Review: LATAM Business Class 787-8 Santiago To Mexico City

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We arrived in Santiago at 9:40PM, while our connecting flight was at 11:40PM, so we had a decent connection time. However, the transit process ended up taking longer than expected. I found the signage in the airport to be bad, and as we made our way from the domestic terminal to the international terminal, we followed the signage towards business class check-in, figuring there might be a priority security & immigration queue there.

Well, there was a premium queue, though it took forever. There was one immigration officer working, and there must have been at least three dozen people in line. So we ended up having to wait about 30 minutes. On the plus side, the bottleneck was at immigration, and then there was no wait at the premium security line.

The security line let out right into the LATAM VIP Lounge. Unfortunately we only had a few minutes in the lounge, so I won’t be reviewing it this time, especially given that it was crowded, making it tough to get good pictures.

LATAM VIP Lounge Santiago Airport

Our flight was departing from gate 17A, and we got there just about five minutes before boarding started, at around 10:55PM.

LATAM departure gate to Mexico City

Santiago (SCL) – Mexico City (MEX)
Wednesday, December 6
Depart: 11:40PM
Arrive: 5:30AM (+1 day)
Duration: 8hr50min
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Seat: 2C (Business Class)

At the door we were greeted by the flight service manager, who had zero charm. While the previous crews were all fairly friendly, this one wasn’t. They were downright cold.

This flight was operated by the same 787-8 we had from Mexico City to Santiago, featuring 30 business class seats, spread across two cabins.

LATAM 787 business class cabin

LATAM 787 business class cabin

This time around we assigned ourselves seats 2A & 2C. These are standard seats in the cabin, though personally I far preferred the seats we had in row four on the way out, which I found to be much more private and cozy.

LATAM 787 business class seats

LATAM 787 business class seats

By the way, am I the only one who finds the bulkhead to be hideous? That’s another advantage of row four — you don’t have to look at that ugly bulkhead the whole flight. 😉

LATAM business class cabin 787

A few minutes after settling in, “our” flight attendant introduced herself and asked if we wanted anything to drink (rather than coming around with a tray with four options). We both just asked for water, and minutes later she returned with that along with some nuts.

LATAM business class pre-departure drinks & nuts

She then returned with LATAM’s excellent amenity kit, landing cards for Mexico, and a menu. This was the first of the four LATAM flights where we received menus.

LATAM business class amenity kit, menu, and landing card for Mexico

Since this was a redeye and we wanted to maximize rest, we already grabbed our bedding out of the overhead bins while on the ground.

LATAM business class bedding

The flight was quite full (29 or 30 business class seats were taken), and with everyone boarding through the forward door, there was quite a bit of foot traffic. At 11:35PM the door was closed, at which point the captain announced our flight time of 8hr5min, and said that we should be taking off within 25 minutes.

At 11:50PM we began our pushback, and had a short taxi to the runway. By 12:05AM we were airborne, and five minutes later the seatbelt sign was turned off.

As we climbed out we browsed the entertainment selection, and somehow Ford convinced me to watch “Annabelle: Creation.” I’m terrified of scary movies, and perhaps a plane isn’t the ideal place to watch one. But I actually made it through the whole thing, and frankly I found the movie so ridiculous that it barely scared me.

LATAM business class entertainment selection

About 25 minutes after takeoff, our flight attendant came by to take meal orders. The menu read as follows:

The drink menu read as follows:

Service began with warm towels, about five minutes after meal orders were taken.

LATAM business class warm towel

The service on this flight was quite efficient, and 50 minutes after takeoff the salad, cheese, and appetizer course were served.

LATAM business class dinner service

Everyone got the same salad and cheese plate. The salad was delicious, as it’s rare you see decent avocado on a plane.

LATAM business class dinner — salad

LATAM business class dinner — cheese

Then there was the choice of appetizers. I selected the grilled Ecuadorian shrimp with quinoa salad, while Ford had the native potato soup with Chiloe Island potato chips. Both appetizer choices were quite good.

LATAM business class dinner — appetizer

LATAM business class dinner — soup

We were also offered our choice of drinks, and each had a glass of white wine and a sparkling water.

LATAM business class dinner — drinks

Our appetizers were cleared quickly, and our main courses were brought right out. For the main course I ordered the porcini mushroom gnocchi in tomato sauce with sautéed shiitake mushrooms, which was borderline inedible.

