Not Cool: Marriott Adjusts Lifetime Nights Retroactively

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Oh Marriott, Marriott, Marriott…

The integration of Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest hasn’t gone as smoothly as many of us had hoped. Marriott took over Starwood about two years ago, and I appreciated their “slow and steady” approach to integrating programs.

But then suddenly they announced with surprisingly little notice that the programs would be integrating in August, which seems like an odd time of year to do that. You’d think they’d integrate programs at the beginning of the year, and not mid-year.

A bit over a week ago I was finally able to combine my Marriott and Starwood loyalty accounts (after previously not being able to do so), and I shared that I was actually within range for earning lifetime Platinum Premier Elite by the end of the year (which can’t be earned in the future).

Marriott never publicly disclosed how lifetime status would be combined. Marriott always counted credit card nights towards lifetime status, while Starwood historically didn’t, and my guess is that they were including credit card nights from both programs, which isn’t unreasonable. Actually, I think it’s only fair that if they count Marriott credit card nights then they should count Starwood credit card nights as well.

Furthermore, a Marriott spokesperson confirmed that lifetime status that shows in accounts should be accurate, and Marriott’s official website for sharing information regarding the integration confirmed that as well:

When will my Lifetime status be reflected in my account?
Lifetime status should now be reflected correctly in your account. The only exception is for members who achieve Lifetime status by legacy requirements between August 18 and December 31, 2018. As previously stated, these members will receive notice of their updated Lifetime status in January 2019. For more information on this and other Elite Tiers & Benefits topics, please visit:

Well, overnight it would appear that Marriott has adjusted down the lifetime nights for many members. Here were my account statistics as of yesterday:

And here are my account statistics as of today:

So they took off 65 elite nights. I’m not sure why, exactly. I imagine these represent some of the SPG Amex nights.

I think this really gets at my frustration in so many ways with how this integration has been handled. We’re not a couple of days into the integration, but rather we’re nearly three weeks into it.

Marriott never officially published how lifetime status would be calculated, so it’s not like I could even do my own math, and know what’s right or wrong.

They did publish that lifetime status should correctly be published in accounts, so that’s all I could go off of. Except then more than a week later they just quietly remove 65 lifetime nights. I should probably also mention that I checked in a few days ago for a two week mattress run in hopes of earning lifetime Platinum Premier, based on the information officially published by Marriott.

Not cool, Marriott. Both for retroactively taking away lifetime nights when you claimed they were correct, and also for (seemingly) counting Marriott credit card nights towards lifetime status, but not Starwood credit card nights (especially when you consider that SPG members couldn’t earn as many elite nights through credit cards as Marriott Rewards members could).

I do wonder if this was their plan all along, or if they now feel that they have too many lifetime elite members, and they were looking for ways to decrease those numbers.

Were your Marriott lifetime nights adjust overnight, and does it impact you? What do you make of how Marriott is handling this?

  1. The integration has been horrible. I am cancelling my future Marriott bookings after they downgraded me and took away my lifetime nights as well today. I cannot trust a company that is so technically incompetent. This is on par with

  2. “I checked in a few days ago for a two week mattress run in hopes of earning lifetime Platinum Premier, based on the information officially published by Marriott.”

    Cf. “detrimental reliance”

    “They did publish that lifetime status should correctly be published in accounts, so that’s all I could go off of.”

    They published your lifetime totals. They gave you an end date to receive a benefit, and clear criteria for achieving it. And even provided assurance that the information offered to you was correct.

    Full disclosure: I am not a lawyer but I play one in blog comments.

  3. If SPG never counted nights in lifetime totals, then your SPG balance of lifetime nights prior to the merger and you combining accounts would not have included these nights in your lifetime balance. When they merged there would be no SPG CC night to remove from your combined total. I think you need to inquire as to why the nights were removed from your balance, as I am not sure your assumptions on credit card nights is accurate. Lets press Marriott for some additional answers on what is going on, but it is clear they may not know.

  4. @Normal Gold != Platinum. What part of that is hard to understand. Only people with the thickest skulls could feel cheated by Gold meaning Gold.


  5. @Lucky, perhaps when you check in next time, you can tell them, “Actually I will only pay $200 for the night instead of the agreed $265 when I booked”. How do you think that will go down?

  6. Before i combined accounts, SPG incorrectly showed 76 nights when i only stayed 38. The extra 38 nights disappeared today from my lifetime status leaving. So disappointing, but correct

  7. I’m still waiting for extra points to be posted for buying certain rates at hotels staying after Aug 18. They just say thank you for your patience as still waiting for them to post after a fortnight. It’s beyond a joke now.

  8. They took away nights as well. I was at 761 nights, and now at 741. Had been making reservations at other brands for the rest of the year, but now have to change them back to Marriott properties to achieve Lifetime Premier Elite.

  9. I’ve never been a Marriott fan, but this integration is just so bad, I’ll go out of my way to avoid Marriott in the future. Downgraded status, reduced lifetime nights, and still no credit from an Edition stay on 12 Aug.

