President Trump: Airlines Are In “Good Shape,” Consumers Have “Great Confidence”

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A recovery for airlines is largely based on when people feel comfortable flying again. Some people are genuinely scared to fly right now, while other people are trying to do the socially responsible thing.

As we watch data from the TSA on passenger numbers, we see a steady increase in the number of travelers, though the recovery is still very slow. We’ve gone from a ~96.4% decrease in passenger numbers to “only” a ~92.5% decrease in passenger numbers.

Most airline executives believe that demand bottomed out in early April, though there are disagreements about just how long the recovery will take.

Along those lines, I think it’s interesting to hear how our leaders view a return to normal for airlines. President Trump was asked by reporters how he would assess the confidence the American public has in traveling on airlines.

Here’s his answer:

“They have great confidence, and they have great confidence in us, and they have great confidence in the airlines. We saved the airlines with $25 billion and another $25 billion. We have airlines that are now in good shape, obviously they are going to pick up with the fares and with the seats. The airline industry is in good shape. We’ve been able to save the airline industry, which would have been devastating if that happened. So, they’re in good shape.”

I’m sure we’re all wondering how this situation will play out over the coming months. While the airlines did receive around $50 billion in grants and loans, that will only last them through September.

Most airline executives believe a recovery will take a lot longer than that, and the expectation is that they’ll be asking for another bailout in a few months. It’s not entirely clear whether Trump’s belief that airlines are in “good shape” refers to the next few months, or if he actually thinks that airlines have everything they’ll need to survive.

  1. Shapes comes in different shapes. The best shapes. And some not so good shapes. Like scalene triangles and rhombuses.

    (The irony is that there is more accurate info in the above than in any prediction about the shape of airlines in a few months time.)

  2. You can replace “airline” with testing, economy, country, etc to describe his comments about everything. Not very fact-based.
    To his supporters he’s being optimistic and hopeful. To his critics he is insane. Depends on the audience.

  3. I hope we have learned by now to take most of his pronouncements with a grain of salt. He is likely referring to his feelings and emotions of the rescue package for airlines, rather than the actual financials.

  4. ” It’s not entirely clear whether Trump’s belief that airlines are in “good shape” refers to the next few months, or if he actually thinks that airlines have everything they’ll need to survive.”

    I can only assume this is sarcastic. It’s perfectly clear that Trump’s comments are in no way serious or grounded in reality. He seems to think that simply by saying things he can will them to happen, or at least convince us they have happened.

    Rather than covering this, maybe you should cover the fact that Boeing’s CEO predicated that at least one major US airline will go bankrupt this year. Sure, Boeing has made mistakes, but their CEO knows far more about the aerospace industry than Trump does (which, let’s be honest, is next to nothing).

  5. Certainly the founder of the Trump Shuttle is a reliable analyst of the airline industry.

  6. How many comments until the first one from a Trump supporter whining about censorship?

  7. I suppose he was simply trying to counter the constant negativism and defeatism emanating from the media. Bucking up the morale of the public and the airline employees. The kind of stuff Presidents are expected to do. People are pretty edgy and depressed so this kind of thing may help with a least some people.

  8. Thankfully the TSA publishes daily flight confidence figures: Google “TSA checkpoint travel numbers” to see how confident flyers are and draw your own conclusions

  9. JetAway, there are ways to boost morale without sounding like a complete fool as Trump does.

  10. If airlines are in such good shape, why won’t @United return $7,000 in business class fares for three trips. Only credits.

    @realdonaldtrump can u get Jared Kushner on this

  11. Public confidence, domestic and international, will improve the day he and his bunch of brigands leave town.

  12. Well, airline recovery is also based on if people trust the airline to give them back their money if the airline cancels the the flight. Or that an airline can be trusted to call a cancellation a cancellation. If airlines can’t be trusted people will delay flying whenever possible.

  13. @JetAway: “The kind of stuff Presidents are expected to do.”

    The trouble is that it’s the only kind of stuff he’s been saying and it’s all proved delusional. You’d think that even his low-information sycophants would eventually catch on to the fact that their emperor is naked and stupid!

  14. Is this like when a general manager in baseball says he has 110% confidence in the team manager?

  15. It’s too bad he’s cried wolf (aka told lies or mistruths), I don’t know, 18,000 times and counting since taking temporary occupancy of the White House

  16. @jetaway lying to a group of people who have a very uncertain future is not an example of good leadership. It’s just demonstrative of how he willfully misleads people.

  17. I am puzzled that Trump’s approval rating is at all time high and according some surveys he is leading in some those toss-up states that will ultimately decide the election in November (not California or NY).

  18. WallStreet says otherwise.
    Maybe it’s time to short even more airline stock. Trump said so many fake stuff I’m starting to believe the opposite of everything he says now.

  19. Trump has a high approval rating amongst the low I.Q. He knows as much about airlines as he does casinos, universities, water, steaks, magazines…….

  20. Regardless of what our dear leader desires, international travel will be severely curtailed till the end of the year. The busy summer will see little traffic to most part of Europe. Iceland is trying something new as you have reported, but there are more questions left unanswered. With our high infect rate, I can guarantee that most countries will not accept American citizens unless they have a health certificate of sort, willing to get tested prior to departure or shortly after arrival, or simply not going to take the risk. What the airlines can focus is to hope for some forms of domestic travels. Honestly Wuhan is back in full testing mode and Covid-19 simply will not go away. So airlines will continue to suffer with no end date in sight, unless there is a cure or a vaccine.

