How to get a flight attendant’s contact information after the fact?

I suspect I’m in the minority here in desperately wanting a flight attendant’s contact information without creepy intent.

I wrote about my AMAZING Singapore Airlines flight a couple of days ago, and I figured the smile would eventually be wiped off my face. Well, after having a couple of days to think it over, I’ve decided that out of the two million “butt in seat” miles I’ve flown (I just turned 22 — how sad is that?), this was the best flight of my life by a mile. The crazy thing is that Monday, the day of my flight, was one of the worst days for me in recent memory due to some issues I was dealing with, so when I boarded the Singapore Airlines flight I kind of said to myself “great, I’ll sleep it off and hopefully feel better,” but I didn’t actually think my frown would turn into a smile in a matter of minutes. It’s funny how things happen sometimes.

Not only was it a great flight, but Wong Chin, the amazing flight attendant, kind of inspired me. I’m not into sharing good deeds (it kind of ruins the “goodness” of them if they’re talked about, in my opinion), but I’ve already found myself trying to apply the “Wong Chin” method in a couple of ways. Either way, I now have her card on my desk, and it has made me smile the past two mornings.

However, I’m now mildly depressed by the fact that I didn’t get her contact information. Actually, I kind of think I did, but I can’t find it, which is even worse. It was a redeye so I was rather tired and not on top of my game, but as I disembarked I distinctly remember Wong Chin saying to me “I hope to hear from you soon, Mr. Lucky.” To me that suggests she actually gave me her contact information, but the life of me I can’t find it. She gave me several sheets of paper with info about the flight, the name of the crewmembers (upon my request), etc., but I can’t seem to find it.

While I’ve already written Singapore Airlines to compliment her on the best flight of my life, that’s not enough. I’d love to be able to send her flowers or something, but for the life of me I can’t find her contact information. Heck, more than anything else I’d love to get on another one of her flights.

Guess I’m totally screwed?

Boy, does this post sound creepy. Sorry for rambling…

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  1. Clearly, you need to fly a SQ flight every day for the next month to increase your chances.

    I’ve known of guys who did crazier things to ‘bump’ into a pretty girl again…..

  2. @ jyflyer — Nope, Wong Chin was her first name. Last name is the same as a certain month of the year (after April and before June).

  3. LOL! Reminds me of how I got my first date with my fiancee. I was too drunk to ask for her number at the bar, so I stalked her office before finally asking a friend of a friend to forward my contact info to her.

  4. I’m sure that many will slam you here for being creepy. Personally, I think that if your intentions are noble (i.e, you don’t want to “stalk” her), then it’s not creepy! Every man has jumped through hoops at least once in his life to get a girl’s number (or attention). 🙂 I just worry that if you get married to this girl and settle down you’ll stop blogging. Please, man, don’t let that happen. That’s what happened to me and now I live my life vicariously through you. I’m begging you… You don’t know what it’s like to see a mistake fare of $300 in First class from Asia to anywhere in the world and stare at the screen in tears, not able to buy it, because your wife will have your balls… The only solace is looking into my little girl’s eyes and knowing that there’s a little mileage junkie in there waiting to grow up!

  5. Interesting concept….

    At my favorite bars, I’ll go on a night when a bartender I like is working…

    Restaurant, the same – I’ll ask if “Jim” or “Jill” is working and aske to be seated in their section.

    Imagine if you could see in advance who your flight crew would be, and make that a criteria for which flight you selected?

  6. Best wishes for whatever it is that you’re dealing with. Hope it gets better soon.

  7. I have a feeling her last name is Wong as that is a much more common last name for Asians.

  8. @A.S.- LOL. But next time you find such a mistake fare, can you let me know please? 😉

    @Lucky- I guess you could contact Singapore Airline’s VP of Customer Service or another manager-type. They might not give you her contact info, but would probably forward the gift to her. Btw, you have the cleanest office desk I’ve ever seen! I’m jealous.

  9. I’m pretty sure Wong is her last name. It’s a Chinese surname (duh] of Cantonese dialect group. East Asian displays family name (surname) first, followed by given name.

