Priority Pass Keeps Getting Better At Portland Airport

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Portland International Airport may just have become the best when it comes to the benefits you receive as a Priority Pass member. In June I wrote about how House Spirits Distillery at Portland Airport joined the Priority Pass network, which is apparently the only airport distillery tasting room in the world.

Priority Pass members receive 28USD per person off their final bill. So if you have a Priority Pass membership with guesting privileges, you can potentially take three friends and get $112 off your bill, for example.

Well, after having an awesome whiskey or spirit flight, or some cocktails, there’s now a restaurant you can go to for a meal that’s part of Priority Pass.

Capers Cafe Le Bar (in Concourse C) and Capers Market (in Concourse D), have just joined Priority Pass, and members receive 28USD per person off their final bill. Both are open daily from 4AM until 11:30PM. Both restaurants offer sit down dining as well as food to go. Breakfast items include omelets, burritos, french toast, oatmeal, etc., while breakfast and lunch items include salads, sandwiches, pizza, chili, etc.

The 28USD credit is per person, so if you have a Priority Pass card that offers guesting privileges, you can get that credit for each person. Do note that the terms say that the credit can’t be used towards tip.

The Capers offerings look surprisingly decent, including an all day dining menu and an extensive wine list.

Priority Pass now has four participating locations in Portland — the Alaska Lounge, the two Capers locations, and House Spirits Distillery. If you wanted to you could visit all four, though there’s no doubt diminishing incremental return with this stuff, so in reality I doubt all people will hit up all four. I guess I could see many people going to both the tasting room and then the restaurant, which seems like a great combo.

It’s so cool to see Priority Pass expand, and add new concepts.

Has anyone visited Capers at PDX, or plan to do so now that it’s part of Priority Pass?

  1. Well then I hope the priority pass members will tip extra to make up for asdholes like me. Thanks in advance.

  2. Damnit! I was at PDX little while ago. Didn’t even know due to lack of signage. Nothing on PP website either.

  3. There are long threads on Flyertalk on both Amex and Chase sections, about how Priority Pass in the US is becoming useless. Lounges are overcrowded, and frequently turn away members or don’t allow them in at all (regardless of crowding) at certain times of day. I know I had that experience at IAD in the later afternoon — every PP lounge had a sign posted saying no PP members at that time, or turned you away when trying to go in.

    SO I wonder if this food thing is an attempt to make people with PP happy.

  4. That’s a nice addition. Haven’t been to those restaurants since I got precheck though… Now I don’t have extra time to kill after security since I can arrive at the airport later.

    PP should really take the Alaska lounge off their pdx list though since they officially banned PP members.

  5. You can get bottles of wine at Caper’s to go. Can you go there on arrival as well and get a free $28 bottle? Can you have a real or imaginary friend and combine for one $56 bottle to go?

  6. Jim,

    I’d actually prefer a big discount to a regular restaurant or bar, over sitting in a very average, crowded bar.


    Most lounges do not encourage tipping, or even allow it.

  7. Was just there last night and hit up both the distillery and capers cafe — amazing value (especially considering the Alaska lounge was not even accepting primary Priority Pass members). The distillery created a special $28 tasting just for PP (try the spicy bloody mary with aquavit!) Puts PDX high on my list of favorite airports now

  8. @Martin For me it’s the opposite. I want a quiet place to get some work done, and maybe have a drink and a snack. The airport bars aren’t great as a quiet place to work.

    If I had to choose, I’d prefer a quiet lounge with just some water and pretzels to a fully-stocked but noisy bar. Hey, did I just desribe the United Club!?

  9. Are you sure these guest benefits work at these restaurants? The per member seems to imply no guest benefits. What would stop me from using my priority pass from chase and saying everyone at the bar is my guest (since chase offers unlimited guests in your party)?

