Lufthansa New Business Class Dusseldorf Routes

I’m a big fan of Lufthansa, though they sure don’t make it easy to keep track of which flights feature their new first and business class product. As of now they have the new first and business class product on select routes out of Munich and Frankfurt.

Lufthansa’s new business class product

And they also have a new first and business class tracker, whereby you can check within eight weeks of departure if your flight is scheduled to feature the new first or business class:

A lot of people don’t realize that Lufthansa operates two longhaul routes out of Dusseldorf, to Chicago and Newark. Historically these flights are quite easy to find business class award space on, given that most premium passengers are flying through Munich and Frankfurt given the number of connection opportunities. It’s worth noting that Lufthansa doesn’t sell first class on these routes, so it’s a two cabin service they offer.

Up until now those two routes have always featured the old business class product, though it appears as if that will be changing shortly:

  • LH408/409 Dusseldorf to Newark will feature the new business class of April 19, 2014
  • LH436/437 Dusseldorf to Chicago will feature the new business class of April 20, 2014

Lufthansa-New-Biz-1 Lufthansa-New-Biz-2

While Lufthansa’s new business class product isn’t amazing, it sure beats their old business class product.

Here are some previous posts I’ve written about Lufthansa’s new first and business class products:

(Tip of the hat to Lufthansa Flyer)

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  1. What months do you see availability? I just did a quick check on ANA and I saw maybe 2-3 spots between now and September and that’s it. Possibly they haven’t loaded the rest of the awards yet because this is a new route?

  2. Ugg… still no change to the ATL-FRA flight. Just over one month to go before I need that the be resolved!

  3. @Wolfgang – Yup, flew that a few times to DUS. Nice as F was not usually full but that’s why they cancelled it I guess:-)

    LH has been very stingy about releasing c inventory in general as of late.

  4. @Autolycus,
    Same for me, I’m flying that route in June. The problem is, my flight used to be listed as New C, but they did an equipment change to a 3-class A343! From the online tool on the LH website, it doesn’t look like any flights between now and July will be New C. I’d switch my routing to ORD-DUS or EWR-DUS if there were any availability…

  5. Just flew on the business , I simply adore their superb customer service *insert sarcastic tone here** food was dry as the desert heat , menu was limited no snacks … Blahhhhhh

  6. Lufthansa is really a shitty airline. I have no idea why they get such a good rep including Lucky. Sure they have a nice F, but if that’s the standard an airline is measured by then forget about it. Even there new business class is totally unappealing. Looks like a cemetery. And we don’t even need to talk about their coach product which makes me wanna vomit.

  7. @Lucky-
    Do you generally think service is better in business class on Lufthansa when flying on a two-cabin aircraft vs. that of a three-cabin aircraft?

  8. @ Michael – I thought Lucky has been pretty explicit in saying he likes LH F + FCT but doesn’t hold LH J in highest regard which was even mentioned in this blog post (“While Lufthansa’s new business class product isn’t amazing, it sure beats their old business class product.”)

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