  10. lucky, while I don’t think it’s possible to get her contact officially, your best bet is to fly SQ again and ask any flight attendant kindly. My cousins used to work as FA and they are more than happy to help each other and it’s not uncommon for FAs to go beyond just one flight. As a matter of fact, that’s how my cousin met her husband.

    If your friend flies SQ, I’d ask if he/she can ask a fellow FA (I’d go for a female who can be ‘romantic’ 🙂 and explains how desperately you’d like to thank her. I’d write a card and include a photo of yourself so that when Ms. May receives your card, she knows what to do.

    Wong Chin is definitely her first and middle name as in Asia it’s very common to call someone with both first and middle name together. In Hong-Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, month like last name is pretty common too.

    Good times, man!

    A long time reader, but I can’t believe my first comment would be like this.

  11. @collector – I agree that it is Cantonese, but it could also be her given name as Lucky has mentioned that she does have a last name.

  12. You don’t sound creepy at all. Creepy was the guy sitting behind me on SQ12 who would not leave the flight attendent alone after her telling him very politely that she wasn’t interested. (I was very tempted to set the guy straight just so I didn’t have to listen to his pathetic attempts.) May Wong Chin was interested so…..empty all your bags & look through your trash & I’m certain her contact info. will turn up.

  13. @Singapore flyer
    Being an ethnic Chinese who speaks Cantonese, I’m 99.99% sure that Wong is her last name, Chin May is her given name. Her Chinese name could likely be
    黄x美(chin is the more difficult one to decipher…)

  14. Left a message with my cousin to find out if she knows your FA. She flies the SG – JFK and SG – Europe flights.

  15. @collector, as am I, but I just going with how she would have introduced herself to Lucky. She wouldn’t have given her surname and half of her given name. That would be incredibly awkward..if it was a mainland name with two characters, then I would agree that Wong is probably her surname.

  16. This is so cool, I love reading this blog. The disillusioned side of me hope that you don’t fake this to generate more traffic…..

    Keep us posted on this!!!!!!!!

  17. @simon…good one. Janesis was on the card…couldn’t make out what that was. @collector – looks like you are correct.

  18. Somewhere out there, Wong Chin is writing her own blog entitled “How to get a customer’s contact information after the fact?”

  19. I guess it depends on why you want the information. Do you just want to send her flowers, or are you wanting to ask her out on a date or something? Facebook is probably the best, and just be upfront about why you are asking.

  20. @Singapore flyer, i was about to guess she might very well be from Malaysia or Hong Kong, as most Singapore-born females will just use their western names..I guess Simon was a step ahead confirming my hunch…

  21. @ Brian — Just send her flowers or a gift or something. Trust me, I have no interest in pursuing her.

  22. @ chuck — I guess you could say that. I have five wives, and I was hoping for a sixth. How does that make me a sick bastard?

  23. Very creepy. You already wrote SQ to compliment her. That’s enough. Anything more starts to be stalking. Let it go.

  24. @lucky – Was she hot?

    Serious question.

    Also, were any of the above profiles the right one?

  25. Nothing creepy or to be ashamed of here. I’d tread lightly and perhaps SQ would offer to provide Lucky’s info to the FA so she can follow up if interested.

  26. It is a little creepy and unwarranted, although I believe you have the best of intentions. She is in a service profession, and happens to be very good at her job. That does not mean she wants her job following her outside of work. While she may be naturally enthusiastic about taking care of passengers, it is no doubt exhausting. Any attempt to extend the relationship outside of a plane, even if only briefly, is like asking her to work when she’s off the clock.

  27. It almost sounds like you’re chasing her for love but I know you are not for obvious reason.

    I’m sure if you have provided feedback to SQ customer service, they’ll find the right Wong Chin to relay your appreciation and/or a gift you are intending to send. Why don’t you just include your business card with your gift so there’s always an opportunity for the person on the receving end to contact you back. You have the flight date, flight number and her name. There’s no way SQ cannot locate her. This way you’re not being creepy!