LATAM business class dinner — main course

Ford had the grilled tenderloin with onion confit, Chiloe Island potatoes, and roasted cherry tomatoes.

LATAM business class dinner — main course

As soon as our main courses were cleared we were offered dessert. Ford had the ice cream (Haagen-Dazs cookies & cream flavor), while I had the banana cheesecake with dulce de leche and passionfruit sauce.

LATAM business class dinner — dessert

Once the meal was done we were presented with bottled water, and also breakfast cards that we were asked to fill out.

LATAM business class bottled water

The breakfast card read as follows:

The meal was finishes at 1:25AM, about 80 minutes after takeoff, which I thought was pretty good. Shortly thereafter the cabin lights were dimmed.

LATAM business class cabin after takeoff

We finished our movie, and then fell asleep with about six hours remaining to Mexico City.

Airshow enroute to Mexico City

Airshow enroute to Mexico City

I slept extremely well, and naturally woke up just under an hour from landing.

Airshow enroute to Mexico City

Airshow enroute to Mexico City

Ford and I had both just selected the express breakfast option, which includes orange juice, a hot drink, and a pastry. I just ordered coffee and a muffin. The muffin was surprisingly tasty.

LATAM business class express breakfast

After breakfast I freshened up, and at 4:45AM local time the captain announced that we’d be landing in about 35 minutes. We touched down at 5:15AM, and from there had a 10 minute taxi to our arrival gate. As usual, immigration lines in Mexico City were long.

Mexico City immigration line

LATAM business class bottom line

We got a great night of sleep on this flight, thanks primarily to LATAM’s excellent bedding. The food on this flight was okay, while the service definitely wasn’t friendly, especially compared to some of the other great crews we had. All things considered, LATAM offers a solid business class product to/from South America, and I’d fly them again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for following along for this trip report!

  1. Just want to thank you again for your straightforward reviews – you tell it like it is. Keep up the great work.

  2. Nice review but I find it hard to believe that this is a “solid business class product” when the seating is 2-2-2 the food was “Okay” and “un-friendly” service. I’m not trying to be negative it just seems like an odd summary based on the information.

    The line in Mexico City looks about typical from my visits there. It always seems very slow even on flights from the USA into MEX. I always wonder how many people self-immigrate North across the border as I stand there in that line trying to gain entry to Mexico City 🙂

  3. I happened to enjoy the porcini mushroom gnocchi. I don’t eat at Michelin star restaurants though and I do tons of hiking when I consume tons of dehydrated food though so I guess it comes down to what one is used to food-wise. Comparatively speaking from a J food perspective with other airlines, I found LATAM’s food to be fine. Definitely not inedible IMO. Not the best, not the worst, but solid, which is how I’d classify 75% of airlines’ food.

  4. As far as the immigration line, I guess I got lucky when I went to MEX; there was no line whatsoever as one of the first passengers out as a biz flier; same for the positioning flight from DFW-MEX (where I only had a 1.5 hr connection time) before the MEX-SCL-IPC flight so it is good to hear that MEX’s transit is known to take long as my experiences would’ve told me that I just need an hour to connect.

  5. Lucky, definitely agree about the signage in Santiago. We were just there 2 weeks ago prior flying back to Australia and it was very confusing. The LATAM lounge is nice (love the fact that has an entertainment and sleep area), but food is not the best. It seems to me that whilst LATAM provides an overall good seat and generally good service, the food and IFE are letting them down. QF on the way back, was waaayyy better than LATAM, miles ahead.
    Thanks for your posts, definitely enjoy reading your reviews!

  6. Meal finished 80 minutes after takeoff is great, even if the service is bad. On a overnight flight I wouldrather have quick bad service, than charming long service.

  7. immigration lines @ MEX vary by terminal. My experience into the AM term 2 is shorter lines, perhaps more efficiently centralized w/ AM+SkyTeam then mess in Term 1.

  8. I have to say whilst I agree with most of your review, I think I must have been on a totally different Dreamliner to you. I actively chose to MOVE from row 4 as it was the opposite of private and cosy, in fact it was the most open and visible row of seats in the cabin. Moved to 1J/K and found the bulkhead to be fine. Couldn’t see the horror you mentioned

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