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Google is a beautiful thing. Heck, people finding my blog on Google is a large part of how I make a living.

People mostly find the blog for airline/hotel related stuff, though there are some other odd topics on which I get a surprising amount of traffic/questions. For example, at least once a week I get an email with a dozen questions from someone looking to move from Tampa to Seattle, since I did that a few years ago. I’m always happy to try and help, though it’s sort of funny how often people contact me about that.

But the post which possibly deserves the award for getting the most interesting comments, is the one from a few years back, entitled “How to get a flight attendant’s contact information after the fact?”

As long time readers will know, I had an amazing flight from Singapore to Tokyo Narita in Singapore Airlines first class a few years ago, and wanted to get in touch with the flight attendant. Not because I wanted to marry her (she’s lovely, but I don’t lean that way), but just because she seemed awesome.


In retrospect I realize it may have come across as creepy, though that certainly wasn’t the intent. And I’ve met said flight attendant several times since, so I guess you could call it a success story.

However, I guess that post has now turned into the place to go when you see a beautiful flight attendant and want to spend the rest of your life with them.


Recent comments include this one, by someone who flew Lufthansa:

I have just had a flight from Frankfurt to Chicago (Lufthansa United LH430) where I met a very lovely and kind flight attendant. I wanted to ask her for her name but I’m shy and I let her slip away. We took turns gazing at each other while we landed and she look like she was blushing. I felt so lost in her movements and beauty, I wanted to wrap her in my arms and asked if she’s married instead we smiled at each other and said good day, I’m such a coward. I wish I could talk to her she is German and I’m a country boy I’m almost sure she wouldn’t want me. I’m sure that I can’t afford to fly business again to see her because I would ride that 10hr flight everyday just to see her if I could. I leave with her beauty forever in my mind and heart. I’ve looked and they won’t tell you who was on the flights no more.

And this one, from someone who flew Aeroflot and has (supposedly) booked eight tickets on them since, just hoping to meet the same flight attendant:

hey guys
seems like you all trying to work out for those beautiful air attendants. same here with me.
I met a male flight attendant on plane in 01 ,April. 2015
and he just stuck in my mind until now..
I’ve searched from google,facebook or instagram or even some dating website..
but still not work.. I’m so depress
ofcoz i send a email to Aeroflot Airline to Praise him and ask for his contact number
unfortunately they told me the info is privacy and they can only share the email to him.
I am trying all the possible way to find him
I bought 8 flight tickets of his airline for traveling
just hoping can meet him again and get his number by myself
i’m so regret that i didn’t be brave to ask it at the first time we met. i only talking some weather ,age, job etc with him : (((((
please help me or tell me what to do

And this one by someone who flew Singapore Airlines, where marriage was apparently already discussed:

Dear All, I will DIE if this continous, I am really crying because the same was happened to my life on may 20th 2015 from Melbourne to Singapore thru Singapore airlines. She throwed a pinch of paper on me, she hurried and took the paper and touched me and smiled. I taught this will happen normally for everybody, she roams with the serving trolley near me only. I have inspired and feared and finally I have asked her name, she showed the batch on her chest. After that all the crews were watched me and smiled. One of her crew and she come to my seat and discussed both themselves as “Hey you marry him, she said he is a vegetarian, No problem you change yourself, Or change himself”. I got feared and silently watched, but my mind says to marry her. Finally the flight landed in singapore., I searched her where she is? But she stand behind my cabin, in front she’s friend is standing. My heart beated too much and both of them watching me what I can? But I go back and shaked her hands, but she tightly holded my hand on her eyes and she cried little and In my eyes also tears came out. Because both the places were not my hometown that’s the major reason I have not shared my mobile number, and finally I say OK OK don’t cry and i leave her and walk, she’s friend in front of the cabin she asked her “what he says” “what he says” I was hear the lines while I am leaving the flight. But now I am totally fed up, daily I not able to sleep, eat, because her face is laughing all the time in front of me. If this situation continuous definetly I will die. ANyone please help me to get her contact details in Singapore airlines

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to report that last one somewhere, if they actually think they’re going to die?

So the moral of the story is to ask a flight attendant for their contact information during the flight if you’re interested and think they are as well… I guess? The few times I’ve gotten flight attendant numbers it hasn’t ended well, so “your mileage may vary,” I suppose.

  1. You should add matchmaking as a product line at Points Pros and charge for it. All the best matchmakers do…

  2. Why is this so hard? I just leave my number (to add me on Whatsapp if interested) on a piece of paper and hand it to the FA as I deplane. This has usually happened at outstations if that makes a difference, and has worked every time with CX / KA FAs in the past several years.

  3. Lucky,

    I’m now curious to hear about your previous interactions with FAs after getting their numbers… Is there a thread for this on your blog?

  4. It’s not hard at all, but I think it’s up to the passenger to give the FA his or her contact information or business card and leave it up to the FA to respond back to you (if he or she wishes to do so!)

  5. Unless you’ve had a fairly decent conversation with the FA you are eyeing in-flight (usually because they are deadheading in the seat next to you) and have already given each other fair measure that you are mutally interested in each other, this could be a unwelcome move.

    But if it does go down as above, the old contact details on your boarding pass before you split is the best way. It led to some short and long relationships for me, so it seems to help get over the issue that most crew feel it’s a bit risky for them (in terms of their employment) to be the first to offer their contact details in order to get together, once off the plane.

