Priority Pass Members Can Now Eat & Drink For Free At Miami Airport

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Priority Pass is the the world’s largest network of independent airport lounges, with over 1,000 participating lounges around the world. Some of these are airline lounges, some are contract lounges, and lately they’ve gotten creative and have expanded beyond that.

For example, just a few weeks ago I went to Portland to review their ridiculously awesome Priority Pass lounge setup. As a Priority Pass member you can access the Alaska Lounge

You can get a spirits flight of up to $28 per person at House Spirits Distillery

You can eat and drink for up to $28 per person at Capers Cafe Le Bar

And you can eat, drink, and/or shop for up to $28 per person at Capers Market.

Not bad, eh?

Recently a steakhouse at Denver Airport also joined Priority Pass, which is great news for those who frequent the airport, as it didn’t previously have a Priority Pass lounge.

Well, Priority Pass has just announced their newest location in the US. Corona Beach House in Miami Airport’s Concourse D is now a Priority Pass lounge. Priority Pass members can spend up to $30 each (which is $2 more than at other Priority Pass restaurants), so if you’re traveling with two others, $90 will be taken off your final tab.

Corona Beach House is located between gates D23 & D24. The D Concourse is where American flights leave from, so this will prove popular with American flyers.

The restaurant looks a bit small and doesn’t necessarily look totally up my alley (I can’t bring myself to drink beer), though I appreciate the concept. The restaurant is open daily from 6:30AM until 10PM, with them switching over from breakfast to lunch at 11AM.

You can find the menu for the restaurant here — as you can see, they mostly have sandwiches, burgers, salads, specialty cocktails, and beer.

If you want to have a meal and then visit a nearby lounge, keep in mind that the Amex Centurion Lounge Miami is near gate D12, so it’s just a short walk away. However, a Priority Pass membership won’t get you in — you’ll need The Platinum Card® from American Express or The Business Platinum Card® from American Express.

If you don’t have access to Priority Pass, here are some of the best cards that get you access, along with their guesting policies:

Card# of Complimentary GuestsAuthorized User AccessCost To Add Authorized User
Chase Sapphire Reserve®2Yes$75 Per Person
Citi Prestige® Credit Card2Yes$75 Per Person
The Platinum Card® from American Express

No access to Priority Pass restaurants as of August, 2019.
2Yes$175 For Up To 3 People, $175 For Each Additional Person Beyond That (Rates & Fees)
The Business Platinum Card® from American Express

No access to Priority Pass restaurants as of August, 2019.
2Yes$300 Per Person (Rates & Fees)
Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card

No access to Priority Pass restaurants as of August, 2019.
2No$0 (Rates & Fees)
Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card

No access to Priority Pass restaurants as of August, 2019.
2No$0 (Rates & Fees)

Bottom line

While Corona Beach House isn’t the first Priority Pass lounge at Miami Airport, it is the first one in American’s concourse. Also part of Priority Pass are Club America in Concourse F, the Avianca Lounge in Concourse J, and VIP Lounge Miami in Concourse J.

It’s great to see the Priority Pass restaurant concept expand. The US airports with Priority Pass restaurants now include Denver, Miami, and Portland, and I’m sure more are on the way soon.

Does anyone plan on checking out Corona Beach House at Miami Airport?

The following links will direct you to the rates and fees for mentioned American Express Cards. These include: The Business Platinum® Card from American Express (Rates & Fees), The Platinum Card® from American Express (Rates & Fees), Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant™ American Express® Card (Rates & Fees), and Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card (Rates & Fees).

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  1. Capers cafe in PDX is now limiting Priority Pass members to one guest. People were apparently buying drinks for everyone at the bar and then no one was tipping. Even the mafia knows – if you grift, you have to tip…

  2. Thanks lucky. This would be great for me as I fly out of Miami quite a bit I often go to the Amex lounge which is fine but very crowded.
    It’s a shame that there is no lounge in the F or G gates. I have taken quite a few united flights out of F and G in the past and the only priority pass lounge was H and J gates ( which are post security connected ) But then again I have been avoiding United like the plague ever since Basic economy was introduced. I feel it’s a slap in the face making me go to the check in kiosk instead of heading strait to the gate and showing my boarding pass on my phone !!!
    D and E are post security connected as well
    However the F and G are totally old dingy seperare piers with no where to go or nothing to do
    Usually I hang out in Au bon pain pre security and then go through security last minute. Last time I was there F and G gates didn’t even have TSA precheck open. Then just gave you a placard upon examining your docs so you didn’t have to take off shoes ( but still have to remove stuff from luggage)
    Those F and G gates need priority pass or be torn down and integrated with the D/E gates !

  3. THis was needed at the Miami Airport, the other existing Priority pass Lounges are depressing with the exception of the Avianca lounge which is quite nice, but it is terminal J which is a mile away from Terminal D

  4. Lucky, great post. And the chart at the bottom of cards that allow access, # of guests, etc. is fantastic. It’s these little, practical, useful things in your posts (see also noted application/sign up bonus restrictions in posts on best rewards credit cards) that make your blog better then some of the others in this sphere.

