New poll question: double elite qualifying miles promotion in the second half of 2010

After some technical problems with changing the sidebar poll question, I finally managed to update it. So please check it out and cast your vote. Do YOU think one of the US legacies will offer a double elite qualifying miles promotion in the second half of 2010?

And yes, I promise to update the poll question more often from now on. Maybe once a month?

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  1. There’ll be SOMETHING, I’m just not sure what. It may not be until November.. late November.. or early December. It may require a FEE to participate. But I do expect that in spite of travel having picked up year-over-year, airlines will see 1) lighter business bookings approaching the holiday period and 2) shrinking elite ranks relative to the number who qualified under last year’s unprecedented bonanza. And it’ll be too tempting not to goose things a bit.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if the details of the offer are less generous than a straightforward DEQM.

    This isn’t based on conversations with Graham Atkinson or anything, just a guess.

  2. I’d guess a firm yes as well. The fees/restrictions/window/timing will be dictated by what the airlines forecasting their business will be in 2011.

    I don’t pretend to be an expert in economics, but I keep reading that we could be looking at a double-dip recession or at the very least a bleaker economic future than we saw 6-9 months ago. If those trends bear out through Q310, airlines will have to start thinking that their 2011 loads might end up being lighter than they would hope due to decreased business travel. This means (among other things) lower fares and a need to “goose” spending on discretionary personal travel through DEQM and the like.

    My $.02.

  3. Shooting from the hip, I’d say yes, but it will be targeted in some way to encourage the type of customer behavior they desire, whatever that may be. It could mean charging a fee, restricting it to premium/high coach fares, capping the amount of EQM you can earn, targeting it to certain people, etc.

  4. I think it will happen but not as generous as the previous years. I agree with the other posters that there will be a fee or some other thing like only certain fares quality.
    Will also be interesting if the CO merger already has some influence, you would assume they already informally will coordinate some of those things.

  5. My thoughts are that if they do, I think those participating will be small. I and many of my coworkers locked in 1K this year by May, where previous years it took to Sep-Oct.. Fares were good early in the year and MRs were easy to come by. I would need something pretty amazing to do a MR now just to get above my 108k eqms.

  6. With the bump in top level (super double diamond Platinum, or whatever name each airline invents) they have more room at the bottom for silver and gold who basically get free bags, express lanes and first boarding.

    The airlines (or alliances, at least) get loyalty.

    Sure, bag fees bring revenues, but tickets bring more.

  7. I sure hope they don’t. As a 1K flying mostly out of major hub cities (SFO, JFK, ORD, etc), I’ve noticed that my upgrades aren’t clearing quite as frequently. My work related travel has been pretty extensive this year, and I’m at 110K EQMs already so I don’t need the promo… With fares pretty high, I think the pool of elites will be much smaller next year, assuming they don’t run any more promos!

  8. @George, although the DL/AA limited promos capture more cities, UA did respond to DL by doing TEQM between ORD-LGA through 8/31. Unfortunately, I only have one ORD-LGA trip in that period, so not a ton of help.

  9. I hear Continental / United are coming out with a DEQM after Thanksgiving? Has anyone else heard this rumour?

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