Pictures: Qantas’ New A380 Cabins

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As I wrote about yesterday, Qantas’ first Airbus A380 with new interiors is now flying. The airline plans to reconfigure three more of their A380s before the end of the year, and the plan is for all 12 A380s to be reconfigured by the end of 2020.

While I’ve talked a lot about the details of the new cabins, Qantas has now shared some new pictures of their refreshed A380, so I wanted to share those pictures in this post.

New Qantas A380 First Class

Not much has changed with Qantas’ 14 A380 first class seats, located on the lower deck. The seats just got a light refresh, including updated entertainment screens and new fabrics.

New Qantas A380 Business Class

The biggest change comes in business class, as Qantas is going from 64 seats to 70 seats, still located on the upper deck. Qantas is introducing their latest generation business class product, which can also be found on the 787. These seats feature direct aisle access and new TVs.

New Qantas A380 Premium Economy

The premium economy cabin, located at the back of the upper deck, is increasing in size from 35 seats to 60 seats (that’s a huge capacity increase).

These seats are similar to the ones they have on the 787, and are in a 2-3-2 configuration. The new premium economy seats on the 787 haven’t been especially popular with passengers, though.

New Qantas A380 Economy

The economy cabin will decrease in size from 371 seats to 341 seats. The footprint of economy stays the same on the lower deck, but they’ve removed a small economy cabin from the back of the upper deck.

The only changes here are new seat cushions and fabrics, and improved inflight entertainment. The seats are maintaining the same legroom and 3-4-3 configuration.

Qantas A380 Onboard Lounge

Qantas has redesigned their business class lounge, located on the upper deck near the staircase.

I’ve gotta say, it looks to me like they’ve done a really nice redesign. On one side there are two booths.

Then on the other side is an “L” shaped couch.

There also appears to be a self serve snack and drink area.

Bottom Line

With all the “bad” news we’ve heard lately about airlines retiring their A380s or choosing not to invest in the onboard product, it’s nice to see a refreshed A380 for once. Qantas’ new A380 looks great, and in particular the business class seats and business class lounge look like a significant upgrade.

What do you make of Qantas’ new A380 interiors?

  1. Can you elaborate on why the new premium economy seats haven’t been popular with passengers? Based on these photos it looks like a way better-than-average seat. Is it uncomfortable? Bad legroom?

  2. @Sam
    AusBT, now Executive Traveller, posted a review a while back. They said the legroom was very limiting.

  3. That lounge looks to be nicely improved, I never really understood the old one, it was uninviting and sterile, I never saw anyone else use it.

  4. Never understood folks who are willing to pay a couple of hundred dollar more (often twice the price of the ticket in economy) for the marginally better seats and food… But non lounge access. An idiot and his/her money are quickly parted

  5. My experience with Qantas is that it is the flight crew that really makes the flight enjoyable.

    I appreciate the upgrades to their premium classes but I really think they have missed an opportunity to improve the economy section. Considering that QF flies many many long haul flights, an extra 2-4 inches of legroom would be much appreciated by not just the passengers but also the crew who have to listen to the complaints. With more 787’s coming into the fleet and new long haul routes opening up, I recommend Qantas follows ANA, JAL, Asiana etc and offer some legroom in economy rather than using the same configuration as if they are doing a Trans-Tasman hop.

    Oh yeah – then dump Premium Economy.

  6. @Stanley

    Dear, besides you there is a w h o l e bunch of people with clearly different needs than you. That said, airlines around the world should hire you as the CEO since you clearly know what passengers want lol.

  7. “The new premium economy seats on the 787 haven’t been especially popular with passengers, though.” Yet Qantas are nearly doubling the size of this cabin? Can someone explain this as clearly there is a demand? But I believe PE is priced too high honestly for the limited improvement. Rather than double the economy price, I feel it should be perhaps 40-50% more. Not only will more people go for it, but it will also work to moderate their expectations. Perhaps the reason it’s “not that popular” is because people who have paid double are not seeing “double” the value.

