Philippine Airlines’ New Designer Protective Gear

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While we’ve increasingly seen flight attendant uniforms look like typical operating room attire, Philippine Airlines has just taken it to a new level.

Philippine Airlines’ designer protective gear

Philippine Airlines has just unveiled new protective gear uniforms, designed by Edwin Tan, a Filipino couturier. Obviously the primary focus is that the uniforms have the fit and function that crews need to perform their duties, but they took it a step further.

As Tan describes the new uniforms:

“The detail is a subtle branding for PAL. We didn’t have time to print or embroider so we came up with the idea of mimicking or reworking the ‘flag’ logo of PAL.

We used a non-porous material for the PPEs. A material with substantial weight to give it a better fall than generic PPEs.

It also sounds like we can expect Philippine Airlines to showcase several new looks, designs, and colors. Then eventually the airline plans to introduce a single branded look for crews on all flights, so we’ll have to stay tuned for that.

Philippine Airlines has suspended all scheduled domestic and international flights through April 30, 2020. At the moment the airline is only operating repatriation flights, and on Sunday they’ll be operating three special flights from Australia to Manila, to bring home citizens.

Other airlines have protective gear as well

While Philippine Airlines isn’t the first to introduce protective gear for crews, they are the first to have a designer collaboration for these uniforms, as far as I know.

For example, starting in late March, flight crews in Taiwan had to put on protective gear due to a new government regulations.

And while Philippine Airlines is the first to have full-on branded protective gear, in early March China Eastern introduced branded face masks for their crews, so I guess that deserves some recognition as well. 😉

While I doubt the full-on protective gear will be permanent, one has to wonder if we could see flight attendants at some airlines permanently wearing face masks (or having the option to do so, at least).

Bottom line

Philippine Airlines has become the first airline that I know of to introduce designer protective gear. At the moment the airline is just operating repatriation flights, though it could very well be that flight attendants are still wearing these uniforms when scheduled service resumes.

  1. Imagine all the disgruntled, morbidly obese US3 FAs wearing PPEs while yelling at their customers

  2. This was bound to happen. And quite frankly, I think it’s great. It normalises protective gear.

    It reminds of when Vogmask started becoming popular several years back. I’ve owned a few for pollution and allergen purposes. They have limitations. But the thing with designing protective gear like this is to look less medicalised. To that effect, they look less threatening. Less apocalyptic.

    The major downfall, though, is that counterfeit becomes much easier.

    Now, if only we could get better supplies to the rest of the people who need it (*ahem* nurses)

  3. This is awesome!!! They look like medical personnel. I recall reading years ago that the first flight attendants were actually trained nurses.

  4. Can’t wait to see the iconic Singapore Airlines gilrs in the full, head-to-toe hazmat spacesuits.

  5. @Endre you’re probably obese in asian ratings. So unless you’re asian, shed some weight fatso!

  6. No they really look like the airline is seriously contaminated. Bad Idea. Just plain dumb. Those uniforms looks to say.
    Welcome, to Philippines Airlines its our pleasure to serve our contaminated passengers.
    Dumb just plain dumb.

  7. i hope they operate also manila to davao… supposedly my flight is april 20 one way only…

  8. @John that’s the other Endre you are referring to (the one with the profile pic, I think).

    @Jkjkjk my BMI is 21.6, I’m perfectly fine, how’s yours? You still need two scales?

  9. Nice. Let say your PPE is inadequate and you really want to take the flight. Are they going to sell you these covering ?

  10. good evening when u open flight in saudi to Philippines because my flight is may thank you I hope they operate because I want to go home thank u

  11. I feel like USA is the 3rd world country. We fly detainees out of the country and we have been doing it with no protection some fa, ICE agents, guards have gotten sick. Finally got the fake knockoff KN95 mask and cheap face shields. But the people in Guatemala and Haunduras and other countries have head to toe protected when they take their detainees of the plane. Corporation’s in US still only care about their bottom line. No businesses have cared about essential workers who have underlying health condition and may die from contracting Covid 19. Now the lobbyist have a bill to protect companies from getting sued if essential workers die. Instead of letting at risk for death essential workers stay home and collect unemployment. They make them work. You can quit to stay alive but you can’t get unemployment. I feel like it’s a death sentance.

  12. Where can i buy a complete set of those flight PPEs so my wife and i can use them when we travel gain in the philippines the in the future, so i dont contract cupit19 that is prevalent in the country.

  13. The accent looks like the flag of Romania. Should have made it plain white instead if you didn’t have time for print or embroider of Philippines or PAL logo. Besides, this is crisis and pandemic. Not a good time for show off of fashion thing and the like.

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