    It’s creepy that people are able to locate her various online profile…be it facebook or multiply or whatever sites. But then again, there is no such thing as privacy online!

    Good Luck with this nice gesture you are doing … and good luck with the issue you are having. I have a pretty good idea what it is. You’ll find a new one, maybe on your next flight 😉

  28. A. S., very well said…I sent your nice comment up to my wife and colleagues… it so sums up my situation perfectly! Thanks for wording it 🙂

  29. Thanks to all of you for your help!

    @ pieces — Sure, like most “Singapore girls” she was attractive. Unfortunately I don’t think any of the profiles above are correct (though I could be wrong, though obviously they look a bit different when they’re in their full uniform).

    @ mathlete — Yes, except she said “I hope to hear from you,” so…

    @ Chad — ROFLMAO!

  30. Hope you are taking into consideration that her being identified here could potentially result in her receiving unwanted attention.

  31. “Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But here’s my number. So call me maybe?!?”

  32. Hate to rain on your parade and further confuse you but i am Almost 100% certain her last name cannot be May. I do not believe May is a proper Asian surname. Wong chin is probably her last name / maiden name combo. It could have been chin wong perhaps? May should be her first name, and even so it could have been spelled Mei…

  33. Funny and amusing post.

    When someone fawns all over me I actually consider it a huge turnoff, but this girl really seems to have made an impression on you.

    Yeah it may sound a little odd, but in this era of extreme suspicion virtually anything a grown man does can be considered creepy in somebody’s eyes.

    If you ask average folks how they became couples it’s not unusual to hear some really creepy tales from time to time that have long since been forgotten or at least forgiven.

    I guess all is fair in love and war, right?

    This is going to be post number fifty and yet I don’t think anyone has asked you about the part where you said this was one of the “worst days…in recent memory due to some issues I was dealing with.”

    I know we’re all just a bunch of travel minded strangers passing through an ethereal travel blog, but if you don’t mind my asking is everything alright?

  34. Lucky, As much as I enjoy your blog, your lack of professionalism, or for that matter common sense and good judgement in this instance is jarring. You should not have posted the FAs name here. You’ve crossed the line.

  35. Ignore the naysayers. Some of the best friends (and random hook-ups) I’ve made have been FAs. If someone made an impression on you, follow up and see what happens. It is no different than going back to the same Starbucks or similar just because they give you great service. If she doesn’t want to communicate back, she won’t. But it won’t be for lack of your effort.

  36. My GF and I have been together for 6 years and she has been flying with NH for a few years and numerous times while we have been together, she will come home with flowers, business cards, dinner certificates, i love you cards, you name it. They usually get sent to her manager or HQ and eventually make their way on to yahoo shopping japan or brand off but none the less, i commend you. Just dont do anything over the top cause she could always have a partner and she might be having a laugh with her boyfriend. just trying to keep it real.

  37. Now, see, I don’t really want to say this but I think someone should.

    Just because she said “Hope to hear from you” doesn’t necessarily mean that she “Hopes to hear from you”.

    You *have* already been nice in writing to SQ. If your intentions are truly as stated, personally I would stop now.

  38. @caesar: I second that
    @lucky: your last name is a strong internet lead. She would easily find your blog and read your post. Things get messier if her partner is into reading travel blogs.
    Your articles rock! Good luck!

  39. Since-judging by your blog alone you’re not some crazy stalker-wanting to send her flowers is sweet.

  40. I’ll be in Singapore in a couple of months for 2 weeks. If I can help on anything just let me know.

  41. I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry starts dating his maid and she stops cleaning when she comes over his apartment. I can see Lucky dating this girl, and service in F class when he flies with her starts to decline a little… Best not to mix business with pleasure.

  42. It’s interesting how many people here think you’re a creep for wanting to thank her for cheering up when you were feeling down.

    I think you have good intentions and it’s not everyday that people are appreciated for their hard work.

    A little bit of unwarranted advice: Flowers (or chocolate) might come off the wrong way because they have a romantic connotation. A card seems appropriate (maybe with some stickers also haha).

