Aeroflot’s 777s Are Getting New Interiors

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Aeroflot is one of the most underrated airlines out there, in my opinion. A lot of people have the impression that they’re not good (for all the wrong reasons), while in reality they have an excellent soft product and a modern fleet.

Well, it looks like the long haul fleet of the airline will soon be getting even better.

At the Moscow Air Show, Aeroflot announced that they’ve signed a contract with Boeing to modify the passenger cabins of their 18 Boeing 777-300ERs. With this agreement, Boeing will perform engineering work and supply component kits for the cabin interior reconfigurations.

Aeroflot’s Chief Financial Officer, Andrey Chikhanchin, said the following:

“Aeroflot is widely recognized as a premium service airline. Designing a new Boeing 777 interior, we aim to enhance our premium quality at every class of service – business, comfort and economy. An updated interior will take Aeroflot to new heights.”

Boeing Global Services President and CEO, Stan Deal, said the following:

“It’s a great honor that a leading Russian carrier selected Boeing solutions. Aeroflot is an experienced 777 operator and we are pleased to provide them with the expertise that will support their implementation, long-term strategic growth and development plans.”

What’s interesting here is that Aeroflot’s fleet of 777-300ERs is still new. The airline only took delivery of their first 777 in February 2013, and they took delivery of their most recent 777 in March 2019. So by all accounts these are still new planes.

Details haven’t yet been announced about what changes we should expect to the cabins, though my guess is that we’ll see business class seats with direct aisle access. Currently Aeroflot has B/E Aerospace Diamond seats on their 777s in business class, which are fully flat and in a 2-2-2 configuration.

Aeroflot’s current 777-300ER business class

Aeroflot will soon take delivery of their first Airbus A350-900. While we don’t yet know exactly what kind of seats they’ll have in business class, we do know that they’ll have fully flat seats with direct aisle access, based on the seatmap.

So logically you’d think that Aeroflot would install a similar product on their 777 and A350, though airlines aren’t always that logical.

Bottom line

It’s fantastic to see that Aeroflot plans on introducing new cabins on their 777-300ERs. As of now we don’t know the timeline with which this will happen, nor the exact types of seats they’ll use. Regardless, this should be great news, though.

In many ways it’s a bit odd that Aeroflot has been taking delivery of 777-300ERs as of a few months ago with these B/E Aerospace Diamond cabins, especially if the plan is to introduce a new product.

  1. That’s good, because the economy class has an entertainment system that was taken out of the last century.

  2. I’m very happy about this, they often have premium economy fares from Europe to China for only about 400$ each way. The Y+ food is already better than Air China/China Southern/Eastern business catering, if they add a better seat, will fly very often.

  3. @Brian, I’m not sure when the last time you flew on one of their 777s was, but the IFE hardware is much more modern than on the A330s, and they recently also updated their software – the IFE (at least on the 777s) is now even more responsive than before, has a wider selection, and the UI is vastly improved. That was a nice surprise when I flew SVO-JFK two weeks ago…

  4. As good as the products go, if they don’t release space, not many people in the circle will get to know it.

  5. FYI the catering isn’t as elaborate as it was a few years ago, at least ex-Moscow on long haul

    Short haul is still above what you get on other carriers with that stage length

  6. @Brian

    I’m not sure if you ever flew on Aeroflot!!!!!

    Their 777 and 330 is not the newest but are definitely not dated at all. And before that they fly 767 and Ilyushins which has no entertainment system at all, aside from @Lucky favorite air nozzle in the seat back in front of you.

  7. Ah – good news!

    But will the seatbelt buckles have “повышение” on them (“lift”)?

  8. @Azamaraal no, ‘повышение’ is not the correct translation of ‘lift’, and also Aeroflot just slaps their logo on there instead of instructions on how to use it

  9. I will never ever use this airline again. They lost my luggage they do not answer e-mails they put different labels on lost luggage.

  10. Guys, you’re insufficiently familiar with Russia :)) Updating interiors so soon means they have some funds to “utilize”!

  11. My issue is not their existing interiors but them flying narrow-bodies short-haul. That makes it a no go between Europe and Asia for me.

  12. @Ron ‘flying narrowbodies short-haul’ …you mean like all other airlines do, except Aeroflot actually has proper Business Class seats and catering? I don’t get what the problem is, I’d think that would make them better for flying between Europe and Asia…

  13. Flew 8 times with Aeroflot last year during the world cup: 2 international long-haul in J and 6 domestic in Y. Boy was I impressed – excellent leg room, courteous cabin crew, super clean cabins, decent food options (even for a vegetarian), pretty well-organised boarding, and every flight was on time. And the Kandinsky Lounge in Terminal B – one of the best lounge experiences I have had.

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