspeed app to measure the speed of internet connections on board and in lounges?

    You are always giving some “decent”, “pretty fast”, “horrible” evaluation, while you could use Ookla or alike to give a precise Download/Upload number.

  7. Shame WiFi is becoming widespread on planes – they were one of the last remaining spaces where you could relax uninterrupted.

  8. @Endre:

    Are you becoming poor now?
    What a shame of flying business class! Stick to First please!

    Don’t even go out from there!
    We don’t want to see rubbish walking around in the aisle.

  9. @ Emilio

    I’m not sure. Which airlines have the most attractive passengers?

    Mostly I just feel sorry for F/As. All that horrid polyester they’re made to wear. And dealing all day with Endre massive sense of entitlement. Ghastly.

  10. @ JacobC and @The Nice Paul are the typical internet haters who can’t afford flying in luxury (maybe once in a lifetime after accumulating enough miles). Instead they prefer to criticize the ones who can. Go get a life.

    @Emilio, the most attractive crew in my experience are the ones from LATAM, Etihad, Singapore and Aeroflot. Bear in mind that I am referring to business and first class service. For coach/basic economy, you can ask @JacobC or @The Nice Paul who are experts

  11. @Endre

    What a cry baby! Hahaha
    Do I have to mentioned how many times I fly paid First Class a year everytime I posted a comment? Like you did? No one bother!

    Unlike you. Attention seeker!
    You are still not rich enough if you can’t afford buying your own private jet! Get a life! Hahaha

  12. @ Endre

    Ah, Endre. I’ve never flown on miles in my life. I’m mostly here for Lucky’s comprehensive reviews.

    Still, perhaps you could give us the actual percentages you allocate to each airline’s F/As. Oh, and whether your rankings work for both male and female F/As, or whether different airlines are better for each gender. It’d be great to have your view.

  13. The comments have always been plagued with people finding random ways to mention they flew in FC.

    It’s cringe. I saw this on the way to HKG (in FC of course) – off on a little fishing trip.

  14. But whoever dont want to get disturbed just dont buy a wifi package 😉 i am excited to fly QSuites to Seoul in a month. No matter if Wifi working or not.

  15. To change things up a bit, Ill confess: Ive never flown international long haul First Class! Maybe one day 😉

  16. on topic tho, I dont care if a plane has Wifi or not- to disconnect on a plane from the world is a luxury to me. 😉

  17. Hi Lucky
    I just came from DOH to JFK on feb 10th. They had the ooredoo super WiFi as they call it.

    It was pretty fast, did not get a chance to measure the speed though

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