Aeroflot’s Surprising New 777 Business Class

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Aeroflot is installing new business class seats on its 777s, though the seats aren’t exactly what we had expected.

Aeroflot 777s get reverse herringbone business class seats

In August 2019 it was announced that Aeroflot’s 777 would get new interiors. This came as the airline signed a contract with Boeing at the Moscow Air Show to modify passenger cabins on 18 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Currently the airline has Collins Aerospace Diamond seats in business class, which aren’t particularly competitive.

Aeroflot’s current 777 business class

While the new seats aren’t yet in service, the always observant @AirlineFlyer notes that Aeroflot’s media webpage has seatmaps of the reconfigured 777s. This very clearly shows that Aeroflot will have 28 reverse herringbone business class seats on its 777s.

Since the airline currently has Collins Aerospace Diamond seats, I’m guessing that we’ll see Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seats installed, which you’ll find on quite a few other airlines.

Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seats on China Airlines A350

Though perhaps @AirlineFlyer’s even cooler observation is the number of media images that Aeroflot has of dogs, or foxes, or fox dogs, or something.

Aeroflot’s inconsistent new business class

What’s fascinating here is that Aeroflot has 15 Airbus A350-900s on order (some of which have already been delivered), and this will be the carrier’s new flagship aircraft. Aeroflot introduced a new business class product on the A350, which are essentially staggered seats with doors.

Aeroflot’s new A350 business class

Aeroflot’s new A350 business class

Logically you’d think that if you’re going to reconfigure existing aircraft with a new business class product, you’d use the same seats you’re using on new aircraft.

However, that’s often not how it works, and Aeroflot is far from being alone in taking an approach like this. For example, Ethiopian Airlines is also currently introducing two new long haul business class seats.

My guess is that there was a significant cost difference in retrofitting existing planes with these seats, so the airline decided on reverse herringbone seats on 777s, and these new seats for A350s. Ultimately both products are great.

Bottom line

Aeroflot will be installing reverse herringbone seats in business class on its 777s. While no planes are in service with these new seats yet, it’s my understanding that planes should start to be reconfigured in the coming months.

As strange as it may seem to introduce two new business class seats at once, this is quite common.

What do you make of Aeroflot’s new 777 business class?

  1. This makes their product a lot more attractive. Hopefully when we can travel to Asia again SU will continue to provide competitive fares between Americas and Asia

  2. What miles, other than their own, can realistically be used to redeem for aeroflot flights? I never see aeroflot availability when I search for award flights online on DL or KL/AF

  3. Lucky, as you point out both seat types are great. And the fact that both are being rolled out is nothing to get flustered about. What matters is that both new types are better than – and will supplant – the Collins seat, which is terribly underwhelming. I can live with the ‘inconsistency’ of having two different seats which are both great.

  4. I flew Aeroflot business class from AMS to SVO in the early 2000s. The seats looked
    like re-purposed theater seats with wooden backs and arms and in place of seats
    on the right-hand side, a life raft was tethered to the floor.

  5. This is extra odd since I was told (over a year ago) by someone with insider access to this information that the 777s would be getting the same seats as the A350s. Looks like plans changed, I assume since (as you suggest) they must’ve gotten a good deal on these seats…

  6. Why is business class now designed for midgets with tiny legs? Personally I much prefer the current LOT and much of the Turkish product with far more space.
    The aisle issue takes a matter of seconds with the older spacious seats, the legs in tiny coffin issue last hours. A bad mistake so many keep choosing this claustrophobic astronaut style designed for small people. Sometimes I think exit row in premium economy is more spacious and much better value for money these days.

  7. Aeroflot is aiming for 5 star, and an all Airbus widebody fleet. I believe, the 777s will be bound for Rossiya Airlines, who barely had their fleet renewed with oldish 747s and 777s, and will be replaced eventually by 77Ws.

    According to many forecasts, the two places that Americans want to go most, is Russia and China, which is why I expect Rossiya to enter the New York – Moscow market.

  8. Did @AirlineFlyer not read the Wikipedia page that he linked in his own tweet? It makes sense to me that if an airline developed their own new breed of dog to sniff for explosives at their airport, they would put pictures of those dogs in a section about safety.

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