  21. Trump is the bestest stock market guru and you should listen to him if you want to get rich.

    Pick opposite.

  22. @Ben L
    That’s why I clicked on this, to see how fast someone complains that “this is a travel blog” and “shouldn’t be politically biased”.

  23. I have no skin in this game, but the hate speech in the comments is astounding. Yes, it’s still hate speech when you’re directing it at people who don’t share your political ideology.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why you allow this kind of unhinged hatred to flourish in these comments, guys.

  24. @Matt Fortini

    No skin as in you’re not eligible to vote or you just don’t go out to vote.

    As much as I bash Trump, I still think he is better than Hillary. At least we all know you can trust that Trump doesn’t lie (he does, but literally because he has no idea of what he is saying not because he is trying to lie). Whereas Democrats or FWIW every other politicians lie straight to you and you don’t even know what to believe. If you look at Trump vs Biden, I hate to say it but we might get stuck with this clown 4 more years.

    Is this a hate speech?

  25. @Matt Fortini – you sound just like Trump when he accuses reporters of asking “nasty questions” (often with a race-baiting angle to his point). It’s only “nasty” if it makes him look bad – it’s only a “good” question” if it kisses his ass.

    A better example of “hate speech” – praising the Nazis at Charlottesville.

  26. @UA-NYC – I am not sure what you refer to? Can you provide a quote where Trump praises nazis? Sounds off.

  27. to matt : cadet bonespurs said after the protests in Charlottesville and death of a young woman killed by one of the “good people” that “there were good people on both sides.” Only one side was armed; only one side favored white supremacy; only one side had swastikas. Guess which was which.

  28. Surely, @Eskimo, you posted that comment in jest or meant it as sarcasm, which is evident in this: “Is this a hate speech?”?

  29. @Matt Fortini – I went for the low hanging fruit, surprised you might have missed it. Truly one of the “highlights” of the current administration so far.

    Would you like other examples over the past ~40 years of Trump’s racist & discriminatory speech?

  30. @UA-NYC

    No, I’d really just like the quote where he’s praising Nazis in Charlottesville, wherever that is? It can’t be that hard to back up your claim if what you say is true?

  31. “Mike J says:
    May 14, 2020 at 7:31 am
    What planet does 45 live on?”

    With unemployed hitting 35 Million while the stock market goes up again, I wonder what planet I’m living on ?

  32. @George: I really hope that you aren’t implying that the market is staying relatively high while the country faces the largest layoffs in history has something to do with Trump. Because that is the farthest thing from the truth, well ok, not Forster than a Trump comment at a Press Briefing. There are multiple reasons but the biggest one is the market knows Congress will authorize another $2-3 Trillion in relief. You also need to break down the Dow and you will see some are doing very well due to the crisis and some not so well (take tech for example since everyone is locked up inside online). But clear your head if you think any of this is thanks to the tRump.

  33. @Matt Fortini – the quote from your POTUS was “There were very fine people on both sides”. One side (the protesters with tiki torches, Confederate flags, and all sorts of armor and weapons) were the Nazis/Neo-Nazis/White Supremacists/Proud Boys/Alt Right, as most people would describe them in one way or another…though it sounds like you would prefer they be known as “patriots”, from the way you are defending him. Congrats to you.

  34. Maybe somebody should explain to him that you’re not supposed to *drink* the bong water.

  35. @John-I don’t think @UA-NYC comments can be considered as propaganda since they are factual and they aren’t meant to sway our opinions. If your question is “how can @UA-NYC comments, that offend you since they conflict with your opinion of Trump, are allowed, it might be more pointed. Not sure how the moderators see it, but they certainly weren’t the first pro or anti Trump comments here or the most negative from what I read. Maybe they were just a little too close to home for your comfort?

  36. @John-in true Trump form, we go off the charts and bring in CNN. Ok, I will bite. On one hand I have CNN, in the other I have DJT and his 18,000+ lies just since being in office. I wonder what direction I turn. SMH

  37. @Matt Fortini – you are really twisting yourself into pretzels trying to defend the racist POTUS.

    Yeah, after he made his statement praising the White Nationalists, and after the smart CEOs left his business roundtable as a result, and after he was heavily condemned by both sides – THEN of course he had to save face and come out and issue a counter statement. Just because he did that, doesn’t mean his initial gut reaction statement magically goes away.

    Not like the first time he’s done this you know…for a more laughable, non-racist case, look at his commentary on the “Nobel” Prize issue a month or two ago.

  38. @John – again, it’s not “propaganda” when it’s LITERALLY re-stating what was said. LOL.

    As “counter programming”, maybe you can educate us on OBAMAGATE!!! now, apparently the worst biggest nastiest scandal in the history of politics (on Faux news at least).

    (and BTW – a reminder to all this was just a garden variety OMAAT post about Trump’s latest daily dumb / ignorant / in-no-way-reflects-reality commentary (with a travel bent, thus showing up here), until “Matt Fortini” told us we were all spewing “hate speech” for criticizing him…man the conservative snowflakes these days…)

  39. $50 billion to “save the airlines”.

    Donald thinks this is the right thing to do and maybe it is, but if bailouts of the same magnitude that went to big corporations went to “save” individual citizens, he and his right wingers would call it socialism.

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