Oh, so that’s when the Superbowl is….

I just got around to selecting seats for one of my January trips (returning February 1), and was ready to select 11C (my seat) on Ted from ORD to TPA when — be sure you’re sitting down and holding onto something — a 757 seatmap popped up! That’s right, a 757 seatmap! Totally shocked I fell to the floor and once I got up ran around as if I just won a new car on the Price is Right. This may seem insignificant to most, but I was pretty damn excited. I decided to look at the schedule, only to realize that the flight after mine was a 767, albeit a domestic one!

What’s going on here? Is Ted dead? Is it Superman? Wait, no, it’s the Superbowl… I guess that’s a sad reflection of how interested I am in football.

Oddly enough, my flight gets in an hour after the Superbowl kicks off in Tampa, so I’m guessing they’re flying those planes down because of the tons of passengers leaving Tampa the next morning. Still, I’ll cherish that dinner service on ORD to TPA in first class (if my upgrade clears), and think of it as United’s way of showing me what I can expect in the future with Ted’s death. Is this how they’re trying to counter my Northwest status match? 😉

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  1. Bah humbug – my Feb 6th – 9th excursion to sunny TPA is on a ’32S’ (S stands ‘Sadly, we will never have F.’)

  2. I’m just so happy my DEN-MIA flight on Dec 31 has been swapped out from an 32S to a 757…16C here I come!

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