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Several hotel loyalty programs offer lifetime status for those who have been exceptionally loyal over the years — in separate posts I’ve written about the programs offered by Hilton Honors and World of Hyatt.

In this post I wanted to take a closer look at how you can earn lifetime status in the Marriott Bonvoy program. The good news is that this is probably the easiest lifetime hotel status you can earn.

How to earn Marriott Bonvoy lifetime status

Marriott Bonvoy has a pretty robust lifetime status program, in the sense that you can earn either lifetime Silver, Gold, or Platinum status.

Below I’ll talk about the qualification requirements for each status, which is based on a combination of a certain number of elite nights plus a certain number of years of elite status.

Lifetime Marriott Silver status

In order to receive lifetime Marriott Silver status you need to earn both of the following:

  • 250 lifetime elite nights
  • Five years of elite status

Marriott Silver status ordinarily requires earning at least 10 elite nights per year. Marriott Silver status offers basic perks like 10% bonus points and priority late check-out.

Receive priority late check-out as a Bonvoy Silver member

Lifetime Marriott Gold status

In order to receive lifetime Marriott Gold status you need to earn both of the following:

  • 400 lifetime elite nights
  • Seven years of elite status (minimum Gold status)

Marriott Gold status ordinarily requires earning at least 25 elite nights per year. Marriott Gold status offers perks like 25% bonus points, enhanced room upgrades, priority late check-out, a welcome gift of points, premium Wi-Fi, and more.

Receive an enhanced room upgrade as a Bonvoy Gold member

Lifetime Marriott Platinum status

In order to receive lifetime Marriott Platinum status you need to earn both of the following:

  • 600 lifetime elite nights
  • 10 years of elite status (minimum Platinum status)

Marriott Gold status ordinarily requires earning at least 50 elite nights per year. Marriott Platinum status is where perks really start to get valuable, as it offers benefits like 50% bonus points, suite upgrades, 4PM late check-out, complimentary breakfast and/or lounge access at most brands, and more.

Receive complimentary breakfast as a Bonvoy Platinum member

Marriott Bonvoy lifetime status FAQs

Perhaps it’s best to explain some of the other nuances of lifetime Marriott status in the form of some frequently asked questions.

Is there a way to earn lifetime Marriott Titanium status?

Unfortunately not anymore. When Marriott and Starwood introduced a unified loyalty program in 2018, the company offered lifetime Titanium status to those with 750 elite nights plus 10 years of Platinum status between the Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest programs.

This was offered as a one-time courtesy, but unfortunately isn’t offered on an ongoing basis.

Do you earn Choice Benefits with lifetime Marriott Platinum status?

Marriott has the Choice Benefits program, whereby you can select certain perks when passing 50 and 75 elite nights each year (these perks include suite night awards). Note that lifetime members don’t get to select these unless they would otherwise earn 50 or 75 elite nights in a year.

How can you see your progress towards lifetime Marriott status?

It’s very easy to track your progress towards lifetime Marriott status. Both Marriott’s website and mobile app show you your elite nights and number of years of elite status once you log into your Bonvoy account.

Do Marriott credit card nights count towards lifetime status?

Marriott’s co-branded credit cards can indeed help you towards earning lifetime Marriott status:

Bottom line

Marriott Bonvoy has the most achievable lifetime status of any major hotel loyalty program. Not only can you earn three different tiers of lifetime status, but elite nights and status earned through credit cards also count towards this requirement.

Most loyal Marriott guests should have no trouble achieving lifetime elite status over time with a bit of effort, especially when using Marriott’s co-branded credit cards. Lifetime status with Marriott is much easier to earn than with Hilton or Hyatt, for example.

What do you make of Marriott Bonvoy’s lifetime status program? Are there any questions about this you have that aren’t answered above?

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  1. Lifetime Gold here. Doesn’t much matter, I get Gold with my Amex platinum card anyway. (779 nights, but only 7 years of Platinum). I don’t see getting to Platinum any time soon no less holding it for 3 years. Oh well.

  2. @Ben – Can I make one suggestion/request that I think a lot of other readers will agree with – can you add into your photo captions the name of the property? I know you often like to put an italicized caption, but maybe right above it or next to it you can add in the name of the hotel/location/etc.? This would also save you time in replying to frequent comments asking what/where a certain picture is of?

    As an example – where is the first pool picture?

  3. @Peter, if you have to ask do you really belong on the frequent flier part of the internet

    it’s the ben in florida

    nice article lucky. when does the app reset the count for each year?

  4. @Ben

    I think you meant Marriott Platinum status…
    “Marriott Gold status ordinarily requires earning at least 50 elite nights per year. Marriott Platinum status is where perks really start to get valuable, as it offers benefits like 50% bonus points”

  5. I still haven’t received my Platinum elite year for 2020. Do you or anyone know when they will update the system or whom I should contact?

  6. @Ben – I’ve got a weird situation. Last year I was platinum with 6 years towards lifetime status. With the new year, my status stayed at 6 years. I thought it odd as using a calendar year would seem the easiest way to go. Then a few weeks ago it changed to 5 years. Any suggestions?