  43. Managed to find her?
    I can help…I have friends working in SQ.
    I can help u ask around to locate her.

  44. similar situation…flight on May 8 (United-7am from HLN, MT)but do NOT want to invade this flight attendant’s space or privacy…(she has enuf going on as it is!)…so what to do?

  45. similar situation…flight on May 8 (United Express (Skywest) 7am from Helena, MT) but do NOT want to invade this flight attendant’s space or privacy…I had to make a correction to the flight details…can any-one help me?

  46. Hi everyone,
    Here I am. Thank you very much for all the comments. The multiply blog.. Yes its me! I almost forgot about the shirt… I get to know all of you here thru a kind colleague information. Inspiring others is what keep my passion at work and in life.
    I love meeting people all around the world. That is why I choose this job as my career. I believe helping others help myself as well. What goes around will come around…
    I strongly believe the saying, “Some people come into your life as blessings, and others come into your life as lessons.”
    Im just a very simple lady striving to be a kind and compassion human being and inspiring people (Thats what my parent thought me) I meet around the world like the famous motivational speaker “Nick Vujicic”. Rest assured everyone here…Mr Lucky found me right now and right here:)
    Peace and love,

  47. Is your office set up that way to make it look like you’ve got a killer view from a corner office?

  48. What is up with that photo, Ben? It looks like that’s the view outside your window, it took me half a minute to finally get that it was your wallpaper screen instead 😉

  49. I have a similar experience with a sweet FA about 3 months ago. How I hate myself for not being smart and fast enough to ask for her contact details before I alight from the plane. I even forgot her name and I do not know how am I going to locate her. Can someone help me? I still have the flight date and route though.

  50. it happened 2me 2 but in soudi airline flight 2854.the worst thing is that i dont know his name. 🙁
    i searched everywhere but still nothing.
    how can i find him?

  51. I have a very similar situation. I flew on Hong Kong Airlines from HK to Okinawa flight HX676, 0725 departure, 21Sep 2014. The FA’s last name is “Lee”. She made a great impression on me and would like to communicate with her. No creepy intentions, just want to get to know her. Can anyone help?

  52. I have just had a flight from Frankfurt to Chicago (Lufthansa United LH430) where I met a very lovely and kind flight attendant. I wanted to ask her for her name but I’m shy and I let her slip away. We took turns gazing at each other while we landed and she look like she was blushing. I felt so lost in her movements and beauty, I wanted to wrap her in my arms and asked if she’s married instead we smiled at each other and said good day, I’m such a coward. I wish I could talk to her she is German and I’m a country boy I’m almost sure she wouldn’t want me. I’m sure that I can’t afford to fly business again to see her because I would ride that 10hr flight everyday just to see her if I could. I leave with her beauty forever in my mind and heart. I’ve looked and they won’t tell you who was on the flights no more.

  53. hey guys
    seems like you all trying to work out for those beautiful air attendants. same here with me.
    I met a male flight attendant on plane in 01 ,April. 2015
    and he just stuck in my mind until now..
    I’ve searched from google,facebook or instagram or even some dating website..
    but still not work.. I’m so depress
    ofcoz i send a email to Aeroflot Airline to Praise him and ask for his contact number
    unfortunately they told me the info is privacy and they can only share the email to him.
    I am trying all the possible way to find him
    I bought 8 flight tickets of his airline for traveling
    just hoping can meet him again and get his number by myself
    i’m so regret that i didn’t be brave to ask it at the first time we met. i only talking some weather ,age, job etc with him : (((((
    please help me or tell me what to do

