Next Frequent Traveler University September 27-29 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa

Frequent Traveler University took place last weekend at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner, and about 650 people were in attendance. For those of you that missed it (or those of you that attended and enjoyed it), the next one in will be at the Grand Hyatt Tampa on September 27-29.

Go figure it’s in Tampa exactly a year after I move to the other coast, though I do still take pride in “my” hotel, the Grand Hyatt. I’ve probably done over 100 nights worth of mattress runs at that hotel thanks in large part to the closed club lounge on weekends, which gets you 2,500 bonus Gold Passport points as a Diamond member.

Anyway, tickets are available for the two day event for $100 per person, and rooms at the Grand Hyatt are available at a specially negotiated rate of $119 per night plus tax. Speakers include Gary from View from the Wing, Daraius from Million Mile Secrets, Summer from Mommy Points, Greg from Frequent Miler, Seth from Wandering Aramean, and more.

The seminars should cover everything from earning to burning miles, and hopefully with content for a variety of skill levels. If nothing else these events are a great opportunity to network with other points obsessed people.

Hope to see lots of you there!


  1. Giant. Waste. Of. Time.

    This was my first FTU, however I did attend a Chicago Seminar previously.

    Here’s a super secret tip that requires an audience to pledge secrecy forever… Sorry guys I’m breaking the pact by telling you about a Hyatt rate code that has been all over the Internet for a decade.

    If you want to have the AAdvantage site read to you and a handful of blog posts about credit cards regurgitated prior to an hour and a half long raffle of trash (seriously, used Vanilla Reload cards made into a circle and called bracelets) by all means, attend.

    The only people having fun with awkward inside jokes and time-wasting activities are the hosts. The only valuable information found at this event doesn’t come from bloggers, it is shared over lunch by participants. Good luck leaving there knowing more than when you arrived.

  2. I’ve never been to any of these but hope to one day. What is the diff between these and the big one in Chicago?

  3. @ 100K — Frankly the content is probably pretty similar on the whole. I’d go to whichever is more convenient, or give them both a try.

  4. My experience was similar to JC. I had a good time mostly because I met a few interesting people. Don’t expect any secret tips from the speakers. Anything they say has either been talked about or is dead (yes, I sat through a long history of the OD bean system). In the rare case something new was mentioned it was soon blogged about which nullified the any benefit of attending and made the “super secret” (their term, not mine) tips, meaningless.

    I did enjoy Lucky’s talk. He’s one of the few that provides both value and humor. No secrets but practical advice gained from his many adventures. Opening it up to the audience was problematic though. Lucky is a nice guy and many questions were super specific to that particular person. Lucky did his best to move on but going over how you violated the terms of your trip and in hindsight wanting to know if you “did it right” seemed more about getting psychological validation than gaining knowledge about the travel industry.

  5. I’ve never been to FTU but am planning to go to Tampa. Since you’re an expert on the grand hyatt tampa, have you ever stayed in any of the Respire rooms? Did you notice any big difference between the Respire and the Standard rooms (besides knowing from the literature that Respire rooms are hypo-allergenic and have a strict cleaning regimen)?

  6. @ Joey — I never knowingly stayed in a Respire room. I’d guess there isn’t a huge difference, though since I’ve never stayed in one really can’t say. Sorry.

  7. Figured “ah what the heck” and signed up a few days ago. Looking forward to it, see you there.

  8. FTU, I think you will find yourself regressing if you went there. It is what it is. Quoted description of event (not mine):

    This event involves “special guest lecturers” who are always the same 5 or 6 people. These shrewd businessmen disguised as dorks will teach you the secret ways of making unlimited miles. Of course, none of this is actually a secret. They’ll also skip the lesson explaining how much money they earn from credit cards links. See, this is all business”

  9. Well JC said it harshly but it is true that I also was extremely disappointed with the event. If I had spent $ on air, hotel and rental car I would have been more pi$$ed. There was not enough distribution of even not so “super secret” tips and tricks. Big thanks to Mommy Points for her handout though. If the hosts/mods aren’t only in it for the CC $, they need to do a better job or that’s the impression most people will be left with.

  10. Well, I’m a speaker and I’m certainly not in it for the money. (Hint: we don’t get paid and I don’t have any CC links.) If you didn’t learn anything in the sessions, you weren’t listening. Yes, I’m fairly knowledgeable about these things and 95% of it was old hat, but that 5% was pretty awesome. However, if you had arrogantly zoned out, you probably missed it. Often it was very subtle and didn’t have any big red arrows pointing to it (sorry Daraius). Also, talking with folks was really awesome. I learned lots through that.

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