  10. were you actually entitled to those 65, or those were just double-counting ? if those weren’t yours to begin with, why are you whining about something that’s never yours but somehow felt entitled to ??

  11. I don’t have much of a stake in this but just to throw in my dp.. I got the the SPG personal and biz earlier this year. After the integration, my lifetime number incorrectly showed 21 nights but I have only had 2 nights. I just noticed that they corrected this on my account to show 12 lifetime (10 from cards + 2 stays) so I don’t think the amex nights are the issue. Do you have proof of your lifetime totals prior to this integration?

  12. @Lucky, when the websites had been updated (before you were able to combine accounts) my SPG account showed a lifetime nights that was higher than it was before by exactly the number of nights I had stayed this year at SPG properties. Now my Marriott lifetime nights has been readjusted by the same amount. It seems that they’re correcting the mistake of double counting this year’s SPG nights.

  13. I also “lost” nights in the lifetime calculator since yesterday.
    But I have lot less night as you, I can easily explain the loss.
    I only spent 3 nights in April in a SPG property (and it was my first stay ever since I opened an account with them), yet on August 18, I had 6 nights in my “lifetime“ status. This was strange but, hey, why not? Nobody won’t complain for that.
    Then, just after the merger, I spent 4 nights in another SPG property. After a few days, my account reflected : 7 nights on a year basis (this is correct) and 10 on the lifetime basis.
    And since today, I’m back to 7 nights on the lifetime basis.
    Maybe they corrected that (and the correction was for 65 nights for you @Lucky)

  14. @ henry LAX — I don’t know, because Marriott never published what does and doesn’t count towards lifetime nights. If they had published that or if that were clear, I wouldn’t be confused/have an issue.

  15. @ Shaun — When I log in it’s under “Account Overview.” Towards the bottom it shows my lifetime status, and then it shows the nights. Otherwise it’s easy to see in the app on the main page.

  16. Not sure if it’s a “technical glitch” (their words) or an indication of things to come, but my SGP AmEx nights aren’t even showing in my YTD nights towards status, let alone my lifetime nights. Further, I’m missing 12 actual nights-stayed nights from my YTD total which is currently (incorrectly) at 54 nights though my status is only showing as Gold. None of this makes any sense.

    Anyone else in the same boat? Please tell me I’m not alone.

  17. Yep, they took 11 nights away from my lifetime status but those 11 nights seem to still count towards my 2018 total. Odd, but whatever.

  18. Long time reader. Let’s all be honest here. You as a “loyalty” professional must have taken a screen shot of all your lifetime nights pre merger and know very well of your actual total. When the lifetime nights were combined, you may have gotten more (I know I did). Secretly you are happy because you are in reach of LTPP. Now that the system is catching up, (some members actually got a corrected increase), you are calling it not cool. I get it. LTPP is attractive. Having said that, the system integration is definitely not a good start to the merger.

    If your merger total is your actual total, then my apologies.

  19. Will they take back your lifetime years too? Some of your lifetime Plat years (the Marriott Plat ones) are matched from SPG Plat (dont think you qualified for Marriott Plat based on Marriott Plat requirements for those matched years). If they officially count the matched years, i would think that you shld still go for lifetime Marriott Plat Premier. (does spg multiple rooms credit still count till 31 dec? Or count u stay at both marriott n spg concurrently and have them posted to both marriott and spg separately n hv them counted?)
    There is no other chance of getting this status so u have to go for it. Only concern is Marriott will shift goalpost again and suddenly decide those matched years as Marriott Plat (from spg plat) will not count as well. Perhaps you would want to clarify that.

  20. The only right thing to do is to dump Marriott. They’ve destroyed their program and SPG in a matter of mere months all in the name of greed. There were so many opportunities for them to be generous while costing them next to nothing over the long term but instead they decided to screw people over, especially with devaluing gold status and the travel packages fiasco. I’m done with Marriott after this year, they’re dead to me.

  21. Lucky, those nights appear to be the extra random CC nights that were added in Jan. At the time Starwood was double/triple posting CC nights for some reason and then they corrected the error. The nights vanished from the current year total but the lifetime was always messed up.

    Marriott seems to finally have fixed this bug. I went from 172 nights down to 162 but that lines up with the extra 10 LT nights I had for no reason

  22. my annual nights balance increases overnight. previously, my starwood card totals weren’t showing up and now they are. no changes to changes to my lifetime status nights.

  23. Hi Lucky,
    I was wondering if you (or one of your readers) would know when a ‘year’ is counted in the lifetime statistics? Is it a calendar year 1 Jan – 31 Dec? And does it show years completed, or years you are in?

    I am currently showing on the site that I have been Marriott platinum (old gold) for 9 years (and have over 600 nights). Was that up until 31 Dec 2017 (and therefore on 1 Jan 2019 I will have done 10 years and be eligable for lifetime platinum)?

    Or is that including the current year and therefore I will have completed 10 years at the end of 2019? Perhaps nobody knows and it is done on an individual level…

    Thanks for all your articles, by the way. I especially enjoy all the obscure airline reviews… even if some people complain, I say they are interesting!