  5. Can’t “bring yourself” to drink beer? Bizarre statement. I guess it’s beneath you. Might want to educate yourself that not everything these days is swill Bud Light, etc., there is a massive craft beer industry with a wide range of offerings.

  6. @DCA – He is allowed to not like beer. I have tried a lot of beer (including craft beer) and it just isn’t for me. I just prefer whiskey, wine, cocktails, etc. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you think it is beneath you.

  7. @Eric NYC – “Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you think it is beneath you.”

    That’s exactly how I interpreted the beer statement as well.

    Now, I happen to really like beer, however yeah, I didn’t sense any shade being thrown on hops and ale.

  8. Did the Avianca Lounge in MIA last month. I haven’t been to lounges around the world as some others, but this was a nice lounge, real relaxed and they weren’t looking at the clock to get you out as soon as possible. Staff was extremely nice and if in Miami again between flights, I’d stop back in.

  9. Eric, it’s the way he expressed his preference. If he had said “I don’t like the taste of beer” that would have been fine. But saying “I can’t bring myself to drink beer” sounds like a value judgement about those who do. Comes across as snobby, as in “I can’t bring myself to talk to a poor person”.

    And it’s not like beer is cheaper either, as DCA said.. Craft beers can be ten bucks a pint now. Wine is actually the cheapest way to get drink on an “alcohol per dollar” basis, not beer, which is why homeless folks who get drunk a lot are often referred to as “winos”.

  10. Lucky is the same guy that flew on Uzbekistan airlines. I don’t think beer is beneath him. He’s also German

  11. I can’t bring myself to drink beer sounds pretty snobbish to me. I usually can’t bring myself to read this blog, but thanks fot the info.

  12. This restaurant does not appear as an option on the priority pass website ? If this is official, when can we access the Lounge ?

  13. I have a long layover in MIA. Can I eat lunch at Corona and then enter a lounge? Along the same lines, can I use two PP lounges at the same airport on the same day (i.e. The Avianca Lounge for a few hours and then the VIP Lounge)?

  14. @ Mark — I haven’t acquired the taste for it, if that’s how you’d like to phrase it. It’s not intended to be snobbish. I also don’t like red wine, which is incredibly not-snobbish of me, since I get laughed at for my love of sauvignon blanc.

  15. Would TSA allow you to go thru check point at Concourse J if your BP is American (at Concourse D)? I was pondering this for our next week’s flight out MIA. We will take TriRail from FLL to MIA so it means we would be having 2 hours to kill before departure – enough time to visit Avianca’s lounge at J, provided TSA let us thru! (Yes, I know we need to get back land side and reclear security at Concouse D).

    Anybody knows about this?

    The addition of a restaurant at Concourse D is a very good news for us. And we actually like Corona!

  16. @ Mike P, there is a priority pass lounge in Concourse F, called Club America. I’ve been in there before a while back. Nothing super special, but it’s a lounge on a really terrible concourse otherwise. Nothing exists on G as far as I know. I believe that concourse was the first concourse the airport built decades ago and is covered with asbestos which is why it cannot be effectively worked on. Interesting tidbit (I believe it still exists today) – there are two sets of restrooms on concourse G. One was for whites and one was for blacks. That concourse dates back to pre-integration days!

  17. Lucky,

    I’m pretty sure publicly declaring that you dislike beer is grounds for revocation of your German passport. Be careful!

  18. oh, if they could just add La Carreta as a PP benefit… You cannot have a stopover in MIA without eating there!

  19. Lucky, I believe that your dislike for beer is not a snobbish thing.

    However when you phrase that preference as “I cannot bring myself to drink beer” it comes across differently. Just say you don’t like the taste.

  20. How timely….I’ll be going through MIA tomorrow and was pissed I’m not an auth user on the hubbies Amex. Thought I’d have to just go to the admirals club but I can get lunch and a drink here. Thanks Ben.

  21. This is awesome. Now all MIA needs is a Minute Suites in the PP program.

    I can now buy a refundable ticket, then run my business from wifi in the Centurion lounge, having breakfast , lunch, and dinner buffets, open bar, cappuccino machine ( or I can call next door and have food delivered from the market using my PP.)
    I get my shower, 3 hot meals x7 /365, a conference room, wifi, desk space….all for $550/ year.
    I’d say $450 with the Business Platinum, but then I wouldn’t be able to bring in all my employees.
    Doin’ some cipherin’ and I can brun my 100 employee firm for under $7500 per year!

    Heck, do you know what airport office space costs these days?

    Do you know how much airport office space costs these days? What a deal!

  22. I have a flight out of Gate E20, would it be feasible to hit the Corona Beach house and then get to the gate pretty efficiently?

  23. Hi, i am having lunch at the Corona bar in Miami. Hope is a good experience. What others restaurants are included?? Where can I look for a list. And yes we need a VIP in concourse d!!!!

  24. @lucky Can we still definitely go to any of the Miami Priority Pass Lounges or the Centurion Lounge at the Miami Airport upon arrival with American?

  25. Now at Corona Beach House they don’t allow anymore to-go orders using Priority Pass: you need to sit down and eat there

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