AirAsia Introduces Designer PPE For Crews

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AirAsia has just become the latest airline to introduce designer personal protective equipment (PPE) for their crews. They’re not the first airline to do so, as they’re following in the footsteps of Philippine Airlines.

AirAsia’s designer protective gear

AirAsia has just unveiled new personal protective equipment, designed by Puey Quiñones, a Filipino fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Obviously the primary focus is that the uniforms have the fit and function that crews need to perform their duties, but they took it a step further.

The PPE suits first launched last Friday (April 24, 2020) during a repatriation flight from Bangkok to Manila. These uniforms are approved by the Philippines’ Department of Health, so you can expect to still see these when the airline resumes scheduled operations (right now planned for May 15, but I imagine that can be pushed back).

As you can see, the uniform embraces AirAsia’s signature red color choice.

Other airlines have protective gear as well

Even before Philippine Airlines and AirAsia decided to collaborate with designers for their PPE for crews, there were other airlines already giving crews protective gear.

For example, starting in late March, flight crews in Taiwan had to put on protective gear due to a new government regulations.

And while AirAsia and Philippine Airlines are the first to have full-on branded protective gear, in early March China Eastern introduced branded face masks for their crews, so I guess that deserves some recognition as well. 😉

While I doubt the full-on protective gear will be permanent, one has to wonder if we could see flight attendants at some airlines permanently wearing face masks (or having the option to do so, at least).

Bottom line

AirAsia has become the second airline to introduce designer PPE, after Philippine Airlines. At the moment the airline is just operating repatriation flights, though it’s expected that flight attendants also wear these uniforms once scheduled service resumes.

  1. These will somehow protect them but will passengers feel comfortable surrounding by red star troopers?

  2. If it was essential to fly (eg imminent death of a relative) then I could put up with it but otherwise that level of PPE would just highlight how dangerous an environment the inside of a plane is and I would avoid flying.

  3. Who would feel safe flying off they saw their flight crew in these ridiculous uniforms? If it’s that unsafe too fly right now that the flight crew needs to look like they are entering a leaking nuclear reactir, perhaps we ought to just shut everything down.

  4. Totally agree with the other comments – these will just make passengers feel anxious. Imagine if you sat at a restaurant and your waiter was wearing this? Can’t imagine anyone would willingly sit through that.

  5. This seems ripe for security issues. How will we verify the identities of cabin crew? How will they be screened in this suit, or will it be put on after clearing security? I have many doubts about it. We all know how warm aircraft get before engines are turned on…could you imagine being in one of these suits while plane is sitting at the gate, filling up with passengers, with minimal AC?

  6. Following up to my previous skepticism, I think the designers actually did a good job in making a fun and playful within the confines of those difficult requirements.

  7. How’s this going to scare passengers? Nobody who’s flying nowadays does so willingly to begin with.

  8. I can understand why the crew needs this but it just goes to show how different travel is going to be in the coming months and years. Anyone who thinks everything will just bounce back to normal in a few months is dreaming. Get ready for a new normal that, among other things, involves vastly reduced travel.

  9. hello. i definitely dont feel scared seeing this. air asia is taking another step to keep the planes (and passengers) clean and keep their employees safe so i greatly appreciate the effort.

  10. The virus has an actual CFR of 0.2% to 0.6%, centered mostly on the elderly and those with co-morbid conditions. More than half of the infected are asymptomatic. 99.4% to 99.8% survive.

    We are turning our world into Mad Max and treating this like it’s Ebola.

    People are sheep. Absolute media-induced panic.

  11. I’m still waiting for VietJet to have their version of PPE.
    Since this is a respiratory virus, I would guess VietJet, doing what they do best while having safety in mind, will have a full headgear cover or protection but wearing just a bikini. Add that to a generous free COVID insurance people would be tempted to fly even sooner.

    The question is how to get to Hanoi.

  12. These ridiculous Air Asia uniforms are so what Richard Branson would have done for a publicity stunt on one of the Virgin stable (Virgin Galactica?) Even the colour is spot on!
    Being allegedly PPE, are they disposed of after each flight? I’d bet they are not.
    In any event, every museum of aviation should not miss this opportunity to add to their collection of airline uniforms over the years.
    Imagine years later on viewing 2020 exhibits what a laugh we will get!

  13. Do not trust Air Asia. It has no money to pay cash refund but still spends on new uniform for cabin crew for cheapskate publicity! Msia bolih! Tony the moron!

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