Pakistan International Airlines Flight Attendant Goes “Missing” In Toronto

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A Pakistan International Airlines flight attendant has gone “missing” in Toronto… and this isn’t even the first time.

PIA crew member goes missing during layover

Pro Pakistani reports that a Pakistan International Airlines crew had a layover in Toronto earlier in the week. The crew had reached Toronto on flight PK781.

A flight attendant named Yasir allegedly went missing from the crew hotel during the layover, and when contacted by the airline, he informed officials that he was going to another city, at which point he became unreachable.

PIA’s General Manager of Flight Services has said that “the authorities have launched an investigation into the matter and action will be taken against flight attendant Yasir.” This has also been reported to Canadian authorities.

This isn’t the first time this has happened

Back in 2018, another PIA flight attendant also went missing in Toronto during a layover. The airline had allegedly reported the situation to local authorities and promised to investigate, though it’s not clear if anything ever came of that.

When someone goes missing, it’s easy to fear the worst — that they were kidnapped, raped, killed, or something along those lines. I certainly hope this isn’t the situation with this latest PIA incident. Given the history of PIA employees going missing during layovers, and also given that Yasir said he was going to another city, hopefully he’s okay. It sounds like he simply had no intention of returning to Pakistan.

PIA is going through a very tough time at the moment. The airline recently had a crash involving an A320 that killed nearly 100 people, and that was determined to be due to human error.

In the meantime it has been exposed just how much corruption there is at the airline — which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone — to the point that the airline has now been banned from the European Union. Who knows how many additional job losses this situation could lead to, and I can understand how that could cause stress among employees.

It’s not clear whether the current circumstances at PIA had anything to do with Yasir deciding to go to another city.

Either way, at least this was done during a layover and didn’t impact any other people at the airline directly. Contrast that to the 2014 incident where an Ethiopian Airlines pilot hijacked his own plane in order to seek asylum in Switzerland.

Bottom line

A PIA flight attendant went missing during a layover in Toronto this week, and this isn’t even the first time this has happened for the airline in Toronto. I hope he’s okay, based on the fact that he told the airline he was going to another city and then stopped responding.

It can’t be easy to work for PIA right now…

  1. Dont really understand why you made a post on this. This happens all the time to airlines all around the world. I worked at a few middle east carriers, and this was a frequent occurrence. It was mostly people who decided to do a “runner” – leave the country whilst on a layover to escape debts or something. Or it was somebody trying to leave and find asylum/ sanctuary in another country, or just leave. While PIA has been in the news a lot recently for very concerning safety issues that should impact the airline’s ability to fly to certain countries, not sure that this very banal occurrence merits much consideration at all.

  2. This is probably a simple case of not wanting to return to Pakistan and trying to claim asylum. Probably ran off to live with his boyfriend. Can’t really blame him

  3. Yup if I was in his shoes and living in Pakistan and see the opportunity to leave the country I would! Also it’s no coincidence that the flight attendants who went missing did so in Canada. Canada tends to be more friendly to asylum seekers than the USA or the UK.

  4. “Dont really understand why you made a post on this. This happens all the time to airlines all around the world”

    Boredom? lol

  5. The bigger story here is why is Canada allowing PIA in after the EU banned them for the rest of 2021 because of their invalid pilot licenses issues, exposed after their recent crash? If I were a Canadian living under the flight path of an approaching PIA jet I wouldn’t feel particularly safe.

  6. @Jason – he’s doing what that link says and trying to support equality.
    Marco may also be right.

  7. Bernardo
    Really? FA in middle east and asian countries are regarded in way higher standard than those of western country. You might be in union working as FA in the west, but your pay adjusted for cost of living might actually be lower (but we all know what union does to service).
    Also, false pretense that seeking asylum or immigrating is easier to canada and/or europe. Most people making this comment probably never migrated and never even applied for visa in another country. This is true with or pre Trump era. Immigration law in US was a joke. Now at least they’re following the letter of the law rather than have it as a law but not enforced it.

    US gives out 5 years and 10 years multiple entry visa all the time but getting travel visa to europe and UK is so annoying and slow! Applying visa to UK is advertised to take 15 business days where in reality they return your passport closer to 4 weeks. or how about applying canadian tourist visa in the US? process can take about 2 months. Where’s most US visa applied overseas will be turned over in 3-5 days.

  8. No doubt the FA and his family were facing pressure and abuse as a result of CPEC. Many outspoken critics work for PIA due to the fact that CPEC will likely harm local Pakistani industry’s competitiveness globally and have Chinese firms dominate PK’s economy.

    Many politically connected staff at PIA are against CPEC and further integration of PK and CN’s economy due to the fact that PIA will no longer be able to compete if Chinese airlines get a serious foothold in the PK aerospace industry.

    The direction Xi wants to take CPEC towards is total free trade. If that happens, expect Chinese airlines to be running the domestic aviation industry in PK as well!

    PK is so obsessed with being anti-USA and anti-India, they’ll sign away their whole country just to spite USA/IN.

  9. jkjkjk what is your problem ,
    In the ( west ) we don’t fired FA because ther age like in the middle east and asia after you reach 26 or 27 years old we are more civilized in the ( west )

  10. @Donna Redd

    What exactly is wrong with their comment? People are so sensitve these days, according to this rich BLACK boomer.

  11. Probably he had a fake degree and uncertain future risk of loosing job so he left plane good luck

  12. WoW
    I can perceive from this incident and some comments that there is something else other than the NEWS.
    It is a propaganda against that poor country and already a fragile economy…. who could do such a thing… it all depends on the beneficial point of view. Most probably Indian RAW … since that country is always on the toes to harm the interest of Pakistan… just my opinion.

  13. @Karen Fisher,

    No doubt? Talk about assuming facts not in evidence.

