LifeMiles Offering 100% Bonus On Transferred Miles

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Update: This offer for the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Avianca’s LifeMiles program has just announced that they’re offering a 100% bonus on transferred miles between February 9 and February 23, 2016. Obviously this is only useful if you have an existing LifeMiles mileage balance, since you can’t transfer miles you don’t have.


LifeMiles charges 1.5 cents per transferred mile, and you can transfer up to 75,000 miles per year (before the 100% bonus). In other words, transferring 75,000 miles would cost $1,125, and you’d receive a total of 150,000 miles in the account you transfer to. At a cost of 1.5 cents per generated mile, that’s not a half bad deal.

This used to be the best method to generate LifeMiles, given that with a 100% bonus the cost to transfer miles is 1.5 cents each, while the cost to purchase miles is 1.65 cents each (the costs used to be the same, but in 2014 LifeMiles raised the cost to purchase miles by 10%). However, lately we’ve seen LifeMiles offer several bonuses on purchased miles of more than 100%, including the following:


In other words, based on the promotions we’ve seen the past months, the better option for generating LifeMiles is to outright purchase them with a bonus of more than 100%, rather than to transfer miles.

The good news is that the value of LifeMiles has been increasing lately, given that they’ve fixed what I consider to be the two biggest downsides of the LifeMiles program:


If you do end up paying to trasfer miles, keep in mind that LifeMiles processes mileage transfers directly, meaning it would qualify as an airfare purchase. Therefore you’ll want to use a credit card like the American Express Premier Rewards GoldCiti Prestige® Card, or Citi Premier℠ Card for the purchase, since you’d earn triple points.

Bottom line

The value of LifeMiles has recently gone up given that they now allow redemptions for Lufthansa first class and for mixed cabin awards, which is great news. If you want to generate more LifeMiles for a specific redemption, this is a great option, though I wouldn’t take advantage of it for the purpose of speculatively buying miles, since I suspect we’ll see a better bonus on purchased miles in the future.

Do you plan on transferring LifeMiles with a 100% bonus?

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  1. The ideal way to use this is to leverage through multiple shares. 38k can be turned into 76k with one share, which can be turned into 150k (75k x2 promo max) by sharing back to the originator. A daisy chain of shares can be quite useful…

    I don’t see a minimum number of days an account must be active to participate in this promotion.

  2. Hi, are you sure the cost is what you mentioned?

    From the T&C: “Transfer fee for each block of 1,000 LifeMiles: USD 17.70* including taxes for each country**”

    To me, this implies that each mile received will cost 0.88 cents? That would make it a huge bargain.

    Also, any idea whether we can ping-pong the miles? I transfer to my friend, he transfers back to me, we both get the bonus? Thanks.

  3. @ Cody

    No you think wrong. You still pay 1,77 cent per mile.
    If you transfer 1000 (which you already have or paid for) you pay 17,70$
    You get 2000 but you have only 1000 more then before!

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