  54. Dear All, I will DIE if this continous, I am really crying because the same was happened to my life on may 20th 2015 from Melbourne to Singapore thru Singapore airlines. She throwed a pinch of paper on me, she hurried and took the paper and touched me and smiled. I taught this will happen normally for everybody, she roams with the serving trolley near me only. I have inspired and feared and finally I have asked her name, she showed the batch on her chest. After that all the crews were watched me and smiled. One of her crew and she come to my seat and discussed both themselves as “Hey you marry him, she said he is a vegetarian, No problem you change yourself, Or change himself”. I got feared and silently watched, but my mind says to marry her. Finally the flight landed in singapore., I searched her where she is? But she stand behind my cabin, in front she’s friend is standing. My heart beated too much and both of them watching me what I can? But I go back and shaked her hands, but she tightly holded my hand on her eyes and she cried little and In my eyes also tears came out. Because both the places were not my hometown that’s the major reason I have not shared my mobile number, and finally I say OK OK don’t cry and i leave her and walk, she’s friend in front of the cabin she asked her “what he says” “what he says” I was hear the lines while I am leaving the flight. But now I am totally fed up, daily I not able to sleep, eat, because her face is laughing all the time in front of me. If this situation continuous definetly I will die. ANyone please help me to get her contact details in Singapore airlines

  55. Hi pontija, you and myself in the same boat, so we will do one thing, For you I can search your stewards contact details. The same you can please check my stewardess contact details. If it is OK for you.

  56. Dear Sirs,

    Good day to you!

    The purpose of writing this message is to locate one your airline flight stewardess back in 1975 – 1978 by the name of Wannai (Wendy) Anip. I would be most grateful if you can kindly assist me in how to locate her. I have tried facebook and others with not much success.

    I have been trying to locate her for more than 10 years.

    Your kind assistance in locating Wendy will be greatly appreciated.


  57. This reminds me of the time I got a number from a beautiful FA on a late night flight. Later while checking into the hotel in walks the flight crew. As I get my room card I ask loudly,”Does that say room 512 or 517″? She showed up with a coworker, and the rest is history. Historic fact: 2 > 1.

  58. Would like to get information on the premium FA on Delta Flight DL 1992 from Grand Rapids, Mi to Detroit friday morning 12/18/2015. Any help would be appreciated.

  59. She should definitely be in LinkedIn dude, just go through some profiles, you will find her. All the best dude, do let me know if she is found

  60. Looking for a Delta stewardess named: Rikki.
    Female, Petite, dark med length hair. Brn eyes. Half French half Spanish. From So. Cal. Known her since high school. Just haven’t seen her since. She has a sister Kari, brother: David. Important I find her. Lives in Oregon. My name is Terry. I have something valuable of hers to return. She is probably about 60 to 61 yrs old.

  61. Hi everyone!! This post is amazing! I experienced the same thing!! Yesterday! On an Emirates flight from Dubai to Cairo…. I met this sweet sweden attendant, she catched my eyes the minute I saw her!! (That doesn’t sound creepy at all..right

  62. Hey guys! I thought that I was the only one in this situation! I’m so glad I found this post and I read almost every comment here.

    I met the most good looking and nicest FA EVER on an Emirates flight last week. He treated me very nicely, talked to me and smiled every time he passed by me and he even gave me a little box of chocolate when everybody was sleeping. I also had an opportunity to have a longer conversation with him but we didn’t exchange contact information in the end and now I’m dying from so much regret. I was being shy, skeptical and also afraid to fall in love again, so I think I wasn’t being clear if I was interested in him or not… I’ve learned the lesson: If you’re interested in a FA, go for it! You only have a few hours of opportunity, so don’t throw them away. Don’t play games and be objective.

    Now, I had a brilliant idea. I wrote a message with my contact and I’m going to ask someone from Emirates (manager or something) to hand/send the card to him. I recommend using a professional looking envelope so they think it contains tip (I don’t recommend to actually give tip to them, kind and warm words in a letter are enough IMO) and take us more seriously. And don’t forget to write all the information necessary on the envelope if you don’t know your FA’s full name. For example:

    Dear Mr. Bob
    Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant
    Flight EK1234 Arrival Dec/9/2016 18:15

    I’m pretty sure they will do this favor for me, but please wish me luck! I hope you guys will be able to get in touch with your FA too! Love, peace, light and positive energy for all~