  24. I don’t have the CCs. At the time of the merger my LT nights (99.97% SPG) went up by 50 or so, without explanation; today they went down by about 40, to 970.
    I’m guessing that’s safe in respect of LPPE, although nothing would surprise at this point and I’m not counting those chickens just yet.

  25. …..and the other shoe has dropped

    I warned about this in the comments for your post 2wks ago about mattress running for PP status. You cannot rely on MRR reps or website.

    The generous period is over and now they are focused on extracting their pound of flesh. The list of negative outcomes grows longer by the day.

  26. Adding on to what flyingfish said, my lifetime totals don’t include the matched years — that is, Lucky and I were in a similar situation where we had over 500 nights but only 7 or 8 years Plat. After combining, he now shows 11 years (arguably inflated), whereas I still only show 8 (actual). They counted the matched years for him, but not mine, even though we both linked spg+Marriott accounts in 2016. @Lucky, based on this, I think you may still see yours lowered.

  27. I documented and screencapped my separate MR and SPG accounts on 8/17 before Judgment Day, so I know exactly what I should have. On 8/20 before I combined my accounts, my MR lifetime nights was accurate, but my SPG lifetime nights was increased by 47 nights (or about 13% of my accurate amount) – so I figured the system was double-counting something. Then, by 9/5, my combined lifetime nights was reduced and accurate again. Do you know what your total *should* be, Lucky?

  28. My lifetime nights also went down. I got extra as part of the merger though, so this is just a correction.
    They shouldn’t have taken this long to get it right though.

  29. I “lost” nights too, however my account now shows the correct number of SPG Lifetime Nights as of August 18th. (Have not yet combined accounts.) The number of LT nights that had been showing for me from August 18th was inflated. So this is Marriott actually getting it right, as opposed to “not cool.” 🙂

  30. I was wondering if they counted SPG/VISTANA nights at first by accident- I have been a SVN for 10 year and had about 110 nights stayed over the time- My status dropped around 100 nights after the adjustment. I am still ok, I am now adusted at 746 with stays in the last two weeks not showing yet. I just wish they would get on with it, not seeing stays from the last two weeks are making me upset since I need the web access to get Folio’s to finish expenses on my end.

  31. Having a little inside knowledge on the IT integration process, I’m led to believe this was purely due to the lack of preparation on the IT integration. They were double counting lifetime nights when they were merging different type of nights (I.e SPG/Marriott paid, award, credit card nights) and I believe the double counting was just resolved last night and published….

    Sorry Lucky, it does suck when they tell you something when they aren’t sure of it.

  32. Let’s all chant: Hyatt, offer a status match now.
    We all need to move away from this disaster, called Marriott.

  33. I had 415 combined nights(No cc nights), which is correct then I earned another 5 nights after the merger. Now I’ve lost 18 lifetime nights in total.

  34. My lifetime nights dropped by 50, I have no CC.
    I guess they counted double stays/nights promo nights from previous years which Starwood hadn‘t done (while Marriott had as well as their roll-over nights).
    If they want to count spg as spg then they should also count up to three rooms for lifetime nights during this year…

  35. They certainly have been adjusting the lifetime counts over the last few months: When the integration details were first announced, I checked my accounts and my lifetime total was >500. Juat before the merge in August, my total had dropped below 500 and that’s were they still are. Lifetime Goldnhas little value to me, but still odd how those nights disappeared.
    I also have 2 redemptions of 48k each showing which I never did…
    I haven’t stayed much at Marriott to begin with and it’ll be less after this….

  36. Slightly off topic, but relevant to this discussion: before merging my accounts, I noticed my YTD night count at SPG had dropped by 10 nights. At SPG, I used to get night credits for both my room and the second room on the reservation (obviously not so with Marriott). Possible they retroactively reduced my YTD SPG night count to eliminate the second room night credits for the first 8months of the year?

    If so, does that mean we need 100 SPG night stays excluding second room nights to hit ambassador without the spend threshold?

  37. My experience was very similar to Drew’s above. The number showing today is now correct based on what shown on both the Marriott and SPG sites before the combination.

  38. I just lost 24 nights and never had a amex, so don’t understand what is going on.

    Another issue i just saw was I received 5 “bonus nights”. I’m at 73 nights, so did they just select the 5 nights for me as by 75 night award?

  39. I’ve lost lifetime nights too, 45 nights – and was also told they were correct before. I just did a mattress run as well based on this, being so close to LTPP, so I feel betrayed too.

  40. @ Susan J — That doesn’t define what counts as qualifying for the purposes of previous Starwood nights, unless I’m missing something?

  41. @ henry LAX — a) I’m not accusing them of lying b) My issue isn’t that the summary as such is apparently incorrect (as they’re now claiming), but that they specifically made the claim that the information was accurate

  42. They adjusted my total nights by 50 nights down! I wish they have the courtesy of emailing us the details of why the action was taken, as of right now I have 722 nights and while I agree with others that is hard to trust marriott with their communications or lack of, I’m going to reserve the missing nights in category 1 properties to try once again to reach 750; I hope there’s no additional surprises but I’m not holding my breath..