    I’d suggest decaf.

  14. This situation sounds quite clear especially since Yasir was contacted, stated he was going to another city and then went dark. He apparently just got sick of living in Pakistan From what I have seen, I’d take Canada over the Taliban any day. Go Yasir!

  15. Like Ray, my uninformed guess was also that he’s applying for asylum in Canada, based on his political opinions, religious views, or sexuality, Pakistan not being a terribly tolerant place these days.

  16. Missing is in quotes as he is not. He was contacted indicated he was jumping ship so to speak and ghosted them. Sure seems like he knows where he is.

  17. Happens all the time, even to BA. They leave their uniform and ID on the bed and they are gone. All the airline can do is report a missing person. Way more common than you think.

  18. @Reaper – CPEC has made the human rights situation in PK even worse. Expect Uighur levels of repression in PK soon.

  19. Okay, chill people. The FA was spotted at the Bindia Bistro in downtown Toronto asking customers for their drink orders.

  20. Lol Crew disappearing at Layovers is a pretty frequent occurrence. Infact based on insider information at ET, an average of 2-4 crew do “jump ship” every month . Favorite destinations are Oslo, London, Washington and Toronto. It became so bad the company decided that no crew below 2 years flying experience can operate any US or Canadian flights because those are the two destinations most affected.
    I wonder why the media has not yet covered their story.

  21. Why the heck is Canada allowing PIA to land in Canada? Unsafe at any speed!

    Asylum probably applied for. Definitely not a problem with foul play. Hiding with friends and relatives and probably already receiving Trudeau’s $2000 a month holiday pay.

  22. The FA had to “Pay Off” a lot of people in PIA to get this Flight to Canada. Believe you me,They knew of the FA Disappearing in Canada way before the Flight Departed.

  23. Pia needs to be banned in canada. The air liner with no goos safety records. Dangerius for all passengers around globe and now being used for human trafficking , drug trafficking records in UK . Why canadian authorties are sleeping banned this airline in canada asap

  24. Max, I can assure you most Pakistanis who have at least had a basic education can spell far better than your atrocious spelling and write better grammar. What needs banning is you attempting to write in English.

  25. ☹wow, how has the state of the world reached that a story of a cabin crew member going AWOL has spiraled into people fighting about immigration issues, which nations are better, and other things. As for PIA, I hope that they will be able to resolve the current issues, verify the pilots are properly trained and licensed, ensure safe aircraft, compensate the victims of the tragic accident and be able to travel world wide and represent the best of Pakistan to the world. My best wishes to all the flight and cabin crews of all the worlds airlines. God bless all the countries of the world, No exceptions.

  26. You all need to mind your own business,
    Ever one free to do what ever she/he wants to do,
    So please mind your own business,

  27. You guys are missing the point here. Others pay alot of money via immigration lawyers to come to Canada the right way. This is not okay, he probably has family here and already has some ID and a job.
    Welcome to Canada, the land of FREE everything on taxpayers backs.

  28. @Mizzme

    I am shocked the way u speak about a humans life. What do u know about life of Yasir? What do u know if he was fearing for his life??

    So many inhuman and contemptuous comments about immigrants. Am disgusted! He’s from Pakistan, a country that has a very low standards of life. Of course he’s allowed to stay in Canada if he has the right reasons for it. The Canadian Immigration Department will decide that, thanks God it’s not u!

    In Germany we welcome gladly ppl in need to our country. Like we welcomed more than 1 Million of Syrian refugees two years ago! Well done!

    And I bet that many of the ppl here posting such rubbish pay very low taxes in their countries but point with fingers at others.

    P. S. No sane western European with clear mind wants to stay in US or Canada. We have our paradise here. But Yasir is from Pakistan, he did what he had to do.

  29. I know the name of the person who is the mastermind behind this PIA’s crew members missing in GTA Toronto. This mastermind man is from Pakistan and is Canadian citizen, running his own travel agency and has relations with so many female crew members. I feel ashamed to explain this all but this is a fact. He has spoken with me many times in Toronto and confessed that he has relations with many many female crew members where he took them to shopping, restaurants and then inmate relations in hotels. He has helped many female and male staff disappearing in Canada and also took handsome money in the period of 2010 to 2018

  30. @Arif: Arif you are right. Indian Raw agency is meant to create false news and damage Pakistani image. Raw is full of psycos and sick minded Indians. I bet Jonathan is one sick minded Indians “pimp” Raw agent who should simply be expelled out from Canada back to India.

  31. What a waste of time talking among unintellectual Pakis hiding their names using names like Jonathan etc. I am out of it. Disgusting…

  32. This is all uncalled for Tiffany. I know you can’t monitor this nonsense 24-7 but you really need to review the screening procedures on this blog.

    And ditch fake Jonathon while you are at it. A nuisance at best.

    A misogynistic coward otherwise.

    Thank you.

  33. Tiffany,

    If you need assistance identifying “Jonathon,” I may be able to help.

  34. “Jonathon” must be punished by law.
    He or she whatever, has no etiquette of blogs and continuously letting other bloggers down. If he is located in Canada he must be arrested by Canadian proud “RCMP”, but if he is located in Pakistan then Pakistani Proud, “FIA” must arrest him as he is humiliating everyone and spread haterness.

  35. I m a Canadian citizen working abroad. Just think many brilliant doctors of Pakistan origin working day and night in covid treatment hospitals.
    I am disappointed by racist comments of many. Think of Boeing Max 737, manufacturing faults, killing hundreds. Thanks to Boeing company, are again in air. Where is safety. Canada is not a heaven, thousands and thousands are jobless. Many highly educated people are doing menial jobs, just to survive. I can see white superemists begging in Asia, in coming decades.

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