Las Vegas Airport Introduces PPE Vending Machines

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At the moment we’re seeing airports roll out all kinds of initiatives to reflect the times. Just to give a couple of examples, we’re seeing Paine Field introduce body temperature checks, and Hong Kong is trialing disinfecting machines.

Now Las Vegas McCarran Airport has introduced personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines. With this, passengers can purchase items like gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer. The airport has become the first in the US to introduce a vending machine like this.

The airport will initially have two vending machines — one in Terminal 1 near ticket counters, and one in Terminal 3 near the TSA checkpoint.

Ironically it doesn’t appear that the vending machines are touchless. I guess it might take a while for touchless vending machine technology to be widely available.

This move comes not only as passengers are increasingly worried about the safety of flying, but also comes as most US airlines have started to make face masks mandatory on flights.

Some airlines are offering passengers face masks and even hand sanitizer, though the policy varies by airline, and in many cases these items are only offered at the gate or onboard flights.

With these vending machines, passengers can potentially get some protective equipment before passing through security.

I imagine these vending machines will be incredibly popular, and frankly I almost wonder how they’ll keep them stocked. It can be tough to find hand sanitizer in supermarkets and drugstores, so will the vending machine be replenished every hour, or…?

I have a feeling we’ll see these at a lot of airports soon.

  1. Not completely touch-free, but it does have Apple Pay- helping remove interaction with dirty cash money

  2. @Bo Prices are not to bad. In fact cheaper then here in Europe! ( if you can find it)

    Hand sanitizer: $4.25-$6.50
    10-pack alcohol wipes: $5.25
    Tissues: $3.50
    Reusable cloth mask: $14.50
    3-pack disposable masks: $7.50
    KN95 mask: $8.25
    4 pack disposable gloves: $4.50

  3. I feel The US Gov, and oithers will have to alter the way passengers arrive at Immigration, firstly at major International, like Canada, have officials clear therm prior to flights,this will save the lines, . More individual passport machines,. then when in line a space bettween families, or singles, so one line for families, which hold s 4/6 in painted bo, then 1 or 2 passengers , who are together ,of course , casn go in another line again 6 feet or so apart, There is no point is bringing International flights back on line, to have large hold ups at immigration, security/customs, ,

  4. Buttons on these things will be super-spreaders. Hard to imagine a more risky object.

  5. Was only a matter of time. Next up: shops and vending machines selling diapers & urinals. Get to your airport, go to the restroom or lounge & suit up – put on your Depends diaper & you wont have to worry about lavatory restricitions

  6. What a ridiculous gimmick, just another rip off like so much in Vegas, but there will always be folks who swallow the bait.

    Only PPE really needed in that town is condoms.

  7. i think vending machines will be even more popular in airports. much safer to get the m&m’s from a vending machine than from a cashier at the kiosk.

  8. I’m pretty sure if that machine is in my city, it would be cleaned out in less than a minute at that price.

  9. My understanding was that hospitals and other health clinics were short of these items in the U.S.?

  10. tl/dr:

    an airport vendor took some of its existing machines and replaced unprofitable products with PPE.

  11. Only problem is when you catch the virus after touching the machine from an infected person
    Too late!

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