Sad: Las Alcobas Napa Valley Leaves Marriott

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Update: Las Alcobas will become the Alila Napa Valley as of March 2021.

One of my favorite Luxury Collection properties seems to have quietly left Marriott…

Las Alcobas Napa Valley no longer a Marriott

Las Alcobas is a Marriott Luxury Collection property in Napa Valley, California. I had the chance to stay at the 68-room property about a year ago, and had a phenomenal stay. I still fondly remember sitting on my terrace with a fire on gazing at the vineyards… ah!

Well, unfortunately Las Alcobas has left Marriott as of September 15, 2020.

To me this is such a loss, because hotels like Las Alcobas are what make me love hotel loyalty programs so much. You get a hotel with some character and charm where you can still earn and redeem points and take advantage of elite benefits while getting less of a cookie-cutter experience than staying at your average Sheraton or Westin.

Interestingly there were two Las Alcobas branded properties — one in Napa Valley, and one in Mexico City, and the latter seems to be staying part of Marriott.

Las Alcobas vineyard view room

What’s happening to Las Alcobas Napa Valley?

Las Alcobas’ departure from Marriott is an interesting one. It’s not just that the hotel is leaving Marriott, but it seems to be closed altogether for the time being. Marriott’s webpage for the hotel has been taken down, and there’s not any other website for the hotel right now either.

I suppose there are a few things that could be going on, and a few directions the hotel could be going:

  • Maybe the owners no longer think they need a major global hotel group to market the hotel, given that Napa Valley doesn’t have that many great hotels
  • Maybe Las Alcobas just isn’t happy with Marriott, and is joining another hotel group; I’d sure love if this property became a Hyatt, for example, given World of Hyatt’s superior elite benefits
  • Maybe the hotel is being converted into something different altogether
  • Maybe the owners are having financial trouble, as is the case with so many companies with investments in the travel space right now

While I’ve been able to confirm the hotel won’t be a Marriott going forward, I’m still working on figuring out what exactly the plan is, and will share an update if & when I have it.

Vineyard view from Las Alcobas

Bottom line

Las Alcobas was probably my favorite Luxury Collection property in the United States, and easily one of my all around five favorite Marriott properties in the country. While we’ve seen some hotels rebrand as a result of the pandemic, it’s not entirely clear what’s going on here.

Anyone else going to miss Las Alcobas being part of Marriott?

  1. @Ben where did you see this announcement? You’re usually great with hyperlinks but I don’t see anything here, and I too usually get stuff like this to my inbox. I didn’t see anything through Googling it either… Or did someone tell you?

  2. People on FlyerTalk wrote about this since the 10th. People have started receiving emails about cancellations and transfer of the bookings to The Westin

  3. @david: Is that an attempt at humor? Take down your ridiculous comment. You are obviously clueless or a 12 year old boy, or both.

  4. This is indeed very sad news. Las Alcobas in St. Helena was always a cozy hideaway escape and the use of points versus the actual cost plus tax made it a gem to acquire reservations. Thanks, Ben, for the heads up.

  5. They didn’t David and that’s not a helpful thing to post. While I don’t know the reason behind why they are leaving Marriott they have been closed because of the conditions in the valley – like many of our businesses – hard to operate when you can’t breath. Conditions and life have been tough here for a while now with the smoke and fires but there’s no damage in the valley floor itself.

  6. I’m sorry to hear this. 90 mins from home. An easy escape for 2-3 nights, sometimes even in the middle of the week, just to get away.

  7. I’m so sad to hear this! We were lucky enough to stay in February right before the pandemic – it was a welcome respite and I absolutely loved our vineyard view room. It felt like a dream! Please keep us updated on what happens with the property.

  8. I’m not sure if the hotel left Marriott as much as it went out of business. Nothing has been posted on its Facebook page since March. Has anyone called the hotel to see if the phones are answered?

  9. I had a reservation there for January and got the email this week about cancellation and re-booking. I had been in contact with the Sales Coordinator as it’s our honeymoon and they have been closed due to the fires and COVID and were tentatively scheduled to re-open sometime in Oct.

    In talking with the coordinator at the Westin Napa, she said not only is Las Alcobas leaving Marriott, but there are no plans for them to re-open at this time, hence all of the bookings being moved to other hotels. As of now, Marriott isn’t doing much for those of us impacted by this. No points, cash, upgrades, or anything as of yet.

  10. Hi – I’m proposing this property for a group in May.. This article got my attention, so I reached out to my sales rep, and this is what she said..

    “I am still here and we are open, but you are correct we did not see a good fit to franchise with Marriott for 2021. We are still privately owned and managed and have the same 5 star staff and beautiful property. We are transitioning out of the Marriott systems so we are closed for reservation until October 21. ”

    That’s all I have for now.. hope it’s useful.

  11. @April thank you for that information. My husband and I have stayed at this property twice and absolutely love it. Hope it continues.

  12. Las Alcobas was a gorgeous, romantic Napa destination. Wonderful restaurant as well. They don’t need Marriott at all!

  13. I enjoyed my stay there last year and sad to see it leaving Marriott. With the size of these loyalty programs now, you are kind of forced to pick a camp unless you travel 365(I chose Marriott).

  14. Rest assured, you will be able to revisit this lovely property in the New Year! Great things are in the works and soon to be announced. Be patient ~ It’s going to be HUGE, with a capital H!!!!
    Hope to see you there…

  15. For anyone who booked prior to closing, have you received a refund? we are unable to get in touch with hotel and they have yet to refund us for our two night stay that won’t be happening due to shut down.

  16. @Jenny – I booked using Marriott Points and my reservation was transferred to another Marriott hotel that I then ended up cancelling but I had no issues with that process. If you’re not a Marriott member it may be different. I have a contact email and phone number of the lady in charge of sales who, as of 2 months ago, was still working for the hotel and told me they would be re-opening just not with Marriott.

    Am I allowed to post these contact details here or can you DM me/give me your email and I can provide them? Thanks!

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