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I was excited to experience LATAM’s business class on a longer flight, given that previously I had only flown a LATAM 787 between Madrid and Frankfurt, which is too short of a flight to really experience the service.

Mexico City (MEX) – Santiago (SCL)
Saturday, December 2
Depart: 6:55PM
Arrive: 6:15AM (+1 day)
Duration: 8hr20min
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Seat: 4L (Business Class)

We boarded through door L2, where we were greeted by the flight service manager and pointed towards our seats. LATAM’s 787-8 business class cabin consists of a total of 30 seats. Between the first and second set of doors are three rows, in a 2-2-2 layout.

LATAM 787 business class cabin

Then behind the second set of doors are another two rows of business class seats.

LATAM 787 business class cabin

LATAM 787 business class cabin

LATAM’s 787 business class seats are fully flat. While this isn’t the most private product if you’re traveling alone, I think it’s an awesome product if you’re with a companion, since you can easily communicate with one another while seated.

LATAM business class seats

We assigned ourselves the aisle and window seat in the fourth row on the right side. Personally I think row four is the best place to sit in business class. You’re right behind the exit door, but there are no bathrooms or anything in that area, so there’s no noise or light during the flight. This part of the cabin just feels so spacious.

LATAM business class seats

I love the design that LATAM selected for their 787s, as the two business class sections form one big area, thanks to the open layout. You have the perfect view of this from row four, and I just think it looks so cool. It almost reminds me of the cabin mockups that Boeing put out back when they first came up with the concept for the plane.

LATAM business class cabin

In terms of the seat functions, the seat controls were on a panel between seats, and were easy to use.

LATAM business class seat controls

Then the entertainment controller and a water bottle holder were underneath the center armrest.

LATAM business class entertainment controls

The seat also has a privacy partition that can be raised. It won’t give you full privacy, but it at least helps if you’re traveling alone. Note that while the 787-8 has these partitions, the 787-9 doesn’t, which I find odd (I’ll be reviewing that plane later).

LATAM business class privacy shield

The tray table folded out of the center armrest, and was sort of a pain to use, as you really had to pull hard for it to come all the way out and “stabalize.”

LATAM business class entertainment selection

In terms of the seat’s other features, there were ottomans, storage under the ottomans, and then two storage compartments between seats, along with coat hooks. LATAM also has individual air nozzles on the 787, which I appreciate, given that I tend to get warm when sleeping on planes.

LATAM business class legroom

Waiting at our seats on boarding were headphones, which were okay quality.

LATAM business class headphones

Boarding was crazy, as every seat on the plane was taken. The one downside to being seated in row four is that all passengers walk past you during boarding, but that’s a small price to pay for what I’d otherwise consider to be excellent seats.

Just a few minutes after settling in, Claudia came by to introduce herself — “hello, my name is Claudia and I will be the hostess taking care of you today. If you need anything at all during the flight, please tell me.” Claudia was incredible, and we really lucked out with having her. Not only was she professional, but she was always smiling and seemed so genuine.

About 15 minutes after boarding, Claudia offered us our choice of pre-departure beverages, with the choice between champagne, pisco sours, and water. I chose the champagne, while Ford had a pisco sour. Both were served with mixed nuts.

LATAM business class pre-departure drinks and nuts

A few minutes later, another flight attendant distributed landing cards for Chile.

Landing forms for Chile

Towards the end of boarding, the crew rolled a cart down the aisle with magazines, newspapers, and amenity kits.

LATAM business class amenity kit

The amenity kit was Salvatore Ferragamo branded, and was very well stocked, with a pen, toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb, tissues, earplugs, a mirror, socks, a shoe bag, lip balm, hand cream, etc. Very impressive.

LATAM business class amenity kit contents

At 6:50PM the main cabin door was closed, and moments later the captain added his welcome aboard, and informed us that he was expecting that we’d depart within the next 10 minutes, and that we had a flight time of 7hr20min.

At 6:55PM the safety video was screened (which was adorable, by the way), and at 7PM we began our pushback. 10 minutes later we began our taxi, and at 7:15PM we were cleared for takeoff.

As we climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection, starting with the airshow.