    Remember, keep it classy lol.

  6. Well, I wonder if anyone wants phone number of flight attendants in U.S. Airlines. Most of them are not physically attractive…

  7. My mom was a FA during the “golden age” of air travel during the 60s and 70s (she was one of the first African American FAs hired for her airline and stayed with them for 20+ years). She once told me a story about flirting with Muhammad Ali, so that’s pretty awesome, but she has a great deal of creepo stalker stories to tell! One of her fellow FAs even had a zealous passenger show up at their hotel a few hours after the flight. #awkward

  8. Perhaps they forget the FA’s are paid to be nice and respectful while on the job. Their real personalities might be nothing you would like. Also it would be quite hard to have a real relationship with one, with all the traveling and long distances. But it could work I suppose, as my uncle did marry a FA as he always saw her on the same BA route. Though the ones saying they’ll die/cry etc come on its like theyve never dated before.

  9. During the flight back from Tokyo to Los Angeles on Korean Air, a female flight attendant came to me directly. As a passenger, I had already had friendly interaction with other crew but this was the first time talking with her. She asked if I was sure I would make my connection. Knowing the layover at LAX was around 3-4 hours long, I said that there should be enough time and thanked her. Closer to landing she asked me again. To this day, I wonder if 1) she had incorrect passenger details, or 2) she wanted me to miss my connection. Probably the former but we’ll never know.

  10. Well it doesn’t always have to be a fantasy. Flying from Sydney to London 4 years ago I had a wonderful flight to Singapore ( my first trip in suites class )with the most lovely of creatures I’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. So happened she was working the London -Singapore leg on my return a few weeks later and that flight was even better. I gave her my email address expecting nothing and was suprised when she emailed me.We have been married for over two years and our first child is due in October.

  11. Wow, that first letter / comment actually sounded like a romantic novel, I want it to continue!
    Same here, I get searches (but not comments) looking for flight attendants, and I even had one reader email me (very nicely) asking tips how to approach flight attendants.
    I should probably direct him to this post 😉

  12. Lucky, how does the assignments of flight attendants work? If they are based on an outer station (i.e. JFK) they will probably just work on the JFK-HUB route. But if they are based on the company hub, can they be assigned to any route or they are kept on a specific route for some time before being assigned to another?

  13. These are frankly quite disturbing. They read like posts on an MRA forum more than anything else.

  14. The last one sounds a bit strange…the FA cried when he left the plane because she wanted to marry him, and it was the first time they met…did I get this right? (english is not my mother tongue)

    I think everyone once met/saw a hot/cute FA in the plane and started dreaming of how it would be….as they “have” to be nice to you, I think it is easy to sometimes misinterpret also.

  15. Those are too funny. Poorly socialized people get the craziest ideas when they get out in public. Here’s an idea, ask her for her phone number while she’s talking to you? If you are too weak sauce for that, give her your number/business card and wait for her to call you or not. Really, these are service people at work, so your success rate is likely to not be very high.

  16. @ gobluetwo

    MRA= Mens’ Rights Activists. It’s this toxic brew of misogyny and frustration with what they perceive to be a loss of male privilege as women achieve more equality in the world. Elliot Rodger, the guy who went on the murderous rampage at USCB last year, was heavily influenced by the MRA movement. I wouldn’t recommend reading their forums unless you want to see some pretty vile rants against women.

  17. @ Carlos — They do typically get a variety of routes, and not just one. But really does depend on airline, as they all have different methods for assigning routes.

  18. I handeled my phone number to a european First class FA at the end of the flight, and WORKED :p
    I’m writing this from her livingroom, seriously.
    This people is just normal people. Just as you. And will react to a fact the same way as you will.
    We had 4 vacations toghether in the last 6 months including HKG, Mexico, New York, Boston and Thiland.
    You can say we’re doing ok 😉

  19. Lucky, if you have Paul’s contact details, have an interview with him, it would make an awesome article.

  20. Wait whaaaaatt?
    “(she’s lovely, but I don’t lean that way)”

    Lucky are you playing on my team?

    If so, that is the second revelation this month after ThePointsGuy’s Brian decides to randomly drop in “My boyfriend” like 3 times in a trip report!

  21. I met a US Airways flight attendant at Phillips Restaurant in Baltimore June 28th 2015. It was a chance encounter. Usually there is no place to park around Baltimore inner harbor, however as luck would have it I found a spot right in front of the restaurant. It was an hour wait to dine so they seated me at the bar. To my left was a lady and after complaining about the wait, she acknowledge that she was waiting to be seated and it was obvious she was alone. I asked her if I could share her table for which she agreed. We had a lovely conversation, shared pictures of our children and even shared our food. We laughed and enjoyed each other. I treated her to the dinner for sharing her table for which she was appreciative and proceeded to leave. She asked is that it, at least can I give you a hug? We hugged very tightly and I left. I did not ask for her number because in my heart I felt something but as Andy Grammer song “Honey I’m good” I got somebody at home and I tried to remain true. However, I am kicking myself because it feels like even though we just met, I left a good friend knowing that I will mostly never see her again. It’s been more than two weeks and she is still on my mind. I ask her to look me up anytime she is in Baltimore, but I did not give her my contact information. Now I want to find her and start a friendship. I know her first name. What are my chances of contacting her?

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