  10. Joe

    Because everyone in the bar would order the most expensive bottle of champagne and you’d be stuck with the bill

  11. We actually benefited from the Priority restaurant participation today after being turned away AGAIN, from the Portland Alaska lounge. When I complained about the empty room she directed us to the offers at participating restaurants. We had breakfast at the Caper’s cafe. There were two of us and the waitress could only credit one person up to $28 on the check. It was ok because we both have the PP card. I used my card to buy food to go. Not sure how you can slide your guests on the check…By the way, Alaska has never allowed us into their empty room. Not even being a MVP member helped.

  12. PDX is my home airport. I used to visit the Alaska lounge with my GF quite often so we bummed when they made the change for PP members. I have hit the Distillery a few times and that is a great addition. The staff there is wonderful. Adding Capers is another nice bonus for a food option. Makes me forget feeling bummed about not getting into the Boardroom anymore, though I do miss the pancake machine:)

  13. I always search the PP website when I hit a new airport, and they are updated with the new PDX options:

    Capers is a great addition, they use fresh and local ingredients wherever practical (I think airport supply chain challanges have been well covered on this site). I love the pancake machine, but variety is nice too!

    (Disclaimer: I work at House Spirits Distillery)

  14. Lucky, on (and your screenshot) it says closing is at 10:30pm, whereas you say 11:30. Which is correct?

  15. I posted about this yesterday and am going to give it a try after my ‘eclipse’ flight from SFO to PDX.

  16. some people say that my wife and i could each enjoy the $28 discount, and some say only the primary member. We are headed that way and would order differently based upon how this is handled. Is it handled the same at all four locations? thanks for anyone that knows.

  17. My wife and I were just at PDX and did the distillery… they do have a special $28 taster for the PP members — and what we were told, after he scanned my card, was that it was $28 per person, up to 6 additional people. (My PP card is tied to a Chase Sapphire Reserve.) You can do the $28 taster or any combination up to $28… Remember, though, that this is a tasting room and not a true bar — they’re only allowed to serve up to I believe it was 2.5 oz of alcohol per person…

  18. I’m staying at one of the Portland Airport hotels for 3 days in late September. My hotel offers free shuttle service and I’ll be traveling for fun.

    I won’t be flying, but I have Global Entry and Priority Pass. Does anyone know if it’s possible to visit Capers and the Distillery without having a boarding pass?

    My plan is to take the shuttle from my hotel to the airport and then take the Max Light Rail to locations around the city.

    Capers would be a nice place to get breakfast and or a late dinner, though Portland probably offers much better options for an evening meal.

  19. Just a heads up that both Capers locations close at 10pm. I confirmed it in person yesterday (unfortunately I arrived after 10pm).

  20. @Chris – No, because they are both behind security.

    Has anyone else with Sapphire Reserve & PP tried to get the $28 discount for a guest at Capers?

  21. @Foodeater – Yup, I did just this weekend. It was easy. All the waiters and cashiers are well-versed in what the papa offers and that it covers guests as well. For reference, it was me and one other guest.

  22. I just wanted to point out that although I had heard that alaska had rethought their position about refusing PP members, I didn’t see any sign of that. Monday afternoon, 1 pm or so, there was a sign out front that said PP members were not welcome. I went inside to see how prevalent that situation was and was told that when they reach capacity they put out the sign and when it eases, they remove the sign. I wish I would have had the ability to see even one instance of removing the sign. Basically, they don’t want you. Fortunately there is a great alternative but it doesn’t make up for the ambiance of having a nice chair, quiet location, better restrooms, etc. I can’t figure out why Alaska doesn’t just withdraw from PP so we can all move one. Sure doesn’t inspire me to want to fly their airline. As an aside, I would have to say that the distillery is a bust. Their seating is very limited. We enjoyed a nice lunch and dinner at the caper’s bar. As you approach the place, the seating on the right has table service, and apparently on the left you go through a line of some sort picking up food and taking it to your table. The Caper’s market had some ice cold beer and a nice selection of sandwiches that you could take on the plane. The pdx airport is great and the PP alternatives are beneficial.

  23. Since the PP website seems unwilling to list participating restaurants, does anyone know where a comprehensive list might be found?

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