Airshow to Santiago

Airshow to Santiago

As far as the entertainment selection goes, there weren’t that many options, but what they did offer was excellent. For example, they had 27 “Blockbuster” movies, and many of them were ones I wanted to see.

LATAM business class entertainment selection

LATAM business class entertainment selection

LATAM business class entertainment selection

There was also a selection of sitcoms. LATAM doesn’t have wifi on their 787s. Given what a short flight this was and since I wanted to sleep after the meal, I decided not to watch anything on this flight, since I knew I’d have three more LATAM flights.

LATAM business class entertainment selection

The seatbelt sign was turned off about 10 minutes after takeoff, at which point the crew distributed blankets and pillows. You can request them even during boarding, but this is the point in the flight at which they come through and proactively offer them to each passenger. LATAM has phenomenal pillows and blankets, among the best in the sky.

LATAM business class bedding

There’s not an airline in the world that offers a cozier and more substantial blanket in business class. Simply fantastic.

LATAM business class bedding

As we leveled off, the flight service manager came by each business class seat to welcome passengers onboard. My only complaint about the flight was how slow the meal service was to get started. Warm towels were distributed at 8PM, a full 45 minutes after takeoff.

LATAM business class warm towel

Then it was another 30 minutes until drinks and the meal were served. There wasn’t first a round of drinks and then the meal, but rather everything was served at once. I don’t really mind that for such a short redeye, I just wish this service had started 30 minutes after takeoff rather than 75 minutes after takeoff.

There weren’t menus for the first meal, which I believe was a fluke, since there were menus on the return flight.

With the exception of dessert, the entire meal was served on one tray, and the lovely Claudia described the options as being lamb chops, chicken breast with almond sauce, or shrimp salad with lettuce and eggs. I ordered the salad, while Ford had the chicken.

LATAM business class dinner

All options came with side salads, including olives, radishes, and cherry tomatoes.

LATAM business class dinner — side salad

They also came with a side of cheese.

LATAM business class dinner — cheese plate

Then there was my main course salad, which was flavorful and filling. It had shrimp, tomatoes, hardboiled eggs, etc.

LATAM business class dinner — shrimp salad

Ford also enjoyed his main course of chicken.

LATAM business class dinner — chicken

Claudia recommend specific wines for each of our meals based on what we were having, though we both just asked for their lightest white wine. LATAM Chile primarily serves Chilean wines, which I appreciate, as I’ve enjoyed most of the Chilean wines I’ve tried. This one was no exception.

LATAM business class dinner — wine & water

Once we were done with our mains, our trays were cleared, and at 9PM we were offered dessert, with the choice between flan, vanilla ice cream, and fruit. I selected the flan, while Ford had the ice cream.

LATAM business class dinner — dessert

Two hours after takeoff our trays were cleared. The food was excellent, despite the lack of a menu and the fairly slow start to the service. Claudia was an absolute gem, though. She was so kind, charming, and professional.

After the meal Claudia gave each of us a bottle of water, and also a breakfast card that we could fill out so we could order our pre-landing meal in advance.

LATAM business class bottled water

LATAM business class breakfast card

After the meal I reclined my seat, and we had just 5hr20min remaining to Santiago.

Airshow enroute to Santiago

Airshow enroute to Santiago

I fell asleep almost immediately, and got a solid four hours of sleep. By the time I woke up we were just off the coast of Chile.

Airshow enroute to Santiago

I was woken up by Claudia, and once I put my seat into the upright position I had my breakfast in front of me. I like when airlines use breakfast cards, since on some airlines you’re woken up for breakfast, and then it’s another 30 minutes until you’re served anything.

It goes without saying I wasn’t terribly hungry since I just had dinner four hours prior, but I figured I’d order something anyway for the purposes of my review.

LATAM business class breakfast

I ordered an omelet. While the eggs themselves were tasteless, it was served with some sort of delicious spicy something-or-another. I’m not sure if it was tofu, or what, but it was great.

LATAM business class breakfast — omelet

Then I had a side of fruit.

LATAM business class breakfast — fresh fruit

Lastly I had a mango yogurt.