  63. I believe the woman I am looking for works for Delta. Her name is Rikki, last name first initial only= V. That is her maiden last name. I’m not sure if she was ever married. I’ve looked for her for 42 yrs. We were about to elope when all of a sudden he mother told us we couldn’t date for 2 weeks as we were 15 minutes late coming home on a Friday night.
    During that 2 weeks her mother moved her to Finland for college told her I married another woman. Not true. I only found this out 3 yrs ago. We have had friends deliver messages to each other a few times. She is in Oregon now but no one knows where for sure, and her mom won’t tell anyone. To taunt me her mom gave me a love letter bout 6 mos old. Rikki still loves me and misses me. I feel the same. We are both about 62 yrs old now and would love to finish our time together. Can you help us? Thanks,

  64. I’ve impressed with Katie, a flight attendant of Qantas QF 41 from Sydney to Jakarta on 17th December 2016. She’s a western lady who has Asian style of politeness. I’ve given her compliment to Qantas customer service but I still can’t get her contact number. I hope that someone will help me or even Katie will read this message 🙂

  65. hey there can anyone tell me that how could i find out the details just the name of the cabin crew member of emirates. its very urgent.

  66. Same happened to me on my trip… I was lucky enough the flight attendant on bound to the US from asia and back and forth was on duty twice.

    She was cute and my mistake was I didn’t got her number. Actually, they were all cute. But she did made an impression on me because I remember her on my first long flight.

    Anyways I don’t know if I’ll see her again and in consideration she could already be married. Do I feel tempted to ask for her contacts?… Sometimes yes but I don’t know what to should If i get her number again for reason that she could be married… And also not wanting to appear like I m a stalker. All I can do is wish her well. Hhehehe

  67. Hi Wow. Kind of a similar situation..
    What a smile and a amazing personality she had. . I met this beautiful Business class flight attendant by the name of Xeina. I missed her last name, very long.. we seemed to get along the whole trip. we had many short conversations and we seemed to connect the whole fight. Lufthansa Flight Lh 430 Sunday 5th.Nov.17. Upper deck Business. Frankfurt to Chicago flight.
    Xeina Is a dark skinned German Princess in her late 20’s.
    Unfortunately at the end of the flight i was intending to give her my number on my exit but I must of exited a differant way and missed her..
    This is a first for me.I can’t seem to get her out of my head. what an amazing intoxicating beautiful women. Help me track her down. love struck. My future wife..She made the most amazing impression on me and her smile was to die for.

    If anyone can help me get in contact would be great…Maybe there’s another way to find her .?
    Maybe I believe in fate and if it’s to be we will meet again..
    Help Connect!!!!

  68. Be very hard to find her on social media cause most airlines give employees name badges with other names to stop passengers from stalking cabin crew on social media.

  69. Exactly a week ago on 12Dec17 I flew ANA from Haneda to Takamatsu and met a FA with the most beautiful eyes I ever seen. The flight was NH537. Her name was Wada-san. I still remember her look until now , the most beautiful eyes.
    She looked exausted , peering out the window while sitting on her jumpseat. Our eyes crossed path couple of times but I was too coward and looked away each time. At the end of the flight, she greeted me with thank you and I returned with a goodbye while starring at her eyes for one last time. I missed the chance to talk to her and tell her that she has the most beautiful eyes I ever seen. Im regretting now.
    Wada san , ANA domestic.

  70. hi everyone, i had similar situation 6 years ago, while travelling from Bangkok to Dubai at night dated may 06 – may 07 2012 in the year 2012 (Suvarnabhumi international airport bkk to Dubai international airport dxb 06-07 may 2012 flight EK373), i met a man (a light attendant, passenger) that looks like he is from eastern europe. We had good time and before leaving the plane he asked me for my email address but i was feeling confused that i didn’t give him. I don’t know anything about him, all i know is that he was in his 30s tall with brown long hair and the flight number. I left the plane in dubai airport while he stayed because it seems dubai airport was a transit point for him. He was travelling with his friend (an older man).
    It has been long time, but lets give a try.