  8. @Stanley

    If you have elite status with your chosen airline you will have lounge access anyway, and on most carriers the food and service in PE is also substantially better than in economy, plus if you are tall like some of us the 6-8 inches of extra legroom and the extra several inches of shoulder width make a massive difference.

    Personally, happy to pay 50-70pct more than an economy fare on most carriers for PE (and still usually half the cost of business to be fair). The exception being A350 aircraft, where most carriers have squeezed in 8-across seating that feels like economy on other aircraft, and makes the value proposition very poor.

  9. I am based in Sydney with family in New York and Toronto so often do the hop on the a380 to DFW or LAX in J or Y+. Qantas are generally conservative with making large capital expenditures but when they do the feedback is often very positive (the first class lounges in SYD/MEL/LAX, new business lounges in PER/MEL/BNE/HKG/SIN/LHR (Sydney is long overdue). I like the PE seats however those over 6″ tall or who are a larger build may find them cramped on the long transpacific flights.

    The increase in capacity in Y+ is interesting, however great for those redeeming miles from Y as F and J nearly always go out full with a lot of revenue pax in J and a substantial number of pax using points to upgrade, with preference going to P1 and Plats. Would be great to see a review of the new product, looks like they did a fantastic job on the refit. Will be interesting to see if they are able to negotiate the use of the a380 into HND as has been speculated once the 747s go.

  10. I actually don’t mind the PE seat on Qantas especially if you get a bulkhead. My understanding was the main complaint most people have is when the person in front of you reclines your screen is too close for comfort. For a lot of Australians and Kiwi’s, it’s nice to fly Qantas and get a full-service flight between LAX – JFK. We’re not used to the bare-bones economy of US airlines and it’s a rude shock on a 6-hour flight after 14 hours!

    I fly PE predominantly for the 20% EDQ’s when crediting to American. Cathay is a sweet spot, rendering around 5k EQD’s on a $2200 ticket to Auckland from JFK is a bit ridiculous. Long may it live.

  11. Question for anyone who might know or have an idea. I’m flying DFW to SYD in Mid-November. I’m trying to get an idea of how full the a380 will be on a 17 hour transpacific flight. I have to small children traveling with me and I’m wondering if we will have room to stretch out.
    Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance

  12. @Kerry

    I think the same about you, specially in the transatlantic flights. I recently did JFK-FRA in LH Premium Economy. I am UA *A Gold and I managed to use the Senator lounge. The return was MUC-JFK and I managed to use a RPU to upgrade to Business Class.

  13. David D
    The flight will be pretty full as always. The FA will look after you if they can but 17 hours with young ones could challenge your parenting skills.

  14. @David D – expect it to be a full flight. If possible aim to get a seat in the small economy section at the back of the upper deck – that is presuming you don’t get a refurbished A380 – which has eliminated this section. It’s a small cabin, which normally seats high-status Frequent Flyers travelling in Economy. Service tends to be better than down below, plus the cabin is more intimate.

  15. @eskimo – the images are real.

    They were published yesterday on Qantas own website.

    www . qantasnewsroom . com . au/gallery/qantas-a380-upgraded-cabins

  16. @Lucky: I’ve gotta say, it looks to me like they’ve done a really nice redesign. On one side there are two booths.

    Gotta? What language is that?

  17. This (not at all small) space in the front of the A380 upper deck next to the stairs must be quite challenging for airlines when it comes to earning money with it. Lounges without any window are not a brilliant solution in my opinion. Emirates and Lufthansa (iconic First Class bathrooms) solved it much better.

  18. Regarding the cost differential between economy and premium economy, flyers from the UK also get whacked by the pernicious “Air Passenger Duty.” An economy seat for a flight over 2,000 miles carries a tax of GBP78 but that soars to GBP172 for a premium economy seat.

  19. Young eskimo can’t distinguish real from CGI. Those intensive philosophy classes are obviously taking their toll. Take it easy, young lady.

  20. @Stanley – here’s why I am willing to pay more (up to 70% sometimes) for a PE seat – it’s more comfortable than an Y seat on a long haul flight. And EVERYWHERE is long haul from Australia. Calling me an idiot only succeeds in making you look bad.

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