LATAM business class breakfast — mango yogurt

After breakfast I freshened up in the lavatory. While I love the open layout of LATAM’s 787s, there is one major downside — there are only two lavatories in business class, and they’re in the front of the cabin by the galley. There almost always seemed to be a line for them, and waiting was also awkward, since you just sort of stood in the galley, where you felt like you were invading the crew’s space.

LATAM business class lavatory

At 5AM the captain announced we’d be landing in about 30 minutes, and moments later we began our descent.

Airshow approaching Santiago

At 5:15AM the seatbelt sign was turned on, at which point the crew prepared the cabin for arrival. During the descent, Claudia came around to each passenger in “her” section and thanked them for flying with LATAM, and said “I hope to see you again soon.” Little did we know that we would see her again (more on that later).

LATAM 787-8 business class cabin

We touched down in Santiago at 5:30AM, and from there had a 10 minute taxi to our arrival gate.

LATAM 787 business class bottom line

LATAM offers a solid business class experience with comfortable seats, good food and drinks, excellent bedding and amenity kits, and in this case, exceptional service. LATAM’s hard product isn’t cutting edge, though this was ideal when traveling with Ford, since we could sit together.

LATAM’s bedding and amenity kits are among the best of any airline in business class. Claudia was also a real treat, as she was so professional (which unfortunately I didn’t find to be the case on all my LATAM flights). My only constructive criticism is that I wish the service had started more quickly, given what a short redeye flight this was.

Still, I’d fly LATAM again in a heartbeat, as they often have attractive fares.

If you’ve flown LATAM business class, what was your experience like?

  1. I fly a lot with LATAM (primarily LATAM Chile) and Claudia seems to be the typical LATAM FA. In 40+ flights with them, i’m still waiting for a bad crew

  2. Is it just me, or does the new LATAM livery not look as good as the old LAN and TAM liveries? It seems a shame to me that they’re keeping the new one.

  3. Even tho these 2-2-2 seats are considered below industry standard nowadays, I’ve had my best sleep in air with LATAM in these seats. Great catering, amazing bedding, and all the goodies you want in the amenity bag + more in the bathroom (facial mist spray) all make for a great nights sleep. Not to mention perfect, polished service. Me encanta

  4. Living in Ecuador we use LATAM frequently for trips to the US, Lima, Santiago or Uruguay as well as within EC(economy available only). These business class flights were of shorter duration than the one you described. I think your flight had updated equipment-not often used in intraSA flights; better service and much better food. The nuts and initial drinks offering were the same for the international flights

  5. Interesting the review doesn’t cover the 6 across seating problem much. It isn’t a problem for couples but it is a major problem for people travelling alone. I now avoid carriers like this. Only if there is no alternative or the fare is a lot less than anyone else. LATAM’s monopoly service to Easter Island and on to Tahiti is reflected in the poor quality of the food and poor service by the crew even though they use a 787.

  6. I think LATAM’s on board service is wonderful but their customer service on the phone and online, such as via Twitter is abhorrent. Absolutely inept and there always seems to be some hiccup with seat assignments, lost reservations, extra seat charges that should be gratis – etc. However, they truly are the best option to South America and so we must grin and bear it.

  7. I just did a round trip Miami-Santiago in Business. Flew out with American (777) and back with Latam (787).
    Latam was in every aspects superior, especially for the service which is always “meh” to horrible on Americain Airlines. HOWEVER, as a 6″3 guy (1.90 m) the seat on Latam is way too short, there is no way to stretch my legs. I would say that this seat needs at least 8 more inches (20cm) to fit a guy like me. Needless to say that this short seat/bed made the sleep very inconvenient. The seat from in the American 777 is much “longer” but also narrower.
    Bottom line is that you will be uncomfortable in Latam seat if you are taller than 1.70 cm. Below that, I would pick the Latam option any day (wider seat and better service). Unfortunately, as a tall guys, I will never fly again on Latam business.
    I wish you could mention that in your reviews. Thanks for the good job anyway.

  8. Good afternoon

    Do you have any reviews of a flight from jfk to Guayaquil LATAM first class?

    Thank you

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