  7. The recent elite night dump put me over the top for LT Plat.

    Oddly, the unintended consequence is that I no longer need to prefer Marriott over other brands in my quest for 600 nights.

  8. When does the next year “post” for your years at gold, platinum etc.? Will a continuation of 2019 status over 2020 still count as another year of status? What about 2021?

    It looks like I’ve been sitting at 5 years of Platinum for 2019, 2020, and now in early 2021, when the last time I qualified without the courtesy extension was in 2019 which would have given me the balance of 2019 and 2020.

  9. @pixielott apologies for not recognizing a specific hotel that I have not been to. Will try to be better next time.

    I think it’s a very simple request, and it goes for any pics of any property across the globe. He has quite a collection of photos. If you read this blog enough like I do, you’ll notice tons of comments where people are asking what a certain image is showing.

  10. @Ben, several commenters have touched on this in this thread and in others: There seems to be a glitch in the #of years platinum/gold counter. I wasn’t paying as close attention as I should, but my counter showed 8 years platinum in December 2019, after I had already earned titanium for 2020. I earned titanium in 2020 and am five nights from earning it again in 2021 (thanks to the rollover). My counter still shows 8 years of platinum.
    Is there a known/observed delay in updating because of Covid?
    Do the years that platinum is achieved through bonuses/covid concessions not count?
    When does the counter roll, when you earn platinum for the year, or on January 1?
    Is there a way we can check their count, see which years they are counting?

  11. Ten year Ambassador (formerly with SPG) and Lifetime Titanium here. Frankly even with the Pandemic and more and more properties “not participating in Bonvoy benefits” – the Ambassador program has lost its exclusivity. You would think rewarding your most frequent customers would be a plus??? If I loose Ambassador – I’m happy with Titanium Lifetime.
    Wished they offered an Ambassador Lifetime – even as a one time thing. (10 years Ambassador and 2550 nights here)

  12. I Agree with Cedric. I’m a lifetime Titanium (19 years Platinum/Titanium with 2300+ nights) I’ve been Ambassador many years and would be nice to have that opportunity to receive lifetime Ambassador status. But, in golf terms, I’m on the 16th hole of my travel for work career but would be sweet to have that heading into retirement. Lifetime Titanium is still a good perk, especially when my wife travels for College Football games on my reservation and they treat her as if I’m traveling. Marriott has always treated me well. No complaints.

  13. Hi, several posts re Lifetime Plat posting. Anyone have answers? I also am at 9 Platinum with 700+ nights and earned plat again 2020, but have not heard re LT? Thanks!

  14. There is also a lifetime Titanium Elite status. No idea how that is better than lifetime Titanium but it’s what I’m at after 36 years as an elite, 29 of which were Platinum.

    What I can say is when I checked into the all but empty Residence Inn Pearl in December they didn’t offer an upgrade so apparently not very much.

  15. @Peter. If you right-click an image to “save as” it will show you the file name as in “The-Ben-Hotel-West-Palm-Beach-61”

  16. @ Steve — Titanium Elite and Titanium are the same thing in this case. Marriott generally adds “Elite” to the end of each elite tier, but it’s just easier to leave it off when writing a post that mentions elite tiers dozens of times.

  17. Don’t really want to whine but just a little disappointed with Marriott (from the SPG merger). For many years I was an SPG Gold (top level) arising from an initial Nile Cruise on a Sheraton Cruise Ship (6 pax) and follow-up stays at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi. But with most of our stays in Dubai (Hilton Jumeira Beach) we eventually were downgraded to a regular status. When the lifetime programs were first introduced my loyalty had to go to Hilton.

    I purchased a Marriott Hotel Suite in 1999 and initially was granted significant perks and higher level (Gold) status. This didn’t last long, unfortunately, so dropped to Marriott Silver.

    When the merger happened it seemed to me that with merging the years of Gold in the Sheraton – SPG plan with the years of gold and silver in the Marriott plan some form lifetime status would evolve. Sadly all the points from the SPG/Sheraton plans could not be recovered but, worse, non of the elite nights or status years would be recovered. The accounts were dormant, they saw the nights and status, but wouldn’t do anything to recover the loyalty section (the points were gone but I believe they should have recognized the loyalty nights).

    The concept of loyalty is somewhat tenuous when so many roadblocks are put in the way. I guess the good news is that I will imminently be awarded lifetime Silver (whoopee), well before my lifetime Hilton Diamond (which according to my records was due in 2018).

    I will never forget our stay in the JW Marriott in Bucharest where Silver gave us an upgrade to the Executive Floor 1 Bedroom Suite. It is still my highlight stay in a Marriott property. So perhaps all is not lost.

  18. Also want to know when the “years Platinum” counter resets. I’m still waiting for mine to as well (from 2020 status).

  19. Hi, several posts re Lifetime Plat posting. Anyone have answers? I also am at 9 Platinum with 650+ nights and earned plat again 2020, but have not heard re LT? Thanks!

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