  71. Had the same experience yesterday at Flight SQ0494 12th April SIN-DXB. She has the most beautiful smile, when she asked me about the main course, I was stunned and wasn’t able to answer for couple of seconds..Wish I got the courage to ask her name/contact.

  72. same happened with me…. i just remember his name and smile… i really fell for him….he was in a flight on 23rd may…can anyone help me find him for me plsss……his name is lee lau hwang written on the badge….

  73. I was flying on Emirates flight 223 from DXB to EWR on 11th June (two days) back. I got connected with a flight attendant and I wish I gave her my number or got her number but I did not have the guts to do it with the other passengers around. I am 100% sure she was sad when I said bye. How stupid I am, I did not even look at her name tag as we were fixed on our eyes. Now I am desperate. I am looking at the flight patterns of the emirates crew and looks like they dont take the same route again. Can anyone help. Does anyone has an idea when does the emirates cabin crew take same flight path again.

  74. Even I met a guy named Sumit Singh in flight of Qatar Airways. He was a cabin crew member… I tried to search him but couldn’t find anything…. The only information that I’ve on him is that he is originally from Kolkata, but now stays in Doha and works as a cabin crew member in Qatar Airways… He’s height is in between 6′ – 6’5. He has a brown complexion and deep dark eyes…. Please help me… And sorry for sounding creepy!!!!

  75. Dear friends,

    do not be sad..have hope.
    You met some special people, nothing will be lost. Thank god and continue the journey, our earthly life is so short … it will certainly be the day when we all meet the special people we meet on our way. That place exists and is called paradise. In that place we will meet and stay together and we will love each other forever. Every tear will be dried, every pain healed.

    Good life dear friends and have a nice trip!

    : )


  76. The same thing happened to me 2 days ago and I wrote to Singapore Airlines asking them to forward my letter.

    A young flight attendant (in her 20s) made an impression on me because she was both tall and looked like my cousin, except with bigger eyes. Before I got off the plane, I greeted this female attendant and said that she is very tall, to which she replied with a smile, “You’re very tall too” while covering her nose and mouth.

    In my case, I don’t have trouble exchanging contact info. However, it didn’t occur to me to give my business card to her out of professionalism, as I have worked in the hospitality industry before and this is the first time this has happened to me.

    I was on flight SQ 298 from Christchurch to Singapore on 15 Nov 2018 in Seat 34H. I am 196cm and the flight attendant was about 175cm.

    If anybody knows FA’s at SQ I’d appreciate your help!

  77. I met a FA named Cindy on a Continental flight from Newark, NJ, to Orlando, FL in September 1991. Loose curly brown hair, sweet smile with a great sense of humor. Thought I remember her saying she was from Randolph, NJ. On a half-filled flight we really seemed to connect but I blew it and never got her last name or number. Thought I could ask my friend who worked the Continental counter back at Newark but she said there was no FA on that flight named Cindy. I swear that was her name. Would love to reconnect with her now. If you know a Cindy from New Jersey who was a FA for Continental in the early 1990’s, I’d appreciate your help!

  78. Same dilemma. I just want to know the name of one of the cabin crew of SQ 918 on Oct 29, 2018, assisting in the economy cabin. Brunette, looks a bit indian. She was cute that’s all. I’m sorry for being creepy

  79. Hello

    at first April 2019 we meet with Veron in Amsterdam , she worked in Singapore Airline cabin crew till now we can not contact her ..

    Somebody can help me to inform her


  80. Try LinkedIn a lot of flight attendants are on there. I had a similar experience and found another one of the crew members and asked them to forward my contact information to the one that I was interested in.

  81. Hi there,

    I’m really interested to find out about the contact information of one flight attendant on SIA. I was on the flight SQ266 traveling from Brisbane to Singapore on 20 December 2019. She was assisting in the business class cabin.

    She’s 23, same age as me. We had a really nice chat and she recommended watching Dr. Stone when she saw that I was watching anime (Detective Conan) on the in-flight entertainment.

    I would really like to be friends with her cause she seems really friendly, funny and nice.

    Really appreciate any help.

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