  43. My totals did indeed move down as well but now they agree to the stand alone nights I screen-grabbed prior to combining accounts. Mine moved down by 35 nights which I determined was all of the SPG AMEX nights likely being double counted. It’s a shame they went on record saying it was correct and now they have to backtrack.

  44. @Chuck – that was great 🙂 we also haven’t had a “all suite terms are equal, look the internets has negative feedback” rant in a good hour or two,

  45. I am missing points and stays from a month ago now. Have submitted request online and contact Marriott via Twitter. Their latest response is that due to the huge and complex integration of programs and systems, their is no timeline for fixing certain known account issues. Completely unacceptable. I never had problems like this when frequent flyer programs merged.

  46. My total went down by 5 nights compared to post-8/18 account totals before combining accounts. I have an SPG card so maybe those are 5 nights from this year? Don’t recall ever having double-night promo nights.

  47. I think for mine was removal of 18 nights were double booked rooms with SPG.
    I was staying at two SPG properties simultaneously in 2017…But who knows.

  48. I have not yet merged my accounts (I think but am not sure that my spg nights just went down ).

    Should I expect that there is a large chance of my lifetime years and or nights declining further once I merge?

    (I am not merging yet as I will be cancelling some spg bookings for this month, and think my chances of being able to do it online might be better on an un merged Starwood account,

    I also would like to qualify for platinum years two times in 2018 once with Starwood and once with Marriott legacy if that is actually a thing — Marriott doesn’t actually publish anything, no terms and conditions — this is not an IT problem, -# this is a dictatorial company that does not share rules or ways of doing things with anyone — and when they do, they don’t honour it. I don’t know if there are any Christians or Mormons or other moral people working at the top of this company. They share their bibles and Books of Mormon with us, but…. I won’t finish the sentence

  49. Have not combined accounts, as some of my pre-Aug-18 SPG stuff is stubbornly refusing to show up… I did notice that my Marriot status was platinum (incorrect) and was downgraded to gold recently (correct – I got all of that from copy-paste from SPG gold from CC).

    However, I was curious to compare new “new” Marriott representation of my SPG activity for stuff that happened prior to August 18th. And there is too many holes and discrepancies between the two that I don’t know where to start. All CC spend is correct, no issues, however, all hotel stays are without bonus points, there are no welcome amenity points at all, and no points whatsoever for hotel spend (looking at you, Sheraton restaurants). Since I have dropped (for me) a significant amount of money in July/August on SPG properties, I find this unnerving. Even more so, that I can’t see the “old” SPG total anymore, but have to go line by line with dates and approximate descriptions. Terrible. “Missing stays” functionality on Marriott website only allows for missing hotel stays points, and there is no way to report missing bonuses, welcome amenities or any other bonused spend.

  50. I also lost nights and while I had an SPG card quite a long time ago I don’t think the number of nights can be explained by that. I don’t even recall if I got any elite nights with the card I had.

    I think this might simply be another glitch…previously I screenshotted the lifetime totals on both my Marriott and SPG accounts, and after combining they added up. I don’t see why they wouldn’t, it’s hard to imagine A+B != C. I have tons of nights from the Marriott card, not sure why 5 nights on an SPG card wouldn’t be allowed if 15 nights from a Marriott card would be.

  51. I think my count dropped slightly to
    Your lifetime statistics
    Nights: 848
    Years as Platinum: 11
    and this is about what it should be.
    My main concern is that since for three+ weeks after the website integration there are still issues with showing recent account activity etc. Does Marriott even know how to merge two relatively simple databases together? Each customer has from 1 to let say 2,000 total records of the individual stays with just a few parameters. Just merge two accounts for each customer and run statistics!

  52. WTF I lost 60 nights… I have screenshots of both programs lifetime nights before merging… I went from 320 to 260. This is outrageous!

  53. As others have said, they must have double counted your nights because I did not combine my accounts until today – because of missing SPG credit card nights — and the combined totals for my lifetime and this year nights DO INCLUDE the credit card nights that I had accumulated from this year and years past.

    Therefore, they did not take away something you were entitled to — rather, in doing a sweep to include those credit card nights that had been missing from some SPG accounts, they also must have written a script to remove the double nights that some had been reporting upon integration.

    Nothing to complain about with respect to this issue … move on……

  54. My account was also adjusted down but now spot-on with my pre-merger screenshots. Don’t like how they did the correction, but didn’t lose anything I didn’t earn. Hope you checked.

  55. Let me get this straight. A long time, loyal spg member who runs a travel blog doesn’t know EXACTLY how many miles he should have, and where they come from?

    I don’t buy it.

    After the 18th I had 50 more lifetime nights than I should. Yesterday I list exactly 50 nights in my lifetime total. So I’m EXACTLY where I should be. There is nothing not cool about that…

  56. @ Stan — Again, what I’m not sure of is what is counted towards the total. Do credit card nights earned with SPG Amex count towards total? This has never been published one way or another, as far as I know…

  57. My SPG lifetime nights went down by 39 nights. I didn’t combine my accounts and never had Marriott or SPG credit cards!!!

  58. I just got dialed back ~65 nights, moving me out of striking range for lifetime PPE. Not sure what the cause was — perhaps credit card nights — which it would seem quite unfair to remove at this stage of the game.

  59. How about the current Hilton glitch where I went from over 500,000 points to 615 from one day to the next. Gotta love IT.

    Anyone else seeing this Hilton error?

  60. Lucky, how many Starwood 2018 nights did you have prior to 8/18 this year? I’m guessing 65 – that would be your decrease as Marriott had double counted them come 8/18. My number was 42.

    SPG AmEx nights have NEVER counted towards LT (though they accidentally did this year post-8/18, that’s what Marriott is now fixing). This is different from how Marriott counted nights earned from their Visa CC.

  61. Epic Fail is an understatement !

    *Luckily I took screenshots of all pages of my SPG account prior to August 17th to serve as a backup in case things went south – I learned that from the UA/CO Mileage merger debacle.

    So…Before the integration date of August 17/18:
    I was a SPG Lifetime Platinum with 1,272 nights and 16 years Platinum.
    I had a total of 74 nights YTD
    I’ve had Ambassador service for the last two years and her contact info is on my SPG app & website.
    I never had a Marriott Rewards account
    I don’t have any affinity SPG/MR Credit Cards
    Prior to the integration date I also had 14 SPG Suite Night Upgrade Awards (5 +9 pending on upcoming reservations in November)
    YTD spending toward Ambassador service was $6,352

    After the integration date of August 17/18:
    I was a SPG/Loyalty Program Lifetime Platinum Elite with 1,302 nights and 16 years Platinum.
    I had a total of 64 nights YTD
    No Ambassador contact info is on my SPG app & website.
    I had 1 SPG Suite Night Upgrade Awards (and NO pending on upcoming reservations in November)
    When I sign in using the new SPG app – the info differed from when I did desktop sign-in.
    YTD spending toward Ambassador service is $10,279.

    When the integration was done – and I noticed the changes to my SPG account, I immediately contacted my SPG Ambassador and she was very thankful to see the screenshots.

    I thought maybe the award nights were no longer counting toward elite status (I had 10 nights on award in April). Unfortunately when I contacted SPG – they were not sure either. Apparently everyone both at Marriott and SPG are dealing with a brand new IT platform – not just the SPG people.

    Lo and behold – this morning everything looks where it ought to be:
    84 nights YTD
    Lifetime 1,302

    Still no Ambassador contact info
    Suite Night Upgrades still show 1 in the bank (should be 5)
    But the 9 night award is pending for my November reservation

    I was told that there will be another BIG bug fix on September 13th….

  62. @ all: as a follow-up to what I posted earlier, is anyone else seeing their “years as platinum” include the “matched” years when you got Marriott Platinum after linking your SPG Platinum account (ie, some double-counting for 2016 & 2017), or are you just seeing actual total years earned? Sounds like Lucky is seeing the matched years count (ie, he’s getting credit for Marriott 2016/2017 towards his 11 year Platinum total simply by being an SPG Platinum in those years), whereas I’m not — so I’m trying to understand which most people are seeing on their end.

  63. To add insult to injury…

    Got an e-mail from United Mileage Plus this am:
    “As a valued United MileagePlus® Premier® member who registered for complimentary Marriott Rewards® Gold Elite status through RewardsPlus, we’re pleased to let you know that you have recently been elevated to Platinum Elite status with Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® and SPG® through January 2019.* Benefits include a 50% points bonus and more Choice options.

    Well no wonder there are all these Platinums now !

    I hope the new IT platform is able to differentiate incoming reservations between Platinum Elite, Platinum Premier Elite, and Platinum Premier Elite + Ambassador. Because if I find out a United gold with Loyalty Program SPG/ME/RCR Platinum takes my suite upgrade that I’m entitled to as a PPE+A – I’ll be pissed !

  64. @lucky my best guess is they double counted this years nights. I had 5 nights this year all credit card and in my spg account pre merger it showed me having 35 lifetime nights. After august 18th when I logged into the new spg it showed me as having 40 lifetime nights. Today those extra 5 nights were gone.

  65. I was a SPG Plat for life. 10 years. 750 nights.
    But I am just showing Plat for life now. Not plat premier. how/who do i fix this?

  66. As some have said, the drop in my total is exactly how many nights I had stayed with SPG this year.

    8/18 Merger nights = 478
    Readjusted nights = 457
    Difference = 21
    Nights stayed this year at SPG pre-integration = 21

    My only issue now is I don’t know how many nights I had with Marriott pre-merger. I also find it odd that they would include Amex CC nights for this year (i.e. my 21 nights included SPG Amex nights) but not for other years (.i.e. my SPG total nights was 423 as of 1/1/2018, adding in stays this year gets to 448 but I’ve had the Amex for 7 years so the delta of 9 nights isn’t explained by adding Amex nights back.

    Either way – it seems their calculations are still off or inconsistent which is ridiculous considering this action should have only been taken when they knew the new totals would be 100% accurate.

  67. Lifetime platinum on Ritz. Some much older and a bit recent Spg activity. Surprise. Everything in my account is correct after merging. The years as platinum on Spg because of linked accounts also calculated correctly when combined with resulting Marriott account.

  68. This has been a disaster. I had over 1000 nights and was Lifetime Platinum in the SPG program for over a decade. I was assured that I would be Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite in the new program, but I’m not. I’m only Lifetime Platinum Elite. I’ve sent emails and held on phone lines that don’t get answered. No response.

    The brand loyalty of me and, it appears, hundreds of high-level SPG members is bleeding away from these larcenous Marriott creeps at a remarkable pace. All fears confirmed.

    Longtime SPG Loyalist

  69. How would you feel if you lost 2 years of staying at a Sheraton? That happened to me by them not sending my statements to a correct address. They never called or anything close. Yep, I lost them all.

    I am lifetime Platinum….. whatever at Marriott and not sure what it is really worth. I bought the wrong Category package and it got devaluated but Marriott will not fix it.

    As time has gone by, Marriott has valued me less and less as a customer. I am at about $4MM on spend on the Marriott card so you would think they would value that. Neither Marriott or Chase do.

  70. Absolutely disgusted with Marriott, been a member since 2003 most of which as Gold. Since the integration still Gold but lose the automatic use of Club Lounge. Have 3 reservations with them made back in February for the Middle East in November on the understanding of this privilege, but after several lengthy calls this is not now a Gold benefit. Just another crap company letting it’s loyal and long standing customers down, they will lose my custom I hope along with many others.

  71. Mine went down 28 nights. However, when my accounts merged, the total was 28 nights higher than it should have been. My YTD SPG was 28 so I had assumed they double counted this and now they have removed it.

    Also, up to now, all my SPG nights showed up as “paid”. Now they have adjusted the buckets and correctly put 10 of them into credit card nights. This tells me for 2018 they are counting SPG credit card nights even though they don’t count for prior years. My credit card night merged total shows as 41 which is correct (2 Marriott visas at 15 stays each and 2 SPG Amex cards at 5 nights each plus one elite night on a Marriott card for $3k spend).

    BTW….at lifetime nights of 1106, none of this matters to me personally. However, I do think the communication was horrible.

  72. @Eliot

    I was told by my SPG Ambassador that the new one time Lifetime Level of Platinum Premier Elite Lifetime members will be notified on January 1, 2019. This is the only year members can qualify for this Lifetime Status. Based on what you say, you will have that new Lifetime Status on January 1, 2019.
    I’m assuming that this new grandfathered Lifetime Status will be visible from the other statuses.

    @ Efembe
    Don’t worry – SPG Gold members are feeling this pain too. They are also excluded from the Club Lounges.

    Marriott saw what was so admired about SPG and should have kept SPG as the new program.

  73. Lost 5 lifetime nights and not happy. Hard to plan a hotel night run to get LTPP by the end of 2018 when the “final” LT nights number isn’t final at all.

  74. I smelled a Rat and took my 91K +30% and went to AA which works for me ..Hotel cards aren’t a good deal and unless u can use the higher end perks .

  75. My total was just adjusted down by 10 nights (768-758). I was never double credited any nights and one the accounts were combined the 768 night matched my calculation of what the correct total should be. Definitely appears to be the SPG Credit card nights that have been subtracted as my year to date totals have remained unchanged. Not happy but no real effect as I will still be bumped to Lifetime Platinum Premier in January.

    Many more things about the merger have been significantly more of a disappointment than this.

  76. I had 91 nights magically disappear. I have never had either (Marriot or SPG) cards so nights couldn’t have been pulled back from that. I spoke to an SPG rep that put in a trouble ticket into the tech team. The claim is that they have had database and issues and it could take 7-10days to correct… We will see…

  77. After merging accounts into SPG, my Marriott rewards points have disappeared. Granted they are not slot but now considering what to do with the remainder of my points now they are worth scrap and I would probably never stay at another SPG/Marriott not when I’m spending my own money.

  78. I’ve stayed totally away from Marriott this year after all of this mess. I’ve moved to Hilton and plan to stay there. A much cleaner program with actual benefits and no ‘tricks’ like Marriott has not only traditionally played but continues to do so. When Hilton offers a promotion it’s up front and direct. Marriott offers “double points every night….starting with your third night….after your second stay….every other stay…” Dumb things like that. The whole mess with the integration pushed me away. Done with them and will use them only if ever need to.

  79. Not sure this is a very helpful data point – but I lost 4 nights.

    However, no idea if it’s right now or not – my numbers are so far beyond the LT PP that I haven’t really been tracking (combined 2100 nights reduced to 2096).

    Not sure where a 4 night adjustment would have come from – best guess I have is they double counted my SPG nights for 2018.

  80. I went from overqualified for Marriott lifetime platinum premier by 3.75 to…3.75. All my SPG nights were head in bed, as were my Marriott nights.

    Still waiting for Marriott to give me a home bedroom makeover- my argument is that after 4 x lifetime platinum we should receive a Marriott room in our own home, since we sleep there less.

  81. I got other issue, as in SPG, it was 3 years in lifetime status earned and now it shows in my Marriott account only 2 years in lifetime earned…

    Well, I think they jest don’t need us as their future customers…

  82. This reduction in lifetime nights may not be related to credit card nights, as I lost 16 lifetime nights and I have only ever had paid nights. I don’t have a credit card and have never even redeemed points for a stay. Only paid.

  83. Mine went up and down by the same amount, about 20 nights. I was ten under before the merge, then ten over after and now back down to ten under. They seemed to give too many nights and have now corrected it? I don’t fault them for accuracy but do wish they got it right the first time.

  84. My lifetime combined nights dropped from 1036 to 1026. Drop of 10 nights matches with the SPG card nights I earned last year due to SPG CC (Personal + Business).
    There has been no changes to “Years as Platinum”. I think this is next update!
    I think odd number nights reduction in some cases suggests “Bonus” night achieved through various promotions.

  85. I was at 360 lifetime nights, but yesterday this went down to 312 nights.

    Can’t understand why, as I don’t have either the SPG or Marriott credit cards so have no nights based on credit card stays.

    Feeling short changed here, and not sure how/what to approach this with Marriott. I don’t even have proof that my lifetime nights were showing 360 nights before this happened…

  86. Lucky – I had the same thing happen to me. I noticed the decrease of approximately 30 nights from my lifetime status earlier today. I should have checked your blog first to see if this was happening to you/others. Instead, I called the SPG call center …. waited for 60 mins to speak to a Platinum Representative. She hadn’t heard of this problem…put me on hold for about 15 mins to investigate. The representative spoke to her resource desk and learned that this has been sporadically happening for the past few days and was told they were working on it and was told that the nights would be corrected. Having said that, there was very little detail as to what caused the reduction and any timeline for the correction (if any).

    I was already a SPG Lifetime Platinum prior to the Marriott purchase of Starwood and relied on the reported combined lifetime nights when I merged the accounts. I started some a couple mattress runs of my own because I thought I was within range to get the LPPE. I’m crossing my fingers this all does get worked out.

  87. It affected me greatly. All of a sudden I need 101 nights. I only needed about 70.
    Being gold status with Marriott sucks now too. I’ve lost my 4 pm checkout that I’ve had for 15+years. My free breakfast, percentage of bonus points earned, etc…

  88. My night balance seems to be correct, but I was Marriott Gold the last 6 years on the website it states I only be Gold/Platinum for the last 3 years

  89. Marriott also stopped lifetime Gold Elite members the gaurenteed 4 pm check out and entry in the concierge lounges. The way I see it I have no perks that are useful to me anymore. Between that change and resort fees they are making me look elsewhere for my hotel stays.

  90. chalk me up for the theft of 55 nights overnight. NOTHING was double counted in my account before- these are real missing nights. i did get back 13 of my missing 16 2018 nights that disappeared on Aug 18.

    as I’ve said well before MAR won the bidding war, i don’t trust marriott. they are 4 walls and a bed that can be found everywhere. that’s it. minimal status benefits and that will be the case again. they talked a good game for a while, but in april we saw what our future is. bloggers blew (affiliate link blackmail?!?!?) sunshine up our asses, but i saw the massive devaluation of the chart, the PEAK pricing to add another 20%+++ on top of that, and i knew where this was headed.

    i’m lifetime and have a ton of points, but it’ll just be a slow burn of points from here out- SPG (rip) card already out of my money clip as of Aug 1. hoping the Hyatt and small luxury hotels hookup is the real deal. the only problem there is i’d rather be called a communist than a globalist- does Soros control everything now?!?!?…

  91. Not related to lifetime status, but I’m still not happy with the way this merger has affected my points.

    I knew that I had 5K Starwood points coming to me via SPG spend to take me to 20K Starpoints that I wanted to convert to Star Points to KrisFlyer, knowning that with the 5K bonus, I’d have enough to try for Singapore Suites. Expecting points conversion Aug. 6, but nothing. Called Starwood Aug. 13 and was told they’re waiting for the conversion. Aug. 18 came and went and nothing happened. Called Marriott and they said… “Ooops… nothing we can do. Keep waiting.” Finally, points came through 9/1. Tried transferring them several times, but to no avail. Call Marriott… “oops… nothing we can do.” Points clear 9/4. Try to transfer again, but nothing happens. Tried one more time 9/6 and get message that my 60K Marriott Rewards conversion to KrisFlyer would come out to 24,998. So, now, I’m short EXACTLY 2 points from my Suites award.

  92. They want to have less people with Platinum Premier Lifetime status. Business economics. Marriot is playing it tough.

  93. My original Marriott account has exactly the same lifetime nights before and after the merger.
    It has never changed and stayed the same even today. But my SPG account is still messed up.
    I have 673 nights with Marriott and 65 nights with SPG. But my SPG nights have been 0 after the merger and still not fixed. I have a screenshot and have opened a ticket….no update still. I called and was told to wait for 2-3 days but it has been more than a week. This has nothing to do with SPG credit card. I actually stayed many nights with SPG and was an SPG Plat for a while.

  94. @ CMC, don’t be so sure about Hilton always being up front and direct. They still haven’t “found a way” to properly give me credit for any of the points I was due for a two-night stay in Philadelphia 14 months ago. It should be simple: [how much did I pay] x [ how many points/dollar they said I would earn]. And yet, Hilton has claimed for more than a year that some sort of computer problem is preventing them from awarding me points. Unbelievable.

  95. I “lost” nights as well. But now that I redid the math, it is obvious that the nights that came from my SPG account from 2018 were double counted when I combined the two accounts.
    The nights stayed this year were in the SPG lifetime nights carried over, but were also added to the combined accounts total number when they were added to this year’s total count. So while I was initially annoyed at loosing life time nights, I realise that it was going from wrong to right. And I am sure that is the case for most accounts.

  96. Other forums are speculating that the issue was that current year stays were double dounted in lifetime total. In other words, the amount that ‘disappeared’ should be the same amount as you have stayed this year (unclear if that’s SPG this year, or SPG+Marriott this year). The math seems to add up for me… Anyone else seeing this?

    If that’s correct, then it effectively puts an end to my sprint for Lifetime PPE. 🙁

  97. @Mark, it will be the nights from the account that was the sender. I combined my SPG account in to my Marriott account, and my SPG nights for 2018 were double counted. I did not initially notice that the tally was too high. But when they disappeared, and I did the detailed math it was clear.

    So for all Lucky’s outrage, his tally has just been made correct. I’ll agree it is unfortunate that it happened so late. And even more so that it happened after they said it was final. Should they have left the error in? Maybe, but I can get over their fixing it.

  98. @Jasper, I called last week and they told me to check for updates in 48 to 72 hours. (that was 8/31) However the web site is showing “We’re grateful for your patience while we complete the data clean up on a handful of known issues. Rest assured, while the vast majority of members’ accounts are showing accurate information, the remaining accounts will be fully restored in the coming weeks.” I assume my SPG account is the one that is still being fixed. I had 65 nights since 2008 or 2009 and they just disappeared (showing 0 nights now) right after the integration. I have not merged my accounts yet as I’m too scared to do so. I’m not sure if merging the account would actually fix it or not.

  99. @David, this is a different issue than what both Lucky and I experienced. They seem to have temporarily lost your data. I am reasonably certain it will come back up again. But I can understand your frustration

    To be honest, I made screenshots of both my accounts before the data transition started in August. Just in case. That helped me don’t he math now to understand what happened with the adjustment.

  100. I think part of the confusion here is in the way the nights from the AMEX SPG card count. Historically, they count toward earning status this year, but do not count in your lifetime total. On D-day (August 18), my SPG lifetime nights did not include any AMEX nights and that was the number used when accounts were merged. Thus not lifetime credit for AMEX nights this year just like in prior years.

    For my YTD nights, my 10 AMEX free nights from two credit cards were merged and counted.

    Of course, the fact that Marriott initially double counted my YTD nights and then recently corrected it makes it harder to track. But I took screen shots pre-8/18, post-8/18 and after I merged acccounts so I can track it. This made it seem like we got lifetime credit for the AMEX nights as they were included in the double counted YTD, but then they were removed later.

    And, to the insult of all of us loyal SPG’ers, Marriott did count my 30 nights from two chase visa cards to my lifetime total as this is what they have always done.

  101. I went from lifetime 392 to 389.

    Still lifetime gold and current plat.

    Never had either cc.

    I moved to intercontinental last year because all my stays are DTLA and their new property is closer to my office than Ritz.

    I’ve found their ambassador program to be really good. Always upgraded to a huge club level suite. They even took off all my minibar charges this morning.

    On the other hand, last year Ritz DTLA gave me a box of 5 macaroons after 10k in spend. And not one upgrade. Ever.

  102. I took screen shots before and after. They added 34 nights after the merger to lifetime and just recently took them away. I have no idea why, just confirming.

  103. I dropped 7 nights. No credit card.

    In my case it could be that they removed Protea nights? I was a member (no status) of the Protea loyalty program. This program then merged into Marriott.

  104. @Andy, what account did you merge into. I.e. from what account did you click merge? And how many nights had you stayed in 2018 with the other account when you merged?

  105. Lucky, have you followed-up with Marriott about this? I have emailed a few people/departments about this and so far have gotten nowhere.

  106. Lucky-
    This Marriott spg merger is a roller coaster to put it mildly, I just check my all time nights
    previously 774, then when marriott took back a bunch of nights without clear communication
    I went down to 724 and now I’m at 737 nights!
    I’m still trying to get to 750 or a little more before the end of the year but who really knows what will happen from now till the end of the year with our total nights ;-(

  107. so did you finally use your powers of travel to get LTPPE or are you done with marriott because you haven’t reported on LTPPE posting like every other blog? 😉

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