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I’ve written quite a bit about the Citi Prestige® Card. I’d argue is the all around hottest card out there right now, between the sign-up bonus, perks, and return on everyday spend.

The card has a $450 annual fee, though has so many benefits which more than justify the annual fee, in my opinion. Among other things, these include:

Now is an especially good time to apply for the Citi Prestige Card, given that you can earn $250 in airline credits twice in a matter of months if you apply soon.

The single benefit on this card I’ve gotten the most value out of has been the fourth night free hotel benefit, and I’ve had some recent experiences with this perk which I wanted to share, due to the unique circumstances.

Citi Prestige Card fourth night free basics

While there are a few cards out there which advertise free night hotel benefits, almost all of them come with all kinds of asterisks, in my opinion. The Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit is the real deal, assuming you know how to use it.

Rather than recapping everything here, I’ll start by simply linking to the posts I’ve written about this benefit so far:

But to summarize the perk, you can get a fourth night free on most published rates at any hotel belonging to the Carlson Wagonlit network (which includes a vast majority of major chain hotels, along with many independent hotels).

I’ve made two recent bookings using the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit which I figured were worth writing about, since they involved special circumstances.

Using fourth night free benefit on a pre-paid rate

Up until recently I only ever used the fourth night free benefit either on the flexible/best available rate or on a AAA rate. That’s simply because I typically prefer the flexibility of having a refundable rate.

Generally speaking you’re allowed to use just about any publicly available rate for the fourth night free benefit.

A few weeks back I wrote about my London hotel conundrum, and how I ended up booking the Park Tower Knightsbridge, which is a Starwood Luxury Collection property.


I booked a pre-paid rate of 263GBP (~$400) per night, with the fourth night free thanks to the Citi Prestige Card.

It’s worth noting that since it was a pre-paid rate, the charge for the stay actually hit my credit card almost instantly. I find it’s about 50/50 on pre-paid rates, as some hotels will only charge you at check-in, while others charge you in advance.


The great news about being charged in advance is that my fourth night free refund already hit my card way before my stay even occurs. In this instance the fourth night free rebate hit my card just a bit over two weeks after the transaction was processed, which is quicker than normal, in my experience.


All-in-all, I certainly can’t complain about paying ~$300 per night for a decent hotel in London while earning a ton of points and probably scoring a suite upgrade.

Using fourth night free benefit on a specialty rate

I’ve always wanted to stay at the St. Regis Bali, though as a Category 7 hotel it would cost a minimum of 30,000 Starpoints per night. I value Starpoints at ~2.2 cents each, so that’s a “cost” of $660 for that redemption, by my valuation.


Meanwhile the paid rate at this hotel using a “Hot Escapes” rate was $453. I’d rather not pay $453 per night for a hotel, though ultimately I’d rather pay that than 30,000 Starpoints.


That being said, with the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit I could get the fourth night free even on a Hot Escapes rate, which is ordinarily only available directly through With a fourth night free, it’s like I’m paying ~$340 per night, which is a rate I’m quite happy with.


Now, it’s worth noting that when I phoned up the Citi Prestige Concierge and they connected me to Carlson Wagonlit, at first they only saw the flexible rate of $575 per night, since that’s what showed in their system. However, I asked the associate to check, and once she did she confirmed she saw the rate and was able to book it.

In many cases the Carlson Wagonlit agents are actually just making the booking directly on the hotel’s website and adding their IATA number to the reservation.

But it’s pretty awesome that in almost all cases the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit works even on specialty/promotional rates, as long as they’re available directly with the hotel as well.


Bottom line

The fourth night free hotel benefit on the Prestige Card has been such an incredible benefit, and has saved me over $2,000 already. Even without the fourth night free hotel benefit I consider the Citi Prestige Card to be well worth the annual fee, so this is only the icing on the cake.

What has been your experience with using the free fourth night hotel benefit?

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  1. I think there’s a bit of YMMV with how quickly (or not) the 4th night free is refunded. I was charged for a stay 4 weeks ago and the 4th night refund has not posted yet. It does say that it can take 1-2 billing cycles though and I was told by the phone rep that its being processed.

  2. I booked an upcoming hotel stay in Venice using my fourth night free benefit last week. Not only will I get the fourth night free at the same rate as the hotel website but will also get the World Elite MC amenities which include free breakfast for the length of our stay(normally 100 eur/day), $100 dining credit for dinner and early and late check out. So if your hotel offers World Elite benefits be sure to ask the for that rate to compare to pre-paid etc…. So overall including the fourth night free plus the amenities we will save about $1000 for our stay.

  3. Would you be able to do a prepaid booking in someone else’s name? Also, the last time I called they said they no longer connect you directed to the travel agent unless your travel date is in the next couple of days.

  4. Guess i’m one of the few that barely collects hotel points, I don’t value them very much compared to airline points. Even if i’m paying $400-500 in air taxes in business class or first, the value of that airline ticket ranges from $4000 – $9000 sometimes.

    Unless the stay is free at a hotel, when travelling I don’t spend enough time in the property to enjoy it, so even at $340 a night in Bali which includes the 4th night free discount, I guess i would rather fine a less branded hotel and pay $100 a night, which is still a lot for Bali.

    Or maybe I’m not rich enough to spend that kind of cash on a hotel stay per night.

  5. Been to the St. Regis Bali a few times. It is VERY nice (only stayed in a villa though), but you can find something equivalent or better for cheaper. If you need the stay or nights that’s one thing, but just because it’s an SPG is another.

  6. For me the Prestige 4th night free benefit is somewhat not useful as most of my personal travel are done via Priceline or which gives me a lower rate for most places.

  7. I did a prepaid “4th night free” booking a couple of months ago. The credit posted 39 days after the charge. Also, they didn’t break the rate out by day – I was reimbursed 25% of my total stay cost. (I think that’s because the prepaid rate from the hotel just showed a total for all 4 nights; wasn’t broken out by night. But I could tell the rate changed on different days by “test booking” different 4 day intervals.)

    I have another stay coming up Thanksgiving week. The first 3 nights are $116 each; the last night is $276. They are reimbursing me for the $276 night. Sweet!!

  8. Not sure why it takes so long to credit. I’m still waiting for a $614 credit for St. Ermin’s London last month. I’d rather not have to pay the amount due only to have it later refunded. I don’t keep any balance on the card, just using it for this purpose.

  9. How can you speak to agent directly. When I tried to use the service, they took my information of what hotel I wanted said they would email me back.

    By the time they replied the next day, the rate had gone up over $60 per night on a $200 rate.
    When I complained, the response from the “concierge” was that sometimes rates change, oh well.

  10. @Joeheg: yes their first response is “we’ll email you with the info” but you can request to speak with an agent right away. I’ve had no problems (three different times) getting through to someone who could provide real-time availability/rate info and make the reservation right then.

  11. I booked the Le Meridien Saigon with the 4th night free benefit. While they were able to get me the base room at a substantial prepay discount, they couldn’t get me a club room for whatever reason. These were rates that were advertised on the hotel website.

  12. I tried to get them to book a sale rate available on a hotel website, but the agent told me she couldn’t. She could see it, it was publicly available, but she said I couldn’t have that rate. I ended up booking through FHR instead.

  13. Thanks for the tip. I checked the hotel I was looking at before. The price dropped back down again. I called and asked to be connected to a rep. I booked the room on the phone. 5 nights in NYC for less than $1000. I’ll take it.

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