Qatar Airways’ CEO Finally Breaks His Silence Regarding Trump

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As I’m sure all of you know by now, a week ago several Gulf countries cut ties with Qatar, which has had huge implications for Qatar Airways. This is the latest “challenge” they face, after the “Muslim ban” that Trump implemented earlier this year, followed by the electronics ban that was implemented on flights between Qatar and the US.

The funny thing is that Qatar Airways’ outspoken CEO, Akbar Al Baker, has historically had nothing but good things to say about Donald Trump. He says that Trump is a businessman, that he’s good to put his country first, that he’s smart, etc.

Here’s the thing — regardless of whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, I think we should all be able to agree that Akbar Al Baker shouldn’t like Trump. Again, regardless of where you stand on things, Trump’s stance on things is very much not good for Qatar Airways’ success (and I also think we can mostly agree that Donald Trump has simply been following through on his campaign promises).

We haven’t heard much from Akbar Al Baker in the past week, but it looks like he’s finally breaking his silence, and for the first time I can recall is expressing firm disappointment in President Trump. Per the WSJ:

“I’m extremely disappointed in President Trump, I thought he was more shrewd,” Akbar Al Baker, CEO of state-owned Qatar Airways, said in an interview. “I was expecting that the U.S. will lead the challenge to this blockade,” he said.

It looks like Al Baker is going hard on the press circuit now, as he also just appeared on CNN to discuss this as well. Check out the interview, as it’s interesting.

He actually seems much calmer and more reserved than usual… I’m sure that won’t last long. 😉

  1. So, his complaint is Trump won’t solve Qatar’s problems for them?

    On this one, go Trump. I don’t want to be involved in that mess anymore than we already are.

  2. There never has been a “Muslim ban.” Nobody is being denied solely based on their religion.

  3. Yeah, I gotta side with our President on this one too. Even if it won’t be popular with the CNN crowd or with Media Matters/Shareblue.

  4. Is Mr. Al Baker logging a formal complaint against Russia, China and the EU for not condemning Saudi Arabia and recalling their ambassadors? Why should the US be singled out for a President’s opinion?

  5. Is there any news or even any prediction as to how this problem will/would impact US fliers who are either traveling to DOH or through DOH to a country NOT on the list??

  6. Really Ben?? This is not the presidents problem. Why is this comment on Trump noteworthy?

  7. The lack of educated comments on this very shallow article are disconcerting. This is a highly complex issue. If you boil it down to the basics, it is about Saudi Arabia and its desire to squelch the Qatari government’s attempts to conduct a nuanced foreign policy that does not kowtow to Saudi Arabia (like Trump did). There are bad players with complicated motives on all sides of this issue. Trump’s child-like approach contradicted his own cabinet members and advisors and it is just one more example of his infantile approach to big, important issues. His sword dancing and glowing globe hugging emboldened the Saudi Government to take these crazy steps. This has only served to further destabilize an already unstable part of the world. If Trump wants chaos, he is getting it, and he may yet drag us all into the vortex.

  8. Tough darts, AAK. Kinda sounds like Allah Ahbar, doesn’t it. As far as USC chair is concerned, all I can say is you need to read and study more in the time that you have left, before you, like those in western Europe have to start dodging terrorists with bomb packs strapped to them. An attack every 9 days since the first of the year over there. Tell me, how many friends do you have in Europe who have to deal with these terrorists and their acts? How many times have you been to Europe in the last 10 years. You may be on your knees before long praying that Trump will be your Daddy. You haven’t seen a vortex until you see what one of these refugees with a bomb can do to you and your friends and family. Perhaps you should fly to London or Paris to see what it is like to live in this mess. You sound like you live in a CNN, MSNBC theoretical world where all you can do is focus on and complain about Trump. Try focusing on the real problem, that is, if you even know what it is. By the way, there is no cure for wounded narcissists who have the Trump Derangement Syndrome. Je suis desole et bon chance, mon ami!

  9. Give me a break! US Chair. The middle East has been at war with each other for thousands of years. In the bigger picture which you are obviously oblivious of, Trump has had little if no impact. This has to do with the Qatari Govt allowing radicals to be harbors within its jurisdiction. Think before you post!

  10. Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  11. Louis – Well I guess it’s a good job that US judges are able to think a little deeper than you are then… The US has historically been littered with rules that are designed to discriminate against groups without specifically stating that they’re doing it (hence why several states weren’t even trusted to organise their own elections until recently…) – if you can’t see it then more fool you.

  12. CMorgan, you are correct. US Chair has the uneducated response. This was prophesied thousands of years ago.
    “And he (Ishmael) will be AS a wild ass among men; his hand will be against every man and every
    man’s hand against him, and he will live to the east and on the borders of all his kinsmen.”
    Genesis 16:12
    This part of the world has always been a dangerous area. Look at the undemocratized region just 50 years ago.
    Not that parents don’t love their children, but human life has always been of small value.
    You’all can keep those “apartments” in the sky. Leave me out.

  13. Hard core liberals just LOVE to resort to name calling and emotional responses when they are not familiar with the facts.

  14. Just wow @ the very uneducated comments regarding the United States innocence and not “Trump problem” in this new of many manufactured crisis in the Middle East over the last decades…. yep….. keep asking that question….”Why do they hate us?”……Good job Trump….now rest assured that Qatar will side with Iran who is taking advantage of this crisis to make new alliances and expand their influence…. but then again maybe that’s the goal…. more chaos and wars and instability….. what a cruel and preposterous response from a supposedly ally who happens to have a large air base in the same country that they abandoned….given Trump siding with the one and only “House of Saud” …..What a mess

  15. I have said it before, and I will note it again in hopes that it is read…I [and many others] come to this blog to read about something that we are passionate about and highly interested in, NOT political commentary…We can get that literally any/everywhere…Ben is FANTASTIC at and simply my favorite at writing/ranking/commenting on the travel & points realm…I hope the blog sticks to that…

  16. Typical US plan , they never let any country to grow , they try to make wR between countries for their welfae re. Shame on american people who support this route. They did it to IRAN air 40 years ago .

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