Marriott Bonvoy Status Challenge: How It Works (Closed)

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Update: This is to note that Marriott Bonvoy has closed its status challenge promotion, which was launched in its current form in August 2020. We knew this would be limited time, so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Only time will tell if this is reintroduced at some point. You can find the original post about the offer below.

This year loyalty programs sure have started to compete for business. In August Marriott Bonvoy joined the list of hotel programs offering status challenges, and in this post I wanted to review how exactly this works.

Marriott Bonvoy’s limited-time status challenge

Marriott Bonvoy is offering a status challenge for elite members of Accor Live Limitless, Hilton Honors, IHG Rewards Club, and World of Hyatt.

This promotion is limited time, though the end date hasn’t been published. As Marriott describes it, it’s recommended to register sooner rather than later, because the number of registrations will determine how long the offer is available (however, it’s still available four months later, so I guess it wasn’t that limited time).

With this offer, members will immediately receive either Gold or Platinum Bonvoy status. In order to maintain status through February 2022, members have to stay the following number of eligible nights:

  • In order to maintain Gold status, members have to stay five nights within 90 days
  • In order to maintain Platinum status, members have to stay 15 nights within 90 days

For context, Gold status ordinarily requires 25 elite nights, while Platinum status ordinarily requires 50 elite nights. Unfortunately, the Platinum challenge requires three times as many nights, even though the status ordinarily only requires two times as many nights.

There are a few important details to note about the status challenge:

  • You must be a Marriott Bonvoy member to register for the status challenge
  • The 90-day period begins when the member’s status is upgraded, which will typically be within a few days of when the request is made
  • To show status in a competing program you need to provide proof of at least one stay in the previous 12 months from the registration date
  • If members complete the status challenge, it counts towards lifetime status

Bonvoy Platinum members may receive suite upgrades

Which Marriott Bonvoy elite tier are you eligible for?

Whether you’re eligible for the Gold or Platinum status challenge depends on your status in the competing program.

For Accor Live Limitless:

  • Gold members can do a Gold challenge in the Bonvoy program
  • Platinum and Diamond members can do a Platinum challenge in the Bonvoy program

For Hilton Honors:

  • Gold and Diamond members can do a Platinum challenge in the Bonvoy program

For IHG Rewards Club:

  • Platinum and Spire members can do a Platinum challenge in the Bonvoy program

For World of Hyatt:

  • Explorist members can do a Gold challenge in the Bonvoy program
  • Globalist members can do a Platinum challenge in the Bonvoy program

Keep in mind that eligibility is based on having a certain status and being able to prove a single stay. In other words, if you have Hilton Honors Diamond status through the Hilton Aspire Card but have completed one Hilton stay in the past 12 months, you’d be eligible for a Platinum challenge.

See this post for ways to earn hotel elite status with credit cards.

Bonvoy Platinum members receive breakfast at many brands

Bottom line

I’m happy to see Marriott Bonvoy offering a status challenge for Gold or Platinum status. This could be a useful opportunity if you have any upcoming Marriott stays, especially since you get the status upfront.

A couple of things I should mention, though:

Still, for some, this could be worthwhile.

Do you plan on taking advantage of a Marriott Bonvoy status challenge?

  1. What is the point of Marriott elite status when almost no full-service brand property in North America is providing a club lounge, breakfast or other amenities? I’ve been traveling for work and have pretty much limited my hotels to Fairfield Inn under Marriott and Holiday Inn Express under IHG,.

  2. Yet another reason to avoid Marriott. I have lifetime status from SPG, but now almost exclusively stay with Hyatt.

    More elites means fewer honored benefits!

  3. Worrying about status for 2021 is a joke. In a best case scenario we might get a couple months of travel out of the end of the year if that.

  4. “Personally I have a hard time getting excited about the Bonvoy program right now, especially as Marriott has temporarily suspended elite guarantees, so your experience may be very inconsistent“

    When is Bonvoy ever consistent about anything?

  5. I am currently Gold with 45 nights. If I sign up for the challenge(for immediate status) and only stay 5 more nights, will I still earn the Platinum status?

  6. @bill – Many people still travel, either because it’s essential or because they live in areas less affected by Covid. I’ve spent around 40+ nights in hotels this summer (26 in August, 10 in July and the rest in June). Worrying about 2021 status is still a thing for some.

    Whether the status makes sense with all the service cuts is another matter. So far I had nice experiences this summer and hotels I’ve been to delivered a very normal experience, including status benefits but I’m aware that this may differ in some regions (I’ve been also specifically warned to avoid Hiltons as they seem to have very strict meassures and service cuts even in regions which are back to business-as-usual).

  7. Any idea what happens if status expires in the middle of a stay? For example, let’s say I check-in for a 10-night stay on day 88 of the challenge and don’t reach the required # of nights. Would I get free breakfast/perks for the entire stay, just two nights, or not at all?

  8. What is the point of this? Aside from the 90 Days Platinum you get, as you can do an 8 night for gold and 16 for platinum without anything anyways

  9. If one already has 46 nights with Marriott this year and plan to get the 4 in a trip later this year, is it wise to still do the fast track status challenge? Free breakfast would be nice at my 4 night stay…


  10. This just dilutes existing member benefits for those us that actually have stayed at the Marriott brands the past 12 months

  11. Just received the email granting me the status. Had to request the match three times , two times declined! Hilton Gold to Marriott Platinum

  12. Remind me why as an ambassador elite I should book a stay with Marriott? They’ve done nothing to incentivize me to book and stay with Marriott. They’re giving away platinum and titanium status through status matches, status challenges, and co-branded credit cards. Moreover, the actual hard benefits of ambassador elite status (like upgrades, breakfast or lounge access) aren’t substantively different from platinum elite status. Marriott could at least credit half or all of my 2020 spend toward 2021 spending for 2022 status.

  13. Why bother with Marriott any longer? Their properties don’t honor the promised benefits so status is worthless. Just leaves you frustrated. Arne could care less. Bonvoyed!

  14. Only incidentally, because you mentioned Accor All, they have announced that in 2021, the status credits will be doubled. This in addition to the earlier communication about second semester 2020 credits being rolled over to 2021. All is not a stellar program, but Silver and Platinum status are worthwile (Gold less so, since the advantage over Silver is minimal).

  15. I don’t know why Radisson and Accor don’t get more coverage on this blog. They have some great properties internationally, particularly in Europe and S.E. Asia.

  16. Spoke to Marriot, I entered the platinum challenge at the end of NOV, and it seems like my platinum benefits expire in Feb 2022, has marriot abolished the need to stay 15 nights within 90 days? Or is there an error, perhaps marriot took whoever was platinum or in the challenge at the time and pushed the expiration until Feb 2022..any one have thoughts?

  17. I have been loyal to Marriott and will go out of my way to stay at marriotts properties as much as I can to earn or keep the status, but with all of these constantly easy giveaways causing many benefits just good looks on paper but difficult to receive them, this is BS, no more loyalty to Marriott for sure.

  18. I tried to challenge for platinum status as a result of Hilton Diamond Status. My paperwork was denied 3 times (done differently each time) but I could not get an explanation of what was causing the denials. Customer service was called twice, representatives were sympathetic but unable to help.

    I gave up. Hilton Diamond customer service representatives have a lot of latitude to fix problems with one phone call. Bonvoy representatives don’t seem to have enough information to explain, let alone resolve, anything.

  19. I have the exact same thing as David O. entered Platinum Challenge from Oct 6th 2020.

    This morning called Marriot to doublecheck if I met the minimun nights criteria (15 for my challenge) for obtaining Platinum till 2022.

    First rep told me no sir challenges were suspended from Aug till 31st of Dec. So need to wait and see what happens. And dont worry you are already platinum. And that my Platinum status would be valid thru 21st Jan 2021. While the email when starting the challenge clearly stated 15 night before Jan 4th 2021.

    Then half an hour later called again and the rep told me yes you entered just before we stopped accepted people into our challenges. You started in Oct so we did start yours and then Marriot decided to extend statusses so the Platinum you have right now is valid until 2022. Miss, are you sure because I got Platinum status for a limited time and I want to know if according to my nights I did make the challenge otherwise my status will go back to gold, right? No sir, all statusses were extended and as you would see under your account after logging in, yours was extended until Feb 2022”. “Because Marriott decided to extend all statusses including your temporary status you got by starting the challenge”. “It would not have mattered if you did not make the 15 night stays you have on your account right now”. SAY WHAT?!

    Either I missed something and indeed also the temporary statusses (that would be valid for only 90 days) are extended, or both the representatives are wrong or poorly informed.

    This is what my account says: Thank you for your loyalty. Don’t forget, your 2019 Elite status was extended to February 2022 to give you more opportunity to enjoy your Elite benefits. And I wasn’t a Platinum in 2019.

    So does anybody have any idea about what’s going on?

  20. @Emre, do you have any additional information regarding extended temporary status?
    I’m in a similar position, my status last until early march (platinum challenge granted in Dec2020) but I have a trip on April and Platinum status would be helpful.
    I asked Marriott and the rep said that yes, but